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Published on December 12, 2007

Author: Sevastian

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Slide1:  Texas HS Baseball Coaches Convention Dynamic Warm-Ups and RECOVERY Dana Cavalea CSCS :  Dana Cavalea CSCS University of South Florida- B.S. Sports Medicine Strength and Conditioning Specialist CSCS New York Yankees, Toronto Blue Jays, Pittsburgh Pirates SO WHAT!! So you think your Warm?:  So you think your Warm? Because you can do this???:  Because you can do this??? And this???:  And this??? Then why are you always doing this??:  Then why are you always doing this?? It’s a LONG ROAD Back..:  It’s a LONG ROAD Back.. #1 GOAL = PREVENT INJURY:  #1 GOAL = PREVENT INJURY Goal #2:  Goal #2 Increase Performance via Increased: STABILITY BODY CONTROL/ BALANCE Ex. Derek Jeter Components of Athleticism:  Components of Athleticism So what do we do??:  So what do we do?? Warm-UP the RIGHT WAY!!! Don’t WASTE Time.. There just isn’t enough of it DON’T LET THEM SLIDE!! Warm-Up. Why?:  Warm-Up. Why? #1 - Increase Body Temperature #2- Create greater elongation of muscle tissue #3- Reduce muscle imbalances and movement impairments caused by tight muscles or clusters A.K.A INJURY PREVENTION STRATEGIES Types of Warm-Ups :  Types of Warm-Ups Run a Lappers Sit down and Static Stretch Form Runners Band Stretchers Partner Stretchers “ I’m already Flexible” The reality… :  The reality… When done improperly.. These methods can be a waste of time! Methods of Stretching :  Methods of Stretching Static Stretching Dynamic / Movement Prep AIS Rope Stretching Partner Stretching Static Stretching:  Static Stretching -Suppresses the Nervous System preparing the body for rest Long static holds lasting from 15-30 seconds in duration Increases Range of Motion but could sacrifice joint integrity due to overstretch of connective tissue Used as a corrective stretching technique Dynamic Stretching:  Dynamic Stretching -Innervates the Nervous System preparing the body for the intense activity to come - No static holds - Stretch progresses to movements that simulate game speed Allows muscles to remember elongated position due to an active contraction AIS Stretching :  AIS Stretching Rope / Band Stretching - Actively Contract Muscle, followed immediately by Band/ Rope Pull + Contraction Partner Stretching:  Partner Stretching Athletes partner up, or work with trainer to work through greater range of motion So which method do we use? :  So which method do we use? ALL OF THEM!!!!! Each method has its place.. DON’ T BE THAT GUY! Create the MESH :  Create the MESH Mesh all of the methods together! Each method has a purpose.. The Dynamic Warm-UP:  The Dynamic Warm-UP Objectives: Warm-Up Body Work Explosive Characteristics Work Through Full Ranges of Motion Create PEMANENT Flexibility Gains Create proper movement patterns REDUCE THE RISK OF INJURY! Components of the Warm-Up:  Components of the Warm-Up Foam Roller/ Stick/ Tissue Work Static Flexibility- Restricted Areas CORE Activation ( Core+Hips+Shoulders) In-Place Movements (ex. OH Squat, Balance) Rapid Response Movement- Walking Lunge w/ Rotation, Elbow to Instep + Rot, Worlds Greatest Build-Up Running/ Form Runs Progression :  Progression Everything Comes Down to Progression!! Slow  Fast VIDEO DEMOS:  VIDEO DEMOS Mini Bands Cook Band Corrective Skill Limitations:  Skill Limitations The ability to execute is directly associated with an athletes athleticism, but most importantly, their bodies ability to: PRODUCE, REDUCE, AND STABILIZE Forces Does it come down to coaching? :  Does it come down to coaching? The best coach and the best cues in the world can’t teach an unstable athlete to hit off a stiff front leg! Physical limitations ex. Strength, flexibility, will caused decreased performance and frustration due to the inability to execute Skill Limitations:  Skill Limitations Day 1.. Coach.. I’m ready to play this year… :  Day 1.. Coach.. I’m ready to play this year… Last Day of the Season…what a year!:  Last Day of the Season…what a