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Published on September 3, 2013

Author: DanielMason3

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The Lexercise Screener is a free, online dyslexia test that provides insight into your child's reading performance in just 10-15 minutes.

DYSLEXIA TEST Instructions for using Lexercise’s online screener to test your child for dyslexia. Get results in just 5-10 minutes for free online.

ABOUT LEXERCISE Sandie Barrie Blackley (Co-Founder) Chad Myers (Co-Founder) Content R&D • Speech-language pathologist - 35+ yr. experience treating dyslexia • Professor of Speech-language Pathology - UNC-G • Life-time achievement recipient - ASHA Business Management, General Management • Entrepreneurship Professor and MBA - INSEAD • Manager/Partner - Singapore startup in Web 2.0 • Oversaw build of INSEAD’s online entrepreneurship community  Lexercise is dedicated to offering services designed to help children with reading, writing and spelling disorders such as dyslexia and dysgraphia.  We offer convenient, simple, and effective tools for dyslexia testing and treatment in children.  This presentation is designed to provide help to parents and clinicians that deal with dyslexia, dysgraphia, or related conditions in children

ONLINE SCREENER  The online dyslexia screener from Lexercise is a free online tool for parents to provide a quick and accurate test a child having trouble reading and processing words.  Our screener can help diagnose specific problems and recommend an effective path for treatment. The dyslexia test takes only 5-10 minutes and provides you with results immediately upon completion.

SCREENER METHODOLOGY  The Lexercise Screener was developed as free, online tool for use by parents, teachers and health care providers and is comprised of two methodologies for dyslexia testing:  The San Diego Quick Assessment (SDQA)  An un-copyrighted, freely available and un-timed test of single-word reading. Poor readers have been shown to be over-dependent on sentence context cues when reading. Single-word reading can be a more effective way to gauge reading skills since these words are out of context.  The Z-Screener  A quick, online, descriptive test that uses mostly one syllable nonsense words that all have “short” vowel sounds The Z-Screener can be useful in describing the decoding patterns common in dyslexia but missed in reading assessments that use only real words that bright dyslexic can memorize as whole units.

HOW TO BEGIN  Begin the Lexercise screener by navigating to the Lexercise.com website and clicking on “Services” then “Free Dyslexia Testing”.  (You can also click the link in this Slideshare). CLICK THE “LAUNCH DYSLEXIA SCREENER” BUTTON

START THE SCREENER Press NEXT to continue  After launching the screener, you should see a pop- up modal prompting you to turn up the volume on your computer.

INSTRUCTIONS FOR PARENTS  The first section of the screener highlights instructions for parents to help test their child using the Lexercise screener. Make sure the volume works correctly and that you understand what is being asked of your child during the screener.

START THE SCREENER Press any response for the practice question.  Before you get your child, try a test problem to ensure that you know what is expected of the child and how to interact with the Lexercise software.

PART 1: THE “Z-SCREENER” Once you and your child are ready, press “BEGIN”  Get your child and have them sit next to you to begin the first part of the test, the “Z-Screener”

PART 1: THE “Z-SCREENER” Mark a response for each nonsense word that appears.  The “Z-Screener” differs in length depending on your child’s answers. Be sure to remain supportive but neutral while your child attempts to read each nonsense word.

HALFWAY DONE!  Once you finish the “Z-Screener”, your child is halfway finished with the test. Prepare for the next section then press “NEXT” Press “NEXT” to continue.

PART 2: THE SDQA  The “San Diego Quick Assessment” is the second half of the test. This section is very similar to the first, except the words used are real, grade-specific vocabulary. Press “BEGIN” to continue.

PART 2: THE SDQA  Be patient, supportive, and neutral while your child attempts to read each word. The length of this section varies based on your child’s answers. Mark a selection for each word.

ALLMOST DONE  Once your child finishes the “San Diego Quick Assessment”, excuse them for a moment while you fill in some information about the child and yourself. Press “NEXT”.

INFORMATION SECTION  Take a moment and fill-in some information about your child and yourself to help provide Lexercise with some context before viewing the results. Fill-in each field then press “SEND RESULTS” to calculate your child’s performance.

VIEW THE RESULTS  Once Lexercise calculates your child’s results (usually only takes a second or so), you’ll be presented with a score for both tests and some generic recommendations.  Watch our video to better understand your results. View the results and recommendations based on your child’s results.

NEXT STEPS  If the screener indicates that your child has trouble with reading, based on the results, we recommend you schedule a full language processing evaluation with a Lexercise clinician to properly diagnose your child.  If your child performed well on the screener but you are still concerned about spelling or writing issues, a Lexercise clinician can help you understand your child’s specific situation over the phone. To schedule an evaluation, call Lexercise toll-free at 1-888-603-1788

Contact Information Chad Myers Co-founder & CEO Mind InFormation Pte Ltd 105 Westover Drive Elkin, NC 28621 USA Mobile: +1 415 690 3485 Email: chad@lexercise.com

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