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Published on October 31, 2016

Author: AugusteComte1838

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1. DyadicsDyadics “Self and Identity”

2. ““Dyads”Dyads” A “Social psychology” term: * A “Dyad” refers to a pair of individuals: male and female – proper, in an interpersonal situation. * Examples: an ‘equally yoked’ couple as fiancées or spouses (husband and wife), or a deviant or unequallyoked pair scheming to act out illicit sex, or two loose criminals conspiring to commit a misdemeanor sexual abuse or a felony rape for profiteering. - Marriage, Family, and Child Psychology- Marriage, Family, and Child Psychology

3. ““Soul-mates”Soul-mates” * A couple who experience their very first sexual encounter together and their baby is born out of that very first union are “Soul-mates”1 for life and if,.. * ..that couple bonds with each other, falls deeply in love and is the happiest they have ever been with each other in life are “Soul-mates”2 and if,… * ..with that couple – who are ‘married’ and truly “equallyoked” – they are truly “Soul-mates.”, i.e., of the ‘same’ or ‘very similar’ “civil-identities.” 3 - Marriage, Family, and Child Psychology- Marriage, Family, and Child Psychology

4. ““Social Mores”Social Mores” The term ‘Social Mores‘* refers to…. * “Social” meaning - to associate in a social way, i.e., “folkways”, socializing, socialization 1 , * “Mores” - concerns that of moral codes, mental health values, standards, spiritual ideologies 2 . *Also, customs, proper conduct/etiquette, health behaviours/norms, healthy lifestyle. 3 Use in a Sentence: “Their family abided in good social mores that reflected their sense of integrity.” 4 - Word Meanings - Etymology- Word Meanings - Etymology adjectiveadjective plural nounplural noun

5. ““Endogamy”Endogamy” * Endogamy means, “In-marriage” – and is when an individual according to his/or her own social customs1 …(Comment: this may be more like community health regulation -as a social mores- or an actual religious ‘law’)…. * ….marries another individual within his or her own cultural2 “Social group”*. *Note; a “Social group” may be a village, a tribe, a sect or cult, a geographic region, or a de facto ‘Civil identity’, etc. - Sociocultural Anthropology- Sociocultural Anthropology

6. ““Unprefered Yoked”Unprefered Yoked” A Couple: * One very fat weight – One very skinny weight * One very poor income – One very rich income * One is very ‘sociable’ – One is very ‘homebody’ * One talks very fast – One talks very slow * One very tall in height – One very short in height * One highly educated – One lowly educated * One ill mannered – One well mannered1 - The True Phenomenology of “Opposites Attract”

7. ““Unequally yoked”Unequally yoked” - An Internet Search- An Internet Search

8. ““Civil Identity”Civil Identity” * ‘Civil identity’ is a Social Psychology term -describing a collective of features concerning an individual’s present ethnicity, political party membership, race and color, religious membership, disability/handicap, age group/ generation, sexual orientation and marital status.2 - Introduction to Social Psychology- Introduction to Social Psychology See “Self-Image”See “Self-Image”

9. Biopsychosociocultural ModelBiopsychosociocultural Model Biologic “Civil Identity” Psychologic Social Culture Sex Disability Color Race Disability Religion Ethnicity Martial Status Belief/CreedSex Race Color FOOTNOTE: To a lesser or greater degree of mental disability always coexists with any physical disability and so it is therefore that with a mental disability, a physical disability or a biochemical imbalance is coexistent-affecting/or effecting an individual’s ‘civil identity.’ PoliticalParty

10. ““Civil Identity”Civil Identity” *Ethnicity: Swedish-American * Political Party: Republican * Race: Anglozoid Color: Light Complexion * Age group: ‘Senior’ Generation * Religion: Christian * Disability: Allergies * Gender: Female *Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual * Marital Status: Single/Widow - Introduction to Social Psychology- Introduction to Social Psychology An Example:

11. ““Couples”Couples” * Couples who share: the same (or very similar) ‘civil identities’, and in beliefs; bonding, in marriage, and in that lifestyle - living in a multicultural society are considered to be ‘equallyoked’.1 - Introduction to Sociology: Soc 101- Introduction to Sociology: Soc 101

12. ““Coupling up”….Coupling up”…. * Nonequallyoked – Couples who do recognize equallyokedtarianism as a social mores and yet for their own aberrant selfish motives still choose to violate social mores as an rash option.1 * Unequallyoked – Couples who are naïve, thus inadvertently demonstra opposition to equallyokedtarianism-as a social mores.2 * Anti-equallyoked – Couples who are a bit mentally/emotionally disturbed and are deliberately active against proper socialization, contrary to equallyokedtarianism and social mores,3 - Introduction to Social Psychology- Introduction to Social Psychology ……in a ‘hook up’ culturein a ‘hook up’ culture

