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Published on December 11, 2008

Author: szajafri

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Slide 1: Welcome To DXN Your Way To Health & Wealth Please Switch Off Your Mobile Phone Contents : Contents The Company The Product The Marketing System Slide 3: THE COMPANY Slide 4: Rising Sun Positive Thinking RED GREEN Vitality Growth BLUE Water The Company as the basis of growth COMPANY LOGO Slide 5: . Established in Malaysia in 1993 by Dr. Lim Siow Jin THE COMPANY . DXN Produces and Markets GANODERMA Based Health Products. 60 Acres Of Farmland Cultivating GANODERMA. High Tech. Factories For Production with GMP and ISO Standards. Ideally Suited Products. DXN, One Of The World’s Leading Producer Of GANODERMA. . More Than (8) Million Distributors in More Than (80) Countries. Slide 6: Dr. Lim Siow Jin Founder and CEO DXN Graduated from: Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur In 1983, Started His Researches on GANODERMA and Human Health In 1997, Conferred with Ph. D in Holistic Medicine In 2002, Conferred with Doctorate Of Science In Alternative Medicines In 2002,Conferred with Millennium Award and Albert Schweitzer Award In 2005,Conferred with DATO’ Award by Malaysian Govt. Slide 7: International Branches DXN BRUNEI DXN SINGAPORE DXN HONG KONG DXN INDONESIA DXN THAILAND DXN PHLIPPINES DXN INDIA DXN AUSTRALIA DXN CANADA DXN MAURITIUS DXN MALAYSIA DXN TAIWAN DXN S. AFRICA DXN USA DXN BANGLADESH DXN SRI LANKA DXN U.A.E and more comming soon DXN OMAN DXN CYPRUS DXN BAHRAIN DXN SAUDI ARABIA Slide 8: 100% DXN Owned Farmland Cultivating GANODERMA 100% DXN Owned Factories For Production. 100% DXN Owned Marketing & Distribution. DXN The One Dragon Company High Quality - Low Price Slide 9: The Vision DXN Aims To Become The World Leader in GANODERMA Researches & Health Products. Slide 10: Recognitions Of The Company 1995 G.M.P Good Manufacturing Practice, Ministry Of Health, Malaysia. 1999 I.S.O 9001 International Standard Organisation, Singapore. 1999 T.G.A Therapeutic Goods Administration, Australia. 2000 I.S.O 14001 International Standard Organisation, Singapore. Slide 11: Malaysian Prime Minister Mr. Mahathir Mohammad (left) visits DXN Farm (Bukit Wang, Alor Setar) with DXN Founder Dr. Lim Siow Jin (right) Slide 12: GANODERMA LUCIDUM 38000 Varieties of Mushrooms known 2000 Varieties are Edible 200 Has medicinal values 6 (Red) are Rich in Medicinal & Therapeutic Values. All 6 Combined Together To Make The DXN Range Of Products Slide 13: Historical Origin Gano Grows On Dead Woods In Dense Forests. Medicinal Values Are Known For Over 5000 years. Efficiency And Safety Established By Medical And Scientific Reports For Over a 100 Years. Commercial Cultivation Started in China & Japan 1970 -Taiwan 1980 - Malaysia 1983 GANODERMA- REISHI- LINGZHIReishi – The King of Adaptogen : GANODERMA- REISHI- LINGZHIReishi – The King of Adaptogen No Toxins & No Side Effects (Even on Prolonged use) Overall Normalising Function Not Specified For any Disease Or Organ Slide 15: GANODERMA-NUTRACEUTICALS MORE THAN 200 Active Elements: POLYSACCHARIDES ADENOSINE UNSATURATED FATTY ACIDS TRITERPENOIDS ORGANIC GERMANIUM GANODERIC ESSENCE VITAMINS ( B3, B5, C, D ) MINERALS ( Calcium, Phosphorus, Iron, Potassium ) FOR MORE INFORMATION VISIT (http://www.reishi.com) Slide 16: How Does a Person Becomes Sick Harmful Substances For the Normal Function Of the Body Organs. Source: Food, Beverages, Pollution, etc. BODY IMBALANCE Reflected Or Manifested in forms of malfunction (Disease). Useful Substances For the Normal Function Of Body Organs, but In Excess Becomes Harmful. Examples: Glucose, Fat, etc. TOXINS- External TOXINS- Internal Slide 17: Ganoderma