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Published on February 27, 2008

Author: Cuthbert

Source: authorstream.com

Tour Into the Picture with Water Surface Reflection and Object Movements:  Tour Into the Picture with Water Surface Reflection and Object Movements 2006. 07. 05 Jinho Park Division of Computer Science Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology CASA 2006 Outline:  Outline Problem Definition Previous Work Overview Scene Modeling Motion Generation Rendering Experimental Results Conclusions Problem Definition:  Problem Definition Given a still picture, we generate a walk-through animation with water surface reflection while allowing foreground objects to move. Previous Work:  Previous Work Stochastic Motion Textures [Chuang et al. 05] Image-based rendering [Chen et al. 95, Gortler et al. 96, Kang and Shin 04, Hoiem et al. 05] Extension of TIP [Kang et al. 01] Tour Into the Picture [Horry et al. 97] Overview:  Overview a still picture an animation 3D Scene Construction:  3D Scene Construction Estimation of Scene Parameters:  Estimation of Scene Parameters Constrained optimization problem:  Constrained optimization problem user-provided m pairs Three Types of Maps:  Three Types of Maps Texture map Mask map Reflection Map 3D Scene Decoration Reflection Map:  Reflection Map Pixel by pixel correspondence Stochastic motion texture for passive objects:  Stochastic motion texture for passive objects Animating Pictures with Stochastic Motion Textures [Chuang et al. SIGGRAPH 05] Motion Generation Slide12:  Water Surface Movement approximated objects Interaction with objects such as ground, rocks, and boats geometry of water surface and interacting objects RealFlow Slide13:  Rendering For each pixel, one ray is shot Intersection check order Foreground (lower depth => higher depth) Background, Ground plane Water plane : reflection map Foreground background image ground water camera Raytracing Experimental Results:  Experimental Results Intel Pentium PC P4 3.0 GHz, 2.0 GB RAM, GeForce FX 5950 More than 10 frames/sec Conclusions:  Conclusions Generalization of TIP with water surface reflection and object movements - semi-automatic 3D scene modeling - water surface reflection

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