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Published on December 7, 2008

Author: gpatxi

Source: authorstream.com

Slide 1: Welcome NETWORK Slide 2: DubLi.com DubLi Network Worldwide Business opportunity Worldwide Auction house DubLi.com Slide 3: Internet users 2006: 1.2 Billion Internet users Worldwide 2010: Every third person has an Internet access Explosive growth … 300,000,000 New Internet users in the last 10 months This is more than 1,000,000 per day 1995 1999 2006 2010 66 Millions 195 Millions 1 Billion 2 Billions DubLi.com Slide 4: Internet trade Source: BDD e.V Prognos AG Internet trade advantages Larger Product selection Better Prices Easy to buy Brand products Saves time 86 % 83 % 54 % 65 % 73 % DubLi.com Slide 5: DubLi Auction 3 Auction types: Xpress, Zer0,- and Unique Bid Top brand products at low prices Access to hundreds of offers DubLi delivers the products In 6 languages Notary proofed DubLi.com DubLi.com Slide 6: To reveal the actual price a bid must be submitted One bid costs $ 0.80 The price is reduced in steps of $ 0.25 When you like the price you simply click on “Buy now” DubLi.com DubLi Auction » Xpress « DubLi.com Slide 7: You win when you submit a bid that lower the actual price from $ 0.25 to $ 0.00 One bid costs $ 0.80 The price is reduced in steps of $ 0.25 You get to the product for free DubLi Auction » Zer0,- « DubLi.com DubLi.com Slide 8: One bid costs $ 0.80 Bids in steps of $ 0.25 Place a bid with the price you want to pay Bids in a series may be placed The lowest and at the same time unique bid wins DubLi Auction » Unique Bid « DubLi.com DubLi.com Slide 9: DubLi Auction 5 different Product categories Travel & Vouchers Top Auctions Electronics For her Household & Leisure DubLi.com DubLi.com At DubLi.com you can make good bargains on Top Brand products Slide 10: DubLi Credits Easy to buy Credits 1 DubLi Credit corresponds to $ 0.80 Discount options Payment with credit card or bank transfer DubLi Credits can be used for all three Auctions DubLi.com DubLi.com Slide 11:  Customer referral program Easy to invite friends by E-mail Free bids for every new registered customer who has bought DubLi Credits for at least $8 Automated invitation template Follow up system for invitations DubLi.com DubLi.com Slide 12: The Company Idea and foundation June 2003 Operational start October 2006 Financial Head Quarters in USA Operational Head Quarters in Berlin Germany Independent and complete in-house development Support center in Dubai DubLi.com Slide 13: DubLi Network Idea and foundation June 2003 Financial Head Quarters in USA Operational Head Quarters in Berlin Germany Support center in Dubai Active in more than 60 countries is the Marketing Company of DubLi.com DubLi Network Slide 14: Network Marketing Source: The Direct Selling Educational Institute (DSEI) - International Direct Sales Revenue: Worldwide US $ 109 Billions Partners: Worldwide more than 61.4 Millions Growth: 475,000 new Partners per week Network Marketing dominates Direct Sales 96.7 % of all Direct Sales is Network Marketing 97.9 % of all Partners are Networkers What is Direct Sales and Network Marketing? DubLi Network Slide 15: The Direct Sales market Sales split into main product categories Care products and clothes Consumer goods Wellness Services Leisure and education Source: Das Direct Selling Educational Institute (DSEI) - International 33.7 % 26.7 % 20.3 % 15.1 % 4.2 % DubLi Network ... The new way in Direct Sales Internet trade ... The future market of the 21st Century DubLi Network Slide 16: Advantages for a Business Associate You give your customers savings opportunities onTop Brand products Lifelong income from every customer referral DubLi.com do the Marketing to your customers You decide your own working hours Work with whom you want and where you want You work for yourself … ... but never alone DubLi Network Slide 17: Acquire customers … and earn 10-24 % of DubLi’s revenