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Information about Ducks

Published on May 17, 2008

Author: jabernethy


Slide 1: Ducks By:Olivia& Crystal Slide 2: Lay back, Relax, and Enjoy the Show : Hi! Let me introduce myself. My name is Olivia McElhinny. Hi my name is Crystal Garcia. Our slide show is on our baby ducks! Hope you enjoy the show ! Slide 4: Waddles Worth is a baby chick that we hatched. He hatched Monday, April 30th, 2001. Waddles is the duck who looks like a big cheese puff. Waddles Worth! Slide 5: Tiny was born on April 29, 2001. Tiny is like the runt of the pack. He is so small. He looks like a small mud ball! Laugh out loud! (Lol) Tiny Slide 6:  Gimpy was born on April 30, 2001. We named this duck Gimpy because he falls when he walks! Gimpy Slide 7: Webster was born on April 29,2001. He is such a loud mouth. He likes to run too. He is so adorable. He is black and yellow. Webster! :  Einstein was born April 29, 2001. This duck was named because he acts smarter than the other ducks. That’s why his name is Einstein Einstein Slide 9: Peeps was born May 2, 2001. The reason we called him Peeps is because when he goes behind something he peeps ! Peeps Slide 10: This is a picture of one of the ducks named Waddles Worth and Mrs.Abernethy. The other duck Mrs.A has is tiny. These are Mrs.A’s ducks. (Aren’t they CUTE) Mrs.A's Ducks :  Kala and Gimpy These 2 here are the best friends in the class! These 2 are like a brother and sister! Slide 12: Those 3 are such good friends that peeps sleeps in her hand and trusts her! Peeps is like her best friend that’s in the class! Crystal, Olivia, and Peeps :  Olivia and Waddles Worth are the best friends that are in the class. I hope they stay that way!!!! Olivia, Kala, and Waddles Worth Slide 14: These two were together ever since he got out of the incubator! Mack and Einstein Slide 15:  Hi my name is Olivia Lynn McElhinny. I love to read and play with my friends. We have tons of fun together. Her name is Crystal Garcia.. About Olivia Slide 16: Hi my name is Crystal Garcia. I’m an 11 and a half year old girl. I decided to do this show with Olivia because she’s one of my best friends in the class! I hoped you enjoyed the show!!!! About Crystal Slide 17: We hope you enjoyed the show about the ducks. All done by: Olivia McElhinny & Crystal Garcia The End!!!!!

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