Duff Chapter One (Part 1)

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Published on March 3, 2014

Author: towgi81p

Source: slideshare.net

Welcome to NT Greek!! Dr Gillian Townsley

Koine Greek Course Outline English Grammar Assessment Textbook HUGE COMMITMENT!!

Anyone can learn a language! The Keys for learning Come to Class! Plenty of Exposure Little and Often Use Quality Time Master the Basics Use All the Senses Greek to Eng and VV

Jerome (347-420 CE) “I learned the [Hebrew] alphabet and practiced both the hissing and panting words. What labour I spent there! What difficulty I went through! How often I despaired! How often I quit in despair, and then, in my eagerness to learn, began again. This can be attested to both by myself, the subject of this misery, and by those who then lived with me. But I thank the Lord that from the bitter seed of learning I now pluck sweet fruits.” Letter 125.12, PL 22:1079

“It is impossible for a translator to find precise equivalents for the original Hebrew in another language. Not only with this book, but with the law, the prophets, and the rest of the writings, it makes no small difference to read them in the original.” Ben Sirach, Ecclesiasticus

“If the King James’ English was good enough for Jesus, then it’s good enough for the children of Texas!” Ma Ferguson, Texas Governor, 1925

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