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Information about Dumpspedia HP2-B149 | HP2-B149 Exam Questions | HP2-B149 Braindumps

Published on October 20, 2017

Author: jhonabbas

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slide 1: HP HP2-B149 Selling HP Printing Hardware 2017 slide 2: https://www.dumpspedia.com/HP2-B149-dumps-questions.html Thinking of best HP2-B149 Dumps for your HP HP2-B149 Exam Here it is at Dumpspedia.com. We present outstanding HP2-B149 Exam dumps with 100 valid and verified HP2-B149 Questions Answers. All HP2-B149 Dumps are obtainable in both PDF file and Exam Engine formats. Free Demos are available to experience the interface and proficiency of our HP2- B149 Practice Tests. slide 3: https://www.dumpspedia.com/HP2-B149-dumps-questions.html slide 4: https://www.dumpspedia.com/HP2-B149-dumps-questions.html You Don’t need to take any stress for the preparation of HP2-B149 Exam Questions because we will provide you real Exam questions answers Dumpspedia provide you some demo question answer of HP2-B149 Braindumps. slide 5: https://www.dumpspedia.com/HP2-B149-dumps-questions.html QUESTION 1 Which statement is true about HP A3 printers A. A3 printers offer high-gloss document quality with best value for black-only printing. B. A3 printers have fewer moving parts leading to improved uptime and improved serviceability. C. A3 printers offer faster printing speeds for enterprise class when compared to business class. D. A3 printers are designed for minimum interventions with many consumables that need replacement. Answer: C slide 6: https://www.dumpspedia.com/HP2-B149-dumps-questions.html QUESTION 2 What is the function of the intelligent Print Management IPM feature A. enables billing back to user’s department B. limits device access to ensure security C. controls access through user authentication D. routes jobs to most cost-efficient printers Answer: A slide 7: https://www.dumpspedia.com/HP2-B149-dumps-questions.html QUESTION 3 Which is true of PageWide printers compared to LaserJet printers A. fewer security features B. higher printing costs C. less energy efficient D. faster printing technology Answer: D slide 8: https://www.dumpspedia.com/HP2-B149-dumps-questions.html QUESTION 4 Which is a unique feature of LaserJet printers A. a single paper tray B. longer Sleep First Page Out Times C. automatic media-type sensing D. toner seals require manual removal Answer: C slide 9: https://www.dumpspedia.com/HP2-B149-dumps-questions.html QUESTION 5 Which security solution is best suited for a mobile user who needs to ensure security of print documents while working from different locations A. JetAdvantage Private Print B. HP Security Manager C. JetAdvantage Secure Print D. HP Access Control Answer: D slide 10: https://www.dumpspedia.com/HP2-B149-dumps-questions.html QUESTION 6 Match the HP FutureSmart firmware feature with its description. Select all that apply. slide 11: https://www.dumpspedia.com/HP2-B149-dumps-questions.html Answer: slide 12: https://www.dumpspedia.com/HP2-B149-dumps-questions.html QUESTION 7 Which is a challenge faced in contractual partnerships A. more time required to understand customer needs B. declining hardware sales with decreasing margins C. less competitive pricing than transaction-based sales D. lack of customer loyalty or a predictive revenue stream Answer: A slide 13: https://www.dumpspedia.com/HP2-B149-dumps-questions.html QUESTION 8 Which of the following questions helps to determine a customer’s workflow A. What is the estimated total company paper usage per month B. How often does the customer order supplies C. Does the client currently use print management and output solutions D. What is the estimated number of employees using office printers Answer: A slide 14: https://www.dumpspedia.com/HP2-B149-dumps-questions.html QUESTION 9 Which statement is true about HP OfficeJet Pro printer A. It comes with HP’s fastest printing technology advanced security and management and offers HP’s lowest print operating costs. B. It offers professional everyday document quality low cost-per-page and has a low purchase price. C. It offers print shop document quality fast speeds from business-class to enterprise and delivers best value for black-only printing. D. It comes with business-class printing speed while offering affordable printing costs that allows it to cater to a client with more than 25 users. Answer: A slide 15: https://www.dumpspedia.com/HP2-B149-dumps-questions.html QUESTION 10 Which print mode in the A3 PageWide printer provides the lowest cost per page CPP A. Dynamic Color mode B. General Office Color mode C. Accent Color mode D. Professional Color mode Answer: B slide 16: https://www.dumpspedia.com/HP2-B149-dumps-questions.html Offering Effective PDF Tests Training to Individuals and Companies 100 Money Back Guarantee on All Dumps Special Student Discount Available Printable and Searchable PDF Braindumps User Interactive Exams Software slide 17: https://www.dumpspedia.com/HP2-B149-dumps-questions.html Good luck Dumpspedia provides you guaranteed success in HP2-B149 Dumps as we have latest HP2-B149 Exam Dumps. Click Here following link to download HP2-B149 Braindumps.

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