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Information about Dvermaconceptualdetectordesign

Published on May 20, 2009

Author: david_verma

Source: slideshare.net


Design for transportation vehicle detector abstraction

Conceptual Middleware Detector Device Architecture Author: Dave Verma Associate & ITS Technical Expert Beca Transportation david.verma@beca.com +64274708178 NZTA Performance Metrics Project Ethernet LAN Dynac SCATS Diagram notes: Ethernet Concept : Use abstraction layer to mitigate the LAN following issues: 1) Prevention of proprietary drivers and software interfaces to third party applications (i.e. Loops at position A could be replaced with Radar and no Ethernet WAN change is required at Dynac end. Benefit – Money Ethernet WAN and Support impacts Golden River (GR) & Third party Applications (Backup Service) 2) Removal of single points of failure and Used for maintenance and calibration of Loops and Clustered NZTA abstracted dependencies – note failure or performance issues Detectors modular connector applications with Dynac do not impact on Performance Metrics designed to fit 99% of Loop Project or vice versa. Benefit – Higher levels of Ethernet WAN detectors and process information into a simple SQL/ service and resilience are possible SNMP / NTCIP data feed for Dynac and NZTA Performance 3) Discourages anti-competitive reactions from Metrics project whilst preserving vendors and invests intellectual property ownership Ethernet Network Loop ID and State information in NZTA. NZTA own Intellectual property for Fibre/ Wireless middleware and can enforce standards with detector vendors in tenders without vendors seeing this as loss of competitive advantage – also means that competitive tension is maintained in procurement processes. Gives NZTA a big stick to hit non performing vendors with i.e. no dependency issues. (i.e. NZTA able to run any software it likes in parallel with any software it has ) SCATS QTC RMS Loops GR /Tyco Tild / Wavetronix / EIS /Trafficon 4) Allows Dynac to get information from SCATS RMS without integrating to SCATS – SCATS is seen as another detection device. Loops /Radar / Video Loops / Radar / Video All rights reserved, this drawing and its contents are the intellectual property of the author. All other trademarks, brand names and copyrights are the property of their respective owners The views and opinions expressed in this document are conceptual, not necessarily those of the author’s parent company or provided as specific design or professional advice. Reuse or dissemination of any of the concepts outlined on this document without the permission of the author are strictly prohibited.

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