13. ““Equallyoked”Equallyoked” * Equallyoked, (is pronounced, Eek quel ee yoak‘d) and is when a couple-who believe in, bonds with, and marries one other purposefully of the same (or nearly the same) ‘Civil identity’* thus are multi- cultural society, ‘equallyoked’1 . - Marriage, Family, and Child Psychology Also, ‘equally yoked’Also, ‘equally yoked’

14. ““Equally yoked”Equally yoked” * The term 'Equallyoked' (also, equally yoked) probable came about from the Holy Bible – wherein Jews marrying Jews, Muslims marrying Muslims, Christians marrying Christians, etc, etc, etc.1 - Word Origins / Philosophy- Word Origins / Philosophy (also, ‘equallyoked’)(also, ‘equallyoked’)

15. ““Equallyoked”Equallyoked” * The term 'Equallyoked' (also, equally yoked) is a phenomena that exists in all multicultural societies-peoples of the same de facto ‘Civil identity' marrying one another for reasons of self-esteem, religious beliefs, preserving the integrity of their family identity, and for abiding in social mores - contributing to - community (psychosocial) health.2 (also, ‘equally yoked’)(also, ‘equally yoked’) - Sociology 101- Sociology 101

16. ““Equally Yoked”Equally Yoked” The term 'Equallyoked' (also, equally yoked) … an adverb: * “Equally” - means “alike” 1 , in a “balanced” manner, “the same” or to “the same” degree of, etc. an verb: * “Yoked” - means (Latin; jungere ‘to join‘) 2 , something fastened around the neck to joined together, burdened with. in history: * May have evolved from synonyms with similar meanings, such as: Equitably, Fairly, Justly3 Sentence: “They were an ‘equally yoked’ couple from families of just ordinary means.” - Word Meanings / Etymology- Word Meanings / Etymology (also, equallyoked)(also, equallyoked)

17. ““Social Mores…”Social Mores…” * Violations of social mores effects negatively the longevity of family identity of the especially conservative family lineages and destroys the family member’s self-esteem and as a ploy-the continuance of the family’s financial lives.1 - Concepts in Sociology- Concepts in Sociology

18. ..a “Public Health” Issue..a “Public Health” Issue As a Public Health Issue, * Equallyokedtarianism as a social mores – is a phenomena observed amongst the most conservative segments of a multi-cultural society.1 - Introduction to Public Health- Introduction to Public Health

19. ““Marriage, Family,Marriage, Family, && Child Psy.”Child Psy.” * Marriage Family and Child Psychology addresses the Self-esteem of the individuals who are (or aren’t) equallyoked as an important issue in mental health/ emotional health/ and naturally self-preservation, as well as of the integrity of their family identity.2 - Introduction to Marriage, Family, and Child Psychology- Introduction to Marriage, Family, and Child Psychology

20. Being “Equallyoked”Being “Equallyoked” • Set a realistic ‘equallyoked’ relationship goal. • Think positive about being ‘equallyoked.’ • Don’t compare your ‘equallyoked’ relationship with others who are ‘equallyoked’ or even nearly so. • Focus on ‘achieving’ an ‘equallyoked’ relationship. • Focus on individual strengths in ‘equallyokedtarianism’. • Spend time with ‘equallyoked’ people who respect you. • Try out ‘new’ truly equallyoked relationships if not married and save those experiences as lessons learned. • Forgive yourself for any previous ‘unequallyoked’ relationship. Start fresh. - Marriage, Family, and Child Psychology- Marriage, Family, and Child Psychology

21. As a “Civil Right”As a “Civil Right” * As a Civil Rights issue, justice of the peaces- as civil servants who perform marriage ceremonies are obligated to verify the ‘competency’ (or incompetence) of the individuals present in the ceremony before performing a marriage and attaching their legal signature of considering community (psychosocial) health matters.3 - Political Civil Rights/& Community Health- Political Civil Rights/& Community Health

22. The EndThe End * Key Words: Unequally yoked, equally yoked, egalitarianistic, true equality, introduction to social psychology, sociology, violation of social mores, social science, deviancy, deviancies, statistics, abnormalacies, sexual perversions, data base, psychopathology, sociopathology, equallyoked, equallyokedtarian, equallyokedtarianism, dyadic psychology, marriage, family, and child psychology, sociocultural anthropology, human ecology. - Psychosocial Baselines: Sociology 101- Psychosocial Baselines: Sociology 101

23. Questions/ Answers Your Name Subject Date Due - Home Work Assignment Coming Up- Home Work Assignment Coming Up

24. Home Work Assignment * Why is the social phenomena – ‘equally yoked’ a reliable “psychosocial baseline in ‘healthy’ normalacy” in the social sciences? What are the social forces behind ‘unequallyoked’ peoples revealed by statistical data showing that social difficulties, whether within or across political socioeconomical or cultural lines,i.e., concerning that of ‘prosperity’ or deficiencies in ‘checks and balances’? NOTE: This Homework is worth 50% of your Semester GradeNOTE: This Homework is worth 50% of your Semester Grade

25. “Extra Credit” Explain why: (Each one is worth 35 points/ALL=100 points) * …Equallyokedtarians are the most targeted of all social groups for destruction by world tyrannical/ or totalitarian powers. * …degradation of people’s ‘self esteem’ comes from the of demise of family and destruction of individual “Civil identity” by the powers2 that be. * …the empowered liberal media, liberal public education and liberal multicultural secularism perpetuates ‘cultural confusion’, and in such, thereby destroying or ruining the individual identities the peoples. NOTE: This Extracredit is for ‘make up’ assignments only. Sorry.NOTE: This Extracredit is for ‘make up’ assignments only. Sorry.