Enabling Concept Food Supplement Cleansing Person feels better, looks better,becomes more energetic, and changes on laboratory profile is noted Recovery from a disease is a result of the chance given to the body to do what it needs to do by facilitating a natural physiologic process Strengthens the Immune System and Enhances the body’s natural healing ability Carbohydrate ( Polysaccharide ) Protein ( Adenosine, amino acids ) Fats ( Triterpenes, EFA ) Vitamins / Minerals Food Enzymes External Manifestations Healing Crisis Balancing Slide 18: The Process Of Extracting GANODERMA DEHYDRATION Freeze and Dry Method 5:1 (5Kg:1Kg) FIBRE SEPARATION Dried Ganoderma is crushed and the 4:1 (4Kg:1Kg) less therapeutic fiber is separated. TOTAL CONCENTRATION 20:1 (20Kg:1Kg) ULTRA-VIOLET TREATMENT Treated with ultra violet rays to enhance therapeutic effect. MICROPOWDERATION Separated spores are reduced to micro size by a special technique. All Active Ingredients Of GANODERMA Are Preserved Throughout The Process Slide 19: DXN Products Slide 20: Reishi Mushroom Powder DXN Reishi Mushroom Powder is the 100% concentrated extract of Ganoderma Lucidum, which gives all the benefits that Ganoderma offers. Slide 21: Lingzhi Coffee 3 in 1 Combines the full bodied aroma and taste of Brazilian coffee beans and the health-enhancing benefits of Ganoderma Lucidum Contains little sugar and low fat creamer. For Stress Reduction “Discover An Amazing Coffee That Will Make You Healthy and Wealthy” www.MiracleMushroom.Info/healthy-coffee.htm Slide 22: For those who want it Black and Strong Enhances energy and stamina, relief of joint and muscle pains Lingzhi Black Coffee “Discover An Amazing Coffee That Will Make You Healthy and Wealthy” www.MiracleMushroom.Info/healthy-coffee.htm Slide 23: Ganozhi Toothpaste Cleanses the teeth, leaving a pleasant smell in mouth Makes the teeth and the gums healthier Contains Ganoderma and high quality substances and does not contain saccharin and artificial coloring Slide 24: Ganozhi Shampoo Nourishes the hair follicle and promotes growth of new hair Mild and gentle formulation makes hair manageable, soft and healthy, smelling fresh and looking shiny all day PH Balance with GANODERMA Extract and Vitamin B5 Slide 25: Ganozhi Body Foam Gently cleanses skin without removing the natural oils Leaves skin softer, smoother, and feeling fresh all day long Enriched with GANODERMA extract and Vitamin E Slide 26: Ganozhi Soap Helps restore skin resiliency Smoothens wrinkles Enhances natural beauty Promotes healthy skin by giving it proper nourishment Slide 27: Morinzhi (Morinda Citrifolia ) Morinzhi is specially prepared from Morinda Citrifolia. Boosts the Immune system. Helps in stomach related problems.   Helps in overall well being. Slide 28: SPIRULINA Slide 29: CoCoZhi Is formulated from the finest Cocoa with Ganoderma extract. It is in a ready to drink form which will give you the chocolate taste. Beside the excellent Cocoa aroma you will also enjoy the benefit of Ganoderma. Slide 30: Morinzyme is a specially formulated concentrate of fermented botanical NONI juice. It is rich in enzymes essential for the maintenance of a healthy digestive system. Slide 31: GANO MASSAGE OIL Gano massage oil contains Ganoderma and Palm oil. It is best for mild injuries,burns and cramps. Slide 32: TEA TREE CREAM Tea Tree oil is made from freshly harvested foliage of Tea Tree which is famous for its ability to fight and prevent infections. It is excellent for skin hygiene and Protection. Slide 33: The Marketing System DXN Membership Kit : DXN Membership Kit * Folder with Company & Products information * Point Value – 21 PV 1 Lingzhi Coffee 1 Ganozhi Soaps Bar ( 2 soap ) 1 Ganozhi Toothpaste All