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Information about e-business technology ( MIS)

Published on November 8, 2009

Author: mjha26

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Slide 1: Group Members: Neha Sinha Neha Kumari Mukesh Kumar Jha E-Business Technology INTRODUCTION: E-BUISNESS : INTRODUCTION: E-BUISNESS It is widely acknowledged today that new technologies, in particular access to the Internet, tend to modify communication between the different players in the professional world, notably: Relationships between the enterprise and its clients, The internal functioning of the enterprise, including enterprise__employee relationships, and The relationship of the enterprise with its different partners and suppliers. Slide 3: “E Business is all about cycle time, speed, globalization, enhanced productivity, reaching new customers and sharing knowledge across institutions for competitive advantage.” --- Lou Gerster, CEO –IBM The term "e-Business" refers to the integration, within the company, of tools based on information and communication technologies (generally referred to as business software) to improve their functioning in order to create value for the enterprise, its clients, and its partners. Why E-Business : Why E-Business Lack of time at public or Consumers Flexibility in timings Easy delivery at door steps Planning for payment Safe Transactions Characteristics of e-business: : Characteristics of e-business: One global order management system, Global database, single and distributed, Paperless transactions, Suppliers manage your inventory, Dynamic order status- received, delivered and order balance, Collaborative working through Group- ware technology, Business relationship with customer, vendor and business partner get transformed to trust relationship, Employees become knowledge based intelligent workers, and A management and operations overhead shows decline over a period of time Four Driving Factors of E-Business: : Four Driving Factors of E-Business: E-Business initiatives Customers Response time too high Competition leveraging through technology Cost of business operations increasing Management overheads very High Key indicators calling for E-Business initiatives: : Key indicators calling for E-Business initiatives: Longer processing cycles, High inventory at all locations, Employees spending too much time in searching, and accessing information, Rapid loss of market share, Organisation top heavy,and Market share of loyal customers on the decline. Models of E-business : Models of E-business Business to Business (B2B) Business to Customer (B2C) Customer to Business (C2B) Customer to Customer(C2C) B2B : B2B Issuing business circular Product catalogues publications Information News clippings delivery Messaging applications Order processing Order execution Transaction Payment processing processing Money transfer application B2C : B2C Organizational manual Information Database of knowledge sharing Business information application Service offers / contracts Payment to employee Transaction Issue of shares / bonds processing Delivery through courier applications C2B : C2B Downloading of information Information Viewing the bank balance sharing Seeing manuals / drawings / application pictures / images, etc. Requesting an item Transaction Obtaining travel advance processing Inquiry processing Credit card payment C2C : C2C Messaging- Email Information Reports delivery News group application Payment approvals Memos Transaction Sanction and confirmation processing Issues and receipts Components of E-BUSINESS : Components of E-BUSINESS Intranet/Extranet (Internal communication) Internet (External communication) Network and TCP/IP protocols (Delivery mechanism) Web server and web browsers software (access, process and download and send) Back end systems (Application processes) Slide 14: An intranet is a private computer network that uses Internet Protocol technologies to securely share any part of an organization's information or operational systems within that organisation. Extranet : Extranet An extranet is a private network that uses Internet protocols, network connectivity, and possibly the public telecommunication system to securely share part of an organization's information or operations with suppliers, vendors, partners, customers or other businesses. Internet : Internet It is a global network of computers , working as server or clients to exchange information. Internet is distributed over homes, business , schools , and govt. offices all over the world. It is a network of client and server. Client Server Architecture on Internet : Client Server Architecture on Internet Internet Model : Internet Model Web Browser software Web Server software TCP/IP connection Client (s) Windows ,UNIX,NT 32 MB RAM Server (s) 4GB HDD Windows, UNIX, LINUX, NT 128 MB RAM, 16 GB HDD Hardware and software of Internet : Hardware and software of Internet Modem Computer Web TV Software :- (1) Communication software (2) Client software Browser software Modem : Modem Applications of Internet : Applications of Internet Search the web addresses for access through search engine; Downloading programs and files; E-mail; Mailing list; Voice and video conferencing; Chatting ; Buying and selling on the net; Functions performed by Internet : Functions performed by Internet Visit websites; Read news ; Download the softwares ; Exchange of message ; Play games ; Shipping ; Run programs on other computers ; Chatting . Slide 23: Global information sharing architecture that integrates information stored on servers. The World Wide Web (WWW, or simply Web) is an information space in which the items of interest, referred to as resources, are identified by global identifiers called Uniform Resource Identifiers (URI). Web Components : Web Components Web Clients Web Server HTTP: It is a language enabling communication between Web browser and web server URL:- It is a address of the page which is used to find the web page. HTML :- It is a hypertext mark-up language used to display the web page. Web for Business Applications : Web for Business Applications Used for Conducting business through E-commerce Web is used for the following:- Attracting new customers through E-marketing & E- advertising Improve service efficiency through E-service & E-support functions. Enlarge the scope and reach through web by putting products and services on web. Some Typical Applications : Some Typical Applications E-Banking E-Retailing E-Publishing Some Typical Applications : Some Typical Applications E-Purchasing E-Selling E-SCM E-Portal : E-Portal E-Portal is a website where multiple aspects of business are brought together. Portal is a place where information on dedicated subject is available. It provides latest information support to the visitors to enhance the utility of the site. It allows users to seek information, post information for other and allows to perform basic commercial transactions. It provides links and hyperlinks to other websites where specific information in detail is available to the visitor. E.g. www.indiaproperties.com www.rediff.com Slide 29: Web servers ERP on internet Extranet Order Registration Scheduling Manufacturing packaging Delivery Inventory System Organization Business partners Security OEM Transporter Sub contractor Model of E-business cycle from ordering to delivery Search Engines : Search Engines Intranet : Intranet The intranet is an internal company network that uses internet standards, namely HTML( Hyper text mark-up language) HTTP ( Hyper text transfer protocol) IP ( Internet Protocol) An intranet is a network of set of computers( servers) connected through TCP ( Transmission control Protocol ) The Existing network ( LAN/WAN) when loaded with these standards and supported by web server and web browser becomes intranet for the organization. Intranet is meant for users from the organizations. The intranet is not accessible to the people outside the organization. Software Components of Intranet : Software Components of Intranet TCP IP Web Server Web browser Extranet : Extranet Extranet is an intranet for outside authorized users using same internet technology. The outside users are trusted partners of the organization who have access to information of their interest and concern. Dealer/Distributors have access to product files such as catalogues , products specifications, pictures, images etc. to answer the queries of the customers. Security Threats in E-business : Security Threats in E-business Prevent malicious damage Prevent accidental damage Limit the impact of deletion Prevent unauthorized access to location Protect integrity and confidentiality of data Provide disaster recovery system Internal & External Destruction Bugs Corruption Deletion Theft Destruction Theft Security Goals in E-business Measures of Security : Measures of Security Firewall for network Security Internet Firewall Private Network Electronic Payment systems : Electronic Payment systems pp Payments By Consumers Online Payments Payments between B2B MIS and E-business : MIS and E-business MIS reporting has become more online. Nature of MIS is more customer focused and performance focused. MIS in e-business talks more about trends, patterns, analysis, causes and effects. Customization of business MIS in e-business forces managers to be more dynamic and quick in response. Slide 38: Thank you

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