year! Coach.. I found your Leftfielder…:  Coach.. I found your Leftfielder… Components of Athleticism:  Components of Athleticism Breakdown Leads to Breakdown:  Breakdown Leads to Breakdown Regeneration:  Regeneration Method Used to REBUILD broken down tissue from training and playing So you have a little broken tissue…What’s the big deal?:  So you have a little broken tissue…What’s the big deal? Overuse Injuries Compensation Patterns Training Plateau’s Decreased Performance Classic signs of Overtraining Syndrome Overtraining Syndrome:  Overtraining Syndrome Syndrome resulting from excessive demands, ex. Lifting, running, practice, mental stress Leads to: Injuries Negative Mental State/ Attitude Poor Performance on Field Decline in Weight Room OVERTRAINING :  OVERTRAINING THIS IS A BIG DEAL!!! This is classified as a syndrome, could take months to years to break out More is not BETTER.. Quality over Quantity So how do we prevent it?:  So how do we prevent it? Include regeneration training into each workout/ practice/ game, Provide days of the training week designated towards recovery Provide weeks OFF, Low Volume weeks, and FUN Weeks Progression :  Progression Use progressions when developing programs.. To much to soon = immediate gains huge losses in the end Regeneration Techniques:  Regeneration Techniques FOAM ROLLER AIS Rope Stretching Static Stretching HOT/ COLD CONTRAST Massage YOGA Pool ( Tread WATER for 8-10 sets of 1 minute in deep end, follow with stretching in pool and circular leg patterns) Steady paced biking- low/moderate intensity The 2 Secret Regenerators..:  The 2 Secret Regenerators.. Sleep - Lack of sleep will result in inhibited cellular remodeling Nutrition - Lack of proper nutrients will result in poor re-synthesis of the muscle; FOOD aids in recovery @ the cellular level But I don’t have time!!:  But I don’t have time!! If you have time for lifting and conditioning, and practice,you must mandate time for REGENERATION Training 150 mph Fastball.. But…. Pitchers Post Game- Welcome to the Land of Mythology:  Pitchers Post Game- Welcome to the Land of Mythology Poles, Poles, and more Poles How many Coach..umm..15-20 poles Ice, Heat, who knows? Well my coach told me to…… But I have to FLUSH the lactic acid out … SCRAP THE POLES AND EXCESSIVE POST GAME WORK Why are numbers down at the end of the season?? :  Why are numbers down at the end of the season?? Lets see.. I run them, run them more, then they pitch, then they play the field, then we condition, then we lift… No REST..huh Coach?? DON’T WOUND YOUR SOLDIERS..:  DON’T WOUND YOUR SOLDIERS.. Excessive post game work will impede the ability to recover, and overtime you will be fighting a war with no bullets in the gun… Overtraining Syndrome here we come! Goals of Post-Pitching:  Goals of Post-Pitching Flush WASTE PRODUCTS out of body Provide tissues with Oxygen and other nutrients used to HEAL the body Realign tissue/ muscles filaments that have just been altered due to pitching Reduce the development of fibrous knotting Re-hydrate/ Refuel The MOST IMPORTANT…:  The MOST IMPORTANT… RECOVER FOR THE NEXT START!!! The Ideal Post –Game for Pitchers:  The Ideal Post –Game for Pitchers EAT TO REPLACE LOST NUTRIENTS Ride Bike 15-30 minutes- Acceleratory Blood Flow Ride Foam Roller/ Tissue Work AIS Rope Stretching Static Stretch TIGHT areas- Corrective Hot/ Cold Contrast/ POOL/ or Whirlpool Conditioning Pitcher’s :  Conditioning Pitcher’s Fast, Explosive Work! Work : Rest 15-20sec: 40-60sec How much is to much??:  How much is to much?? Talk to your athletes and get feedback from them.. They are the one’s doing all the work.. WWW.MLSTRENGTH.COM:  WWW.MLSTRENGTH.COM Consulting and Program Design Team Motivation Seminars+ Nutrition Coaches Education ON-SITE TRAINING WWW.MLSTRENGTH.COM :  WWW.MLSTRENGTH.COM The Ultimate Training Manual Dynamic Warm-Ups DVD + Regeneration $25 WARM UP DVD $15 Regeneration DVD Thank you!:  Thank you! “The man who follows a crowd will never be followed by a crowd."

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