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Published on January 6, 2009

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:  Dublin Creative City Region Professor Joyce O’Connor, Chair, Digital Hub Development Agency 18 October 2007 Creative Cities : Creative Cities Towards a Knowledge Economy Innovation and Creativity is key Towards Lisbon i2010 : Towards Lisbon i2010 Aim: Europe will be "the most competitive and dynamic knowledge-based economy in the world, capable of sustainable economic growth with more and better jobs and greater social cohesion". EU currently focussed on ICT not Creative sector Digital Hub bridges the ICT and Creative worlds Towards an economy of culture : Towards an economy of culture Digital Media is a sub set of the wider creative industries The definitional overlap: Digital Media is ‘any product or service with a digital channel to its consumer’ Digital Media is growing fast The cultural and creative sector is a growing sector, developing at a higher pace than the rest of the EU economy. Real and virtual worlds are merging Emergence of the immersive (3D) internet and social networking Towards an economy of culture : Towards an economy of culture Digital Media is high value 46.8% of workers have at least a university degree (against 25.7% in total employment) There is a competitive race to attract talent and creators The share of independents is more than twice as in total employment (28.8% against 14.1%) Digital Media needs a centre of excellence “physical location” and the “socialisation” factor remain decisive for economic success. The Digital Hub - our vision : The Digital Hub - our vision The Digital Hub will become a connected and integrated knowledge community dedicated to being the international centre of excellence for digital media enterprise, research and learning. Digital content value chain : Digital content value chain Value chain : Value chain Content creation and consumption Content is created through inspiration and the application of knowledge Consumption is governed by access, capability and value Content Management and delivery The ICT technology that connects producer with the consumer Balance between creativity and technology Foundations : Foundations Enablers People with creative and innovative ideas Technology to deliver the products and services Sectors Growth has been in wireless, entertainment, e-learning, games, 3D internet and social networking Companies Getting creative ideas to market Collaboration will drive critical mass The Digital Hub creative cluster : The Digital Hub creative cluster Creation Management Delivery Consumption some of the 87 digital media companies already attracted… Learning Programme : Learning Programme > 3000 students in 2006 > 25 learning projects Digital still images, sound, video 16 schools 17 community groups Learning studio Digital Hub FM, 107.3, every Friday Fostering an on-line learning community Schools Community Enterprise Creative cities : Creative cities People centric Focussed on creativity and innovation Technology is an enabler Challenge for all creative cities Digital Hub is real exemplar Digital Hub is meeting the challenge Slide 15: For further information about the Digital Hub www.thedigitalhub.com our contact details info@thedigitalhub.com

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