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Published on March 10, 2014

Author: robinsonlawny

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PowerPoint Presentation: DURABLE POWERS OF ATTORNEY Frequently Asked Questions and Answers PowerPoint Presentation: POWERS OF ATTORNEY PowerPoint Presentation: What Is a Power of Attorney? PowerPoint Presentation: A power of attorney, or POA, is a document through which you can give others the right to make decisions for you, and the ability to manage or represent your interests PowerPoint Presentation: DURABLE POWERS PowerPoint Presentation: What Is a Durable Power? PowerPoint Presentation: A durable power allows your representative to act for you if you are incapacitated PowerPoint Presentation: Non-durable powers do not do this PowerPoint Presentation: FINANCIAL AND HEALTH CARE PowerPoint Presentation: What Types of Decisions Do Powers of Attorney Grant? PowerPoint Presentation: Most people create durable powers of attorney for two main areas : PowerPoint Presentation: financial and health care decisions PowerPoint Presentation: Financial powers allow your representative to control or manage your property and financial affairs, while health care powers delegate medical decision-making rights PowerPoint Presentation: REPRESENTATIVES PowerPoint Presentation: Who Will Make Choices Under My Power of Attorney? PowerPoint Presentation: You can choose who you want your representative to be PowerPoint Presentation: The person, or organization, you select will be known as your attorney-in-fact or your agent PowerPoint Presentation: LEARN MORE ABOUT DURABLE POWERS OF ATTORNEY IN ROCHESTER NEW YORK PowerPoint Presentation: Click to visit: mrobinsonlaw.com (585) 374-5210

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