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Published on October 25, 2007

Author: Sudiksha

Source: authorstream.com

Slide1:  E-Consultancy Digital Cream – March 6th Efficient Frontier Confidential Nick Morley, Sales Director David White, Head of Client Services, Europe 90 Long Acre, Covent Garden, London WC2E 9RZ www.efrontier.com Efficient Frontier history :  Efficient Frontier history Company Background:  Company Background The worlds largest SEM firm $350m in annual paid search under management 70+ search marketers 20M+ keywords under mgt Service 3-4% of the global PPC market Efficient Frontier Europe Ltd Since July 2006 Full service SEM solution with market leading technology Bid optimization Analysis, tracking, reporting, simulations KW profiling & learning Client services – ad copy, keywords, testing, account mgt We truly understand Opaque Search Markets:  We truly understand Opaque Search Markets Dynamic ranking weighs CPC, CTR & ‘quality’ to determine cost & position With Y! Panama – all SE’s will be opaque Massive changes in 2006 Broad match (April 26 ’06) Quality Score 1 (July 11 ’06) Quality Score 2 (Sept 6 ’06) Content Quality Score (Nov ’06) Yahoo Panama (Q1 ’07) Relevance of keyword & ad copy to landing page content is critical (Quality Score) Can’t see competitors’ CTR, bid or Quality Score Rules can’t be applied because they don’t know the true cost of the bid The Fundamental Advantage of a Portfolio Approach:  The Fundamental Advantage of a Portfolio Approach 10 £1.00 2 15 £2.00 1 #Signups £/Signup Pos Keyword “flat screen TV” £2.00 Ave. Cost 15 Signups Single Keyword Choice 10 £2.00 2 20 £2.50 1 #Signups £/Signup Pos Keyword “plasma TV” £2.00 Ave. Cost 10 Signups Single Keyword Choice Objective: gain as many new clients as possible at <£2.00 CPA £2 = (£30+£20)/25 Ave. Cost 15 + 10 = 25 Signups Rules-Based Choice RULES-BASED APPROACH makes decisions on individual keywords versus considering effect of other choices Efficient Frontier PORTFOLIO APPROACH £2 = (£10+£50)/30 Ave. Cost 10 + 20 = 30 Signups Efficient Frontier Solution 10 £1.00 2 15 £2.00 1 #Signups £/Signup Pos Keyword “flat screen TV” 10 £2.00 2 20 £2.50 1 #Signups £/Signup Pos Keyword “plasma TV” Complexity and Scale:  Complexity and Scale Efficient Frontier’s mathematical model can accurately model the relationship between max CPC, effective bid position and resultant revenues in opaque systems such as Google AdWords, MSN adCenter, and the upcoming Yahoo! Panama Marketplace. The Efficient Frontier approach:  The Efficient Frontier approach Efficient Frontier builds a mathematical model of the client’s overall keyword portfolio and continually updates the model with bid landscape and revenue data. This allows us to consistently bid the client’s keyword portfolio in a way that maximizes return. We support strategies including: revenue maximization within a budget, profit maximization and CPA targets. Slide8:  Real world deployments & results Efficient Frontier Confidential Historical Timeline:  Historical Timeline Launch: Google & Yahoo: April 18, 2005 MSN Launch 1: February 17, 2006 MSN Launch 2: July 11, 2006 Google: Growth in Productive Keywords:  Google: Growth in Productive Keywords EF constantly uncovers new, productive keywords as well as optimizes existing keyword set to deliver higher lead volume Keywords with highest growth in lead productivity accounted for 43% of the total leads for the period June-August Simulation Forecast:  Simulation Forecast Practical Tips:  Practical Tips Gather keyword-level data Think Historically, Act Recently React to SE changes AdWords algorithm Prepare Y! campaigns for Panama Spend proportionally to ROI Focus on marketing/merchandising LPO, Ad copy, brand-building Summary :  Summary Consistently proven patented portfolio approach drives 20%-50% volume/margin improvements for clients Efficient Frontier can accurately model yield across a large keyword set inside Google, Y! & MSN We are VERY transparent with our clients. Our data modeling and simulations provide a level of strategic control over both growth and profitability. Client has access to ALL their data & logins. Exhaustive reports, analytics & world class client services. Profitable Growth + Transparency + Control

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