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Published on October 4, 2007

Author: Alohomora

Source: authorstream.com

Slide1:  Micronutrient Enrichment of Rice, Wheat and Grain Legumes by Agronomic Management John M. Duxbury Cornell University Soil Management CRSP Funded by US AID Slide2:  Common Mineral Micronutrient Deficiencies in South Asia Plants: Zn, B, Mo People: Fe - anemia 50% Zn - 95% at risk; 47% have intake less than recommended Micronutrient Enrichment of Seed/Grain :  Micronutrient Enrichment of Seed/Grain Hypotheses: Micronutrient dense seeds generated by fertilization of mother plant will increase crop yields by: - overcoming soil micronutrient deficiencies - increasing plant resistance to soil borne pathogens and parasitic nematodes and will - address human micronutrient deficiencies Foliar fertilization increases Zn, Mn, Cu, Mo and Ni in wheat and rice grain:  Foliar fertilization increases Zn, Mn, Cu, Mo and Ni in wheat and rice grain Zn Mn Zn Mn Cu Mo Ni Cu Mo Ni Similar results with different varieties Slide5:  Soil fertilization increases Zn and Mo content of wheat grain on farms in Bangladesh Data is mean of 6 sites Slide6:  Soil fertilization only increases grain Mo in rice Soil Application on 13 Farms Research Experiment (BR33) Slide7:  Zn (and Cu) availability drops greatly in reduced soils Sarah Johnson, PhD, 2004 Slide8:  Soil fertilization increases B content of chickpea and lentil grain but only has a small effect on Zn Sarah Johnson, PhD, 2004 Slide9:  Micronutrient enriched seed improves crop performance Slide10:  Seed micronutrient enrichment increased seedling emergence, growth and root health of Kanchan wheat in farmer soils Data are mean of 9 farmer soils Letters indicate significant difference at p<0.05 Slide11:  Micronutrient enriched seed gives higher wheat yields compared to soil fertilization Rice yields respond to Zn and Mo enrichment of seed :  Rice yields respond to Zn and Mo enrichment of seed Research Station Farmer Fields NS NS Differences significant at p < 0.5 unless indicated (NS) Slide13:  Zn enriched rice can meet RDI for Bangladesh children Data in part from Anne-Marie Mayer PhD thesis, 2004 Slide14:  Summary Foliar fertilization enriched the grain of rice and wheat with Zn, Cu, Mo, and Ni Soil fertilization was effective for enriching wheat grain with Zn, Cu, Mo and B but only increased Mo in rice (effect on B not tested) Soil fertilization with Zn and B had little effect on grain Zn but increased grain B of lentils and chickpea Rice and wheat seedlings from micronutrient enriched seeds resisted soil borne pathogen and nematode stresses and gave higher yields Zn enriched rice can supply adequate amounts of this nutrient to children in Bangladesh Slide15:  Acknowledgements Cornell Univ.: J. Lauren, Y. Zavala, S. Johnson (PhD at CU; now IRRI), A-M Mayer (PhD at CU; now Bristol, UK) USDA-ARS, Ithaca: R. Welch Bangladesh: Md. Bodruzzaman (BARI), N. Elahi (BRRI), C. Meisner, CIMMYT Thank You…..

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