26. Some Suggested Schools Liberty U.,Liberty U., Lee U.Lee U., Houghton Coll.,, Houghton Coll., Southern Adventist USouthern Adventist U., Johnson U.,., Johnson U., California Lutheran UCalifornia Lutheran U., Northland Coll.,., Northland Coll., Milligan Coll.Milligan Coll., Coll. of the, Coll. of the Ozarks,Ozarks, Cedarville UCedarville U., Anderson U.,., Anderson U., Samford U.Samford U., Bryan Coll.,, Bryan Coll., CorbanCorban U.U.,, Hendrix Coll.,Hendrix Coll., Southwestern U.Southwestern U., Centre Coll.,, Centre Coll., Bethel Coll.Bethel Coll., Central, Central Coll.,Coll., Eastern U.Eastern U., Belmont U.,, Belmont U., Luther Coll.Luther Coll., Eastern Mennonite U.,, Eastern Mennonite U., Southern Methodist U.Southern Methodist U., Macalester Coll.,, Macalester Coll., Muhlenberg Coll.Muhlenberg Coll., Gustavus, Gustavus Adolphus Coll.,Adolphus Coll., George Fox U.George Fox U., Southeastern U.,, Southeastern U., Emory U.Emory U., St. Olaf, St. Olaf Coll.,Coll., Dordt Coll.Dordt Coll., Hope Coll.,, Hope Coll., Roberts Wesleyan Coll.Roberts Wesleyan Coll., Concordia U.,, Concordia U., NE,NE, DePauw U.DePauw U., Whitworth U.,, Whitworth U., Lafayette Coll.Lafayette Coll., Wittenberg U.,, Wittenberg U., TaylorTaylor U.U., Abilene Christian U.,, Abilene Christian U., Sewanee-USewanee-U..of the Southof the South, Valparaiso U.,, Valparaiso U., Texas Christian U.Texas Christian U., Ohio Wesleyan U.,, Ohio Wesleyan U., Franklin Coll.Franklin Coll., Ouachita Baptist, Ouachita Baptist U.,U., U. of MobileU. of Mobile, Gordon Coll.,, Gordon Coll., Covenant Coll.Covenant Coll., California Baptist U.,, California Baptist U., Millsaps Coll.Millsaps Coll., Goshen Coll.,, Goshen Coll., Allegheny Coll.Allegheny Coll., Union U., Westmont, Union U., Westmont Coll.,Coll., Waynesburg U.Waynesburg U., Biola U.,, Biola U., Wheaton Coll.Wheaton Coll., Regent U.,, Regent U., PresbyterianPresbyterian Coll.Coll., Baylor U.,, Baylor U., Davidson Coll.Davidson Coll., Rhodes Coll.,, Rhodes Coll., Transylvania U.Transylvania U.,, Pepperdine U.,Pepperdine U., Wofford Coll.Wofford Coll., Oklahoma Baptist U.,, Oklahoma Baptist U., Indiana WesleyanIndiana Wesleyan U.U., Trinity U.,, Trinity U., Asbury U.Asbury U., Hanover Coll.,, Hanover Coll., Chapman U.Chapman U., Messiah Coll.,, Messiah Coll., Nebraska Wesleyan U.Nebraska Wesleyan U., Illinois Coll.,, Illinois Coll., Augustana Coll. – SDAugustana Coll. – SD, Point, Point Loma Nazarene U.,Loma Nazarene U., Erskine Coll.Erskine Coll., Augsburg Coll.,, Augsburg Coll., Calvin Coll.Calvin Coll., Azusa, Azusa Pacific U.,Pacific U., Concordia Coll.Concordia Coll., U. of Evansville,, U. of Evansville, North Central Coll.North Central Coll.,, Vanguard U. of SoCal,Vanguard U. of SoCal, Seattle Pacific U.Seattle Pacific U., Oklahoma Christian U.,, Oklahoma Christian U., Patrick Henry Coll.Patrick Henry Coll., Albion Coll.,, Albion Coll., LeTourneau U.LeTourneau U., Oral Roberts U.,, Oral Roberts U., John Brown U.John Brown U., Oklahoma City U.,, Oklahoma City U., Wartburg Coll.Wartburg Coll., Alma Coll.,, Alma Coll., U. ofU. of Tulsa,Tulsa, Grove City Coll.,Grove City Coll., Belhaven U.Belhaven U., American U., American U. - The Study of Theoretical Equallyokedtarianism-as Bible Truth

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