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Published on March 10, 2014

Author: talabiaadebayo

Source: slideshare.net

E-COMMUNICATION & ME Vacation Bible School Presentation August 2013

AGENDA Definition  Channels & Uses  Requirements  Benefits  Challenges  How do I benefit from e- communication  Questions & Comments  2

DEFINITION  Communication - exchange of information or ideas; transfer  Types of Communication -Verbal Communication, Non-Verbal Communication, Written Communication and Visual communication  Electronic communication - Passing of information from one individual to another using computers and telephones. A good example of a form of electronic communication is the use of email, text messages(SMS) and multimedia messages (MMS). 3

TYPES OF E-COMMUNICATION  Telephone Fax Email Teleconferencing Instant Messaging Social Networking Skype Text messaging Video Conferencing Blogs 4

USES/APPLICATION OF E-COMMUNICATION Education  Research  Business  Games  5

E-COMUNICATION DEVICES Television  Laptop Computers  Mobile phone  Mobile devices  mp3 players  e-book reader  6

ADVANTAGES OF E-COMMUNICATION Mobility  Speed  Convenience  Reaches a large audience  Faster Easier Cheaper  7

CHALLENGES OF E- COMMUNICATION Security (Hackers, System Crash  Lost/Stolen Information, Identity theft, Password  Dropping grammar and replacing sentences with abbreviations .  Teachers say that the new shorthand style associated with e-mails is making their job of improving literacy skills even harder.  Addiction  Lack of Sleep/Headaches  Distraction  Loss of Concentration in Class   8

HOW DOES E-COMMUNICATION AFFECT ME? Modern way of communication  Can be used to communicate and study  Many books have been converted into e-books  Use it for positive things only  Control the time I spend on it  9


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