This For Only SR 1,600/- Benefits : Benefits Lifetime Membership - ( Min. one purchase a year) One World, One Market Concept International Sponsoring Accumulated Point System No Demotion Of Status No Time Limit No Risk – 100% pressure free Most Of Us Have…… : Most Of Us Have…… - - - Advertised For - - - A Product, Restaurant, Service, Shop, Bank Or a Trade Mark. But No Rewards DXN Will Reward You For Doing That Slide 37: Customers USE and RECOMMEND The PRODUCTS WORD OF MOUTH REFERRAL The Company SAVES a lot of MONEY ( No shops, No middlemen, No advertising ) MONEY Saved is PASSED TO VALUED CUSTOMERS. Customer Referral Program What is MLM? (Multi Level Marketing) Slide 38: Very Successful Way Of Marketing More Than 60 Year Old Industry. Fastest Method To Reach The End User. Encourages Team Building and Sharing. Open To All Irrespective Of Background. Created More Millionaires Than any Other Industry. M . L . M Slide 39: 1. Retail Profit : 15% - 25% 2. Bonus (71%) and Cash Incentive USD: 1,780 a. Group Bonus : 6% - 21% b. Star Group Bonus : 25% - 37% c. Development Bonus : 15% d. International Profit Sharing : 2% e. Leadership Bonus : 15% f. Travel Seminar Incentive : 2% g. One time HP Cash Incentive : USD: 230 h. One Time Overseas Trip Cash Incentive : USD: 1,550 DXN Remuneration Slide 40: 1. Member : RS: 1600/- 2. Star Agent : Accumulated PV 4500 3. Star Ruby : Sponsor 3 SA in 1st Gen. 4. Star Diamond : Sponsor 6 SA in 1st Gen. & Qualify 37% Star Group Bonus 5. Sr. Star Diamond : SD having 2 Qualified 1st Gen.SD 6. Double Diamond : SD having 4 Qualified 1st Gen. SD 7. Triple Diamond : SD having 6 Qualified 1st Gen. SD 8. Gold Diamond : SD having 8 Qualified 1st Gen. SD 9. Crown Diamond : SD having 10 Qualified 1st Gen. SD Status & Promotions Slide 41:  Status & Promotions Sr. CD : SD having 12 Qualified 1st Gen. SD Double CD : SD having 14 Qualified 1st Gen. SD Triple CD : SD having 16 Qualified 1st Gen. SD Gold CD : SD having 18 Qualified 1st Gen. SD Crown Ambassador : SD having 20 Qualified 1st Gen. SD Slide 42: 1. Retail Profit (15% - 25%) (On Direct Sales w/o Network) Distributors entitled to : Retail Profit ! Short term income option !! Slide 43: 2. Group Bonus (6% - 21%) To be entitled for this Group Bonus, you need to maintain 100 PPV each month Slide 44: Star Group Bonus No. of Qualified SA lines 5 4 3 2 1 3 2 1 0 - - 5000 2500 3000 2000 - - - - - 0 To be entitled for Star Group Bonus you must be SA and you need to maintain 100 PPV and 200 PGPV from your non SA members each month (Total PGPV=300). Slide 45: Exp : Star Group Bonus - 31 % You SR 100 PV 1000 PV 1000 PV 1000 PV 1000 PV 500 PV Personal PV (PPV) = 100PV Personal SV (PSV) = 28SV Personal Group PV (PGPV) = 1,600PV Personal Group SV (PGSV) = 448SV Your Star Group Bonus = (28SV X 31%) + (280 SV X 6%) + (280 SV X 6%) + (280 SV X 6%) + (280 SV X 19%) + (140 SV X 22%) = USD143.08 (STAR GROUP BONUS) Slide 46: 5 % 4 % 3 % 2 % 1 % Slide 47: SA SA SA SD SA SA SA SA SA SA SR Star Ruby – 31% Star Diamond – 37% 6 Star Agents 3 Star Agents SA Star Agent – 25% 4500 PV MEM Member 6% – 21% 100 PV Slide 48: Hand Phone Cash Incentive (One time) YOU (SR) SA SA SA Acc. GPV 6000 Acc. GPV 6000 Acc. GPV 6000 Slide 49: USD: 1,550 /- YOU SR SR SR SR SR HOW TO BECOME SD IN 5 MONTHS : HOW TO BECOME SD IN 5 MONTHS Assumption: Sponsor 3 Members Every Month for 5 Months and Maintain 100 PV Monthly. Your Members Follow the Same. USD. 32 USD.211 4500 PV USD. 3774 Slide 51: Thank You For Your Time We Wish You All The Best For Your Health, Happiness & Prosperity For More Information, Call Edwin Q. Mamaril +966 508488941 eMail: info@miraclemushroom.info Or visit www.MiracleMushroom.Info

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