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Published on October 15, 2014

Author: dxnbioganoderma

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Ganoderma Lucidum Noni Cordyceps Lion's mane

1. GANODERMA Making doctors say “Impossible!”


3. WHAT IS GANODERMA? HISTORY OF LINGZHI: •The 5000 years old miracle of nature herb form the Heaven. •King of the herbs/ The Herb of Life •The hidden treasure •The new ray of HOPE Under the attentive research done by both Chinese and foreign scholars in recent years, and the cooperative analysis and clinical experiments done by hospitals, colleges, and pharmaceutical manufacturers, its extensive efficacy has finally been discovered.

4. WHAT IS GANODERMA? •History of ganodermais 5000 years old. In ancient time, ganodermain medicine was considered so auspicious that its medical efficacy has been attested to the oldest chinesemedical text (presumed to be over 2000 years old). •In it, 365 kinds of medicines are classified and explained. Ganodermais classified as top of the ‘superior’ category. •It achieved its ranking in Chinese text not because of its symbolic importance as a good omen but because of its medicinal properties with no side-effects. •The modern scientists who have taken interest in this ancient remedy came from Japan, China, Taiwan, Malaysia, India, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, New Zealand, and the United States.

5. WHAT IS GANODERMA (RG)? 1)Theright species 2)The age of the plant 3)The process of extraction 4)The concentration

6. WHAT IS GANODERMA (RG)? •THE RIGHT SPECIES: DXN RG,which is also known as ReishiGanois a kind of mushroom widely known as “King of Herbs”. This mushroom is maroon •THE AGE OF THE PLANT: DXN RG derives from the 3 months old mushroom spores. Theage of Ganodermaeither is too young or too old will lose the medicinal efficacy. •THE PROCESS OF EXTRACTION: The spores is then extracted by means of Cold Method, preserving 100% ganodermaspores. The shell of the spores is cracked for better absorption in the body. •THE CONCENTRATION20kg of ganodermais only able to produce 1kg of ganodermaspores in DXN RG.

7. •The main active ingredients of RG are: –Polysaccharides –Triterpenes –Adenosine –Organic Germanium WHAT IS GANODERMA (RG)?

8. •The nutrients in ganodermainteract with the body and provide valuable benefits: •Reduce the stickiness of the blood and dissolve the blockage in micro blood circulation •Improve blood circulations •Remove fats and water soluble toxins •Stabilize our emotions/ reduce stress •Enhance immune system •Increase oxygen level in the body •Prevent tissue cells degeneration •Balance body functions WHAT IS GANODERMA (RG)?


10. •DXN GL derives from 18 days old mycelium of ganoderma. •The main nutrients in DXN GL are •Polysaccharide •Organic Germanium •Enzyme beneficial for the stomach •A whole spectrum of vitamins •A whole spectrum of minerals •Content of Polysaccharide and organic germanium in ganoceliumis 4 times more than of ganoderma. WHAT IS GANOCELIUM (GL)?

11. •The health benefits from DXN GL: •GL is an oxygen supplier. •Enhance immune system. •It is a brain tonic. •Eliminate water soluble toxins. •Regenerate cell functions. •Reduces sugar level and revives pancreatic functions. •Normalize body functions. WHAT IS GANOCELIUM (GL)?


13. WHAT IS RG/GL? Ganoderma(RG) Mycelium (GL) total 1stweek (take daily) 1 capsule 1 capsule 1 pair 2nd week (takedaily) 2 capsules 2 capsules 2 pairs 3rdweek ( take daily) 4 capsules 4 capsules 4 pairs 4thweek (take daily) 6 capsules 6 capsules 6 pairs MAINTENANCE DOSAGE 6 CAPSULES 6 CAPSULES 6 PAIRS Moderate ill patients, increase the maintenance dosage: 9 to 12 pairs 9 capsules 9 capsules 9 pairs 12 capsules 12 capsules 12 pairs Severe ill patients increase the maintenance dosage to 18 pairs 18 capsules 18 capsules 18 pairs

14. WHAT IS REISHILIUM POWDER? •It is a an equally mixed of RG powder and GL powder. •The powder form allows easier consumption through mixture of water. •Cancer or severely ill patients who needs higher dose of RG and GL are able to consume this product.

15. WHAT IS CORDYCEPS? •CordycepSinensisis very well known medicinal fungi used in Chinese traditional supplement for nearly 1500 years. •The main active ingredients of Cordycepare: •Polysaccharides •CorycepicAcid •Cordycepin •Amino Acid

16. •The health benefits from DXN Cordyceps: •Enhance cardiovascular health. •Maintain Healthy Immune Response. •Maintain health respiratory functions. •Maintain healthy liver functions. •Maintain healthy kidney functions. •Maintain healthy cholesterol level. •Balance male and female hormones. •Improve memories and enhance your mood. •Natural anti cancer agent. WHAT IS CORDYCEPS?


18. WHAT IS CORDYPINE? •DXN Cordypineis an enzyme composed of fermented pineapple juice and quality cordycepmushroom. •DXN Cordypineworks excellently with cordyceps •The main nutrients in DXN Cordypineare •Phosphatase •Oxidase •Brolemain •Rich in Vitamin C, B1 and B6 •Copper •Cordycepnutrition

19. WHAT IS CORDYPINE? •The health benefits from DXN Cordypine: •Anti inflammation. •Relieve muscle and joint pain. •Improve healing power. •Eliminate dead cells from wounds. •Improve respiratory and digestive system. •Reduce viscosity and stickiness in the blood. •Reduce the risk of stroke and blood vessels related problems. •Able to control the spread of certain cancer cells in the body.

20. WHAT IS CORDYPINE? •The health benefits from DXN Cordypine: •Pineapples are rich in manganese. This aids the growth of bones in young people and the strengthening bones in older people and hence reduce Osteoporosis.


22. Endocrine system WHAT IS MORINZHI?

23. Pineal Gland Melatonin + Serotonin Hormone Secretion Cellular Functions Thymus Antioxidant Thyroid Function Pancreatic Function Male/Female Sex Hormones Adrenal Gland Immune System T-cells NK cells B-cells Good Health Longevity WHAT IS MORINZHI?

24. •Good for blood circulation system •Enhance immune system •Respiratory system •Endocrine system •Skeletal system •Central Nervous system WHAT IS MORINZHI?

25. WHAT IS SPIRULINA? •DXN Spirulinais a blue green algae –it is complete food in which contains high protein and rich in minerals, vitamins and fatty acid that is able to provide your body with necessary nutrients. •DXN cultured Spirulinacontains high level of chlorophyll because of all-year-round sunlight in Malaysia.

26. WHAT IS SPIRULINA? •The health benefits from DXN Spirulina: •Assist in growth and development. •Strengthening the immune system and eliminate virus infections. •Act as a blood cleanser. •Lower cholesterol level. •Improve ovarian functions. •Improving gastrointestinal and digestive health. •Enhancing natural cleansing and detoxification •Better antioxidant protection hence reducing cancer risk. •Enable the body to produce new supply of red blood cells. •Improve red blood cells life span. Indirectly level up the oxygen in our body.

27. WHAT IS SPIRULINA? •The health benefits from DXN Spirulina: •Assist in growth and development. •Enable the body to produce new supply of red blood cells. Hence reduce the liver and spleen burden to recycle RBC. When the liver and spleen are able to rest sufficiently, a person will not suffer from depression. •Improve red blood cells life span. Indirectly level up the oxygen in our body.

28. WHAT IS LION’S MANE? •Lion’s Mane mushroom is also known as HericiumErinaceus •It is a rising star among natural treatments for some of the world’s most difficult health problems. •The main nutrients: •Glucanpolysaccharides •Polypeptides •Fatty acids •Adenosine •Oleanolicacids

29. WHAT IS LION’S MANE? •The health benefits from DXN Lion’s Mane: •Stimulate synthesis of nerve growth factor (NGF). •Stimulate induction of interferonshence good for •Alzheimer’s disease •Parkinson’s disease •Dementia •Muscular dystrophy •Other Neurological conditions •Curative problems of the digestive tract such as stomach and duodenal ulcers. •Enhance the function of the gastric mucus barrier, accelerate the healing of ulcers and exhibit anti-inflammatory effects. •Regulate immune system. •Regulate blood sugar and cholesterol levels.


31. WHAT IS BLACK CUMIN PLUS? •The health benefits from DXN Black Cumin: •Treated many diseases in Middle Eastern countries. Black Cumin Seeds were first found in Egypt. •Essential Fatty Acids that contains Omega-3 and 6 (unsaturated fatty acids) –Generation of immune system, reduce inflammation and protect against heart disease. •Nigellone–anti-histamine and anti-asthmastic. •Immunomodulators–reduce autoimmune disease and balance immune system. •Polysaccharides –Prevent colon cancer especially. •Disease resistance –Stimulating bone marrow •Normalize body functions.

32. WHAT IS BLACK CUMIN PLUS? •The health benefits from DXN Black Cumin: •Cloves is added into Black Cumin Plus–Increase hydrochloric acid in the stomach and improve peristalsis movement hence improve the digestive tract. •Black pepper is added as well –Stimulates the taste buds in such a way that an alert is sent to the stomach to increase hydrochloric acid secretion, thereby improving digestion. •Hydrochloric acid is necessary for the digestion of proteins and other food components in the stomach. When the body’s production of hydrochloric acid is insufficient, food may sit in the stomach for an extended period of time, leading to heartburn or indigestion, or it may pass into the intestines, where it can be used as a food source for unfriendly gut bacteria.


34. WHAT IS MYCO VEGGIE? •DXN MycoVeggie is a specially formulated high dietary fibrefood mixed from a wide range of vegetables, mushrooms, herbs, fruits and spices. •It is sugar-free, cholesterol-free, low in fat and sodium •It is high in: •Vitamin C •Calcium •Iron •Various nutrients •Insoluble fibre

35. WHAT IS MYCO VEGGIE? •The ingredients and health benefits from DXN MycoVeggie: •Celery –for joint and urinary tract inflammations. Good for kidneys hence regulate the high blood pressure. •Mulberry Leaf –good for asthma and urinary tract infection. Reduces cholesterol rates. Prevents ulcers. Anti-aging factors. •PsylliumHusk –treatment of constipation, diarrhea, intestinal disorder syndrome, hemorrhoids.

36. WHAT IS MYCO VEGGIE? •The ingredients and health benefits from DXN MycoVeggie: •Ginkgo –memory enhancer, anti-vertigo agent, treatment of Alzheimer’s disease •Lemon grass –good for nervous system and stress. Anti-cancer agent. Anti- bacterial and antifungal properties. Helps to detoxify the liver, pancreas, kidney, bladder and the digestive tract.Help to boost immune system. Reduce uric acid, cholesterol and excessive fats.



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