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Information about e-banking

Published on May 5, 2010

Author: mukeshduke

Source: authorstream.com

CONTENT : CONTENT What is E-banking? Development of E-banking RBI & E-banking Advantages of the E-Banking Disadvantages and Risk of E-banking Precaution of risk and security Persecutions What is E-banking? : What is E-banking? Definition: The provision of banking service through electronic channels and the customer can access the data without time and geographical limitation. Development of E-banking : Development of E-banking 1980s : - Rapid development of the Internet - TCP/IP system (communication system) - E-commerce Development of E-banking : Development of E-banking May 1995 : Wells Fargo - the first bank in the world to offer customer access to their accounts over the internet . Allows customer to see their accounts online Development of E-banking : Development of E-banking ICICI was the first bank to initiate the Internet banking revolution in India as early as 1997 under the brand name 'Infinity'. ICICI Bank kicked off online banking way back in 1996 . But even for the Internet as a whole, 1996 to 1998 marked the adoption phase, while usage increased only in 1999-due to lower ISP online charges, increased PC penetration and a tech-friendly atmosphere. RBI & E-Banking : RBI & E-Banking The Reserve Bank of India constituted a working group on Internet Banking. The group divided the internet banking products in India into 3 types based on the levels of access granted. They are:- i) Information Only System:  ii) Electronic Information Transfer System:   iii) Fully Electronic Transactional System: Slide 8: Information Only System:  General purpose information like interest rates, branch location, bank products and their features, loan and deposit calculations are provided in the banks website. There exist facilities for downloading various types of application forms. The communication is normally done through e-mail. There is no interaction between the customer and bank's application system. No identification of the customer is done. In this system, there is no possibility of any unauthorized person getting into production systems of the bank through internet. Slide 9: Electronic Information Transfer System:   The system provides customer- specific information in the form of account balances, transaction details, and statement of accounts. The information is still largely of the 'read only'  format. Identification and authentication of the customer is through password. The information is fetched from the bank's application system either in batch mode or off-line. The application systems cannot directly access through the internet. Slide 10: Fully Electronic Transactional System:  This system allows bi-directional capabilities. Transactions can be submitted by the customer for online update. This system requires high degree of security and control. In this environment, web server and application systems are linked over secure infrastructure. It comprises  technology covering computerization, networking and security, inter-bank payment gateway and legal infrastructure different services provided under e-banking : different services provided under e-banking ONLINE BILL PAYMENT SHOPPING TICKET BOOKING PRE PAID MOBILE RECHARGE MARKET WATCH PERSONAL HOME PAGE INVESTMENT SERVICES ONLINE APPLICATIONS PERSONAL UPDADATE SERVICE PROVIDED BY sbi : SERVICE PROVIDED BY sbi Self-account funds transfer across India. Third party transfers in the same branch New account opening Demand Draft requests Standing instructions New Cheque-book request and much more Railway tickets booking, Utility bill payments LIC and other insurance premium payments, SBI Mutual funds Investments Remit Subscription to PPF account, Credit card dues payments, Deposit your taxes, Donations to your religious inspirations Donations to Red Cross and such other organisations Setting up SMS alerts for transaction information. SERVICE PROVIDED BY icici : SERVICE PROVIDED BY icici BILL PAYMENT FUND TRANSFER ACCOUNT INFORMATION SMART MONEY ORDER SERVICE REQUEST CONVERT TO EMI A/C TO CARD TRANSFER PREPAID MOBILE RECHARGE ACCOUNT TRANSFER Advantages of E-banking : Advantages of E-banking Benefits for Banks Benefits for Small to Medium Businesses Benefits for Customers Benefits for Banks : Benefits for Banks Larger customer coverage Reducing the costs of operations Promoting their services and products internationally Increasing the customer satisfaction and providing a personalized relationship with customers Benefits for Small to Medium Businesses : Benefits for Small to Medium Businesses To run its operations more effectively Lower cost than traditional financial management mechanisms Benefits for Customers : Benefits for Customers Convenience 24 hours a day, seven days a week Cost Reducing transfer fees Speed Faster circulation of assets Competitiveness - Fostering competition in financial market Benefits for Customers : Benefits for Customers Communication communicate easily Environmental Abolishing the uses of paper Others - Offering one-stop-shop solutions Disadvantages OF E-banking : Disadvantages OF E-banking A need for customer skill to deal with computers and browsers. E.g. Elderly, Housewives → Inconvenient Site change it will make the customer have some confusion or delay. Security Risk Security Risk : Security Risk Increasing number of fraudulent bank websites Fake emails purporting to be sent from banks Use of Trojan Horse programs to capture user IDs and passwords Fraudulent Bank Websites : Fraudulent Bank Websites A suspicious bank website:www.sbionline.com Original bank websitewww.onlinesbi.com These website are believed to aim to trick persons into disclosing their sensitive personal information Fake e-mails : Fake e-mails Email send fromFraudulent bank Verify the personal information Guide customerenter the fraud link Disclosing their ATM card numbers and their passwords Viruses and Worms-Trojan Horse Program : Viruses and Worms-Trojan Horse Program When we open some suspiciouswebsites or email Trojan Horse Programwill install our computer secretly Hidden in the computer When you access bank websites Capture our account andthe password Case From Newspaper : Case From Newspaper Don’t use the hyperlink to login to the website of banks Should deeply check the postscript of the website Observe that is it have the encryption and compare the login account of encryption cert is equal to the bank. Persecutions : Persecutions For Bank: Should provide specific guidance to their customers Slide 26: For Customers : Should not disclose their customer IDs (e.g., account numbers) or passwords to anyone else. Periodically change their passwords Should promptly log out from the service Should regularly check their account balances and statements to identify unusual transactions. Slide 27: Do not access Corporate Cyber banking through public terminals. To safeguard your computer from any other hacker attack, install anti-virus and anti-spyware software on your computer and update it regularly. Slide 28: THANK YOU

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