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Published on July 17, 2008

Author: tjoniak

Source: authorstream.com

Slide 1: Welcome to DuPage Blue Fest A family day of fun Slide 6: www.scottharperforcongress.com Slide 9: www.holmesforsenate.com www.statestreetdancestudio.com : www.statestreetdancestudio.com (630) 232-0444 Illinois State Representative48th District : Illinois State Representative48th District Joe Heneghan Long time resident of the 48th Proven performance in the community Proven performance in industry “It is time for a change in politics, where our democracy involves the people; their voice, their opinion. This is their state. People need to know what the issues are and understand them and I will make political issues more accessible, whatever it takes. I am merely a translator for the people’s voice.” - Joe Heneghan Slide 16: diannemcguire.com TOM MIKESELL866-WIN-IN-08 PROGRESSIVEMORTGAGEPLAN.COMas heard on WCPT 820AM : TOM MIKESELL866-WIN-IN-08 PROGRESSIVEMORTGAGEPLAN.COMas heard on WCPT 820AM “Access to information Is the right thing in society, Essential in a democracy and Sorely lacking from the Bush administration. It’s the right thing in the mortgage business too.” Tom Mikesell 866-WIN-IN-08 Slide 21: Vote Rifat “James” Sivisoglu DuPage County Board District 1 DuPage Can Do Better! voterifat.com Slide 23: Elect Richard L. Dunn for DuPage County Board Offering A Better Way for the 4th District and DuPage County www.rldunn.com Slide 24: Rita Gonzalez For DuPage County Board District 1 Slide 27: Dirk Enger County Board District 6 It’s About Us and Our Future. www.engercounty6.org www.statestreetdancestudio.com : www.statestreetdancestudio.com (630) 232-0444 Slide 29: Vote Dan Bailey For County Board District 4 Slide 30: Public Service, Public Government Slide 32: Karol Sole Candidate for DuPage County Board District 3 “A New Perspective” www.karolsole.org Slide 33: Robert “Bob” Brandt Candidate for DuPage County Board District 3 www.BobForDuPage.org Slide 34: Visit Us Online: www.amoreys.com www.myspace.com/theamoreys Slide 35: Barb Dahl For DuPage County Board District 2 Barb will be Your Voice on County Board Pledging to: Endorsed by United Hellenic Voters of America who state “We are in agreement with your views and…trust your leadership for the benefit of our community…” Restrain overspending Prevent home-rule Advocate openness and citizen involvement Slide 36: David Meek for County Recorder Corporate Experience for County Government votedavidmeek.com Slide 37: The Time Has Come Slide 38: To Say Goodbye Slide 39: To The Status Quo! Slide 40: Please Join Us inSaying (or Shouting)Goodbye to… Slide 41: 100% RepublicanRule in DuPage Slide 42: 100% RepublicanRule in DuPage GOODBYE! Slide 43: The Erosion ofPersonal Liberties Slide 44: The Erosion ofPersonal Liberties GOODBYE! Slide 45: EnvironmentalDisregard Slide 46: EnvironmentalDisregard GOODBYE! Slide 47: The Shortchangingof Education Slide 48: The Shortchangingof Education GOODBYE! Slide 49: Continuing the SameCourse in Iraq Slide 50: Continuing the SameCourse in Iraq GOODBYE! Slide 51: Suppression of Public Discourse Slide 52: Suppression ofPublic Discourse GOODBYE! Slide 53: Intolerance as aBadge of Honor Slide 54: Intolerance as aBadge of Honor GOODBYE! Slide 55: ‘Liberal’ asan Insult Slide 56: ‘Liberal’ asan Insult GOODBYE! Slide 57: ‘DuPage Democrat’as a Punchline Slide 58: ‘DuPage Democrat’as a Punchline GOODBYE! Slide 59: The Past Slide 60: The Past GOODBYE!

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