E discovery101 : E-Discovery for Small and Solo Firms

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Information about E discovery101 : E-Discovery for Small and Solo Firms

Published on October 12, 2016

Author: AnithMathai

Source: slideshare.net

1. E-DISCOVERY FOR SMALLAND SOLO FIRMS Presentation by Anith Mathai www.goldFynch.com anith@goldfynch.com

2. Electronic Stored Information (ESI) Documents (Word, PDF) Email (mbox, PST) Pictures (jpg, PDF)

3. What is E-Discovery ? Collecting Reviewing Producing

4. Collecting ESI (Data) Sure. I’ll send it to you Mr. Client, please give me all the files. The simplest form of data collection – Ask your client. Most common – Relevant word documents, PDFs, Email export Collecting

5. Collecting ESI (Data) ESI Smart Phones Desktops Cloud If collection involves • Multiple devices • Drive cloning • Data dumps Contact a vendor / consultant !Collecting

6. ESI - Documents Majority of documents are 1. PDF 2. Word 3. Power Point 4. MS Excel Collecting

7. Scanned Documents Scanned documents require • OCR (Optical Character Recognition) for text. • Otherwise it is just a picture • OCR quality depends on the scan quality OR Collecting

8. Collecting Email • Cloud Based • Mbox Output • Export from web interface • Desktop • PST output • ‘Save as’ from Outlook Collecting

9. Cloud Based Documents Cloud Documents • Work like ordinary folders • Easy to download • Don’t forget about it! Most popular Least popular Collecting

10. Review Find documents Missing information Search Cull Privilege Confidentiality Reduce Identify key information Relevance Review

11. Review Platform GoldFynch.com was built from the ground up for small and solo firms Review

12. Production Data Your Office Production Set Opposing counsel Process of packaging all case related data for opposing counsel (after culling) Production

13. Production Requirements Bates Number • Unique identifying number • In sequence Native formats • Original document format Scan or with text • Original scan or version with text Color vs Black and white • Black and White uses less space • Saves printing costs Confidential and Privileged • Remove information • Alert opposing party of reason for elimination Production

14. Production in GoldFynch One click operation Mixed format options Bates Numbers Templates (coming soon) Production

15. Processing Transferring discovery data into review platform •File upload •FTP •Load Files Formats •Supported •Unsupported Compressed files (zip) •Password protected Errors •Alerts •Fixes Duplicate detection •Exact duplicate •Near duplicate Analysis Special Notes

16. Processing with GoldFynch Transferring discovery data into review platform • Drag and Drop Formats • Goldfynch will alert you Compressed files (zip) • Unzipped by GoldFynch • Password list management Errors • Proactive fixes – We are alerted on errors Duplicate detection • Detected on upload Analysis • Entity extraction • Date extraction Special Notes

17. E-Discovery Pricing Lack of transparency •Most providers don’t advertise prices •Custom sales quotes for each project •Hidden costs High barrier to entry •Install software •Talk to sales •Multiple vendors Training requirements •Training is an extra cost •Support is usually extra Special Notes

18. Why GoldFynch ? Open Signup • Just like Gmail Try before you buy • Free case Transparent pricing • On the website All included • Processing, production, sharing all included Ease of use • Search like Google! Cloud Based • Access from anywhere Special Notes

19. Thank you Visit www.goldfynch.com and sign up to use the platform Contact us for special e-discovery projects at info@goldfynch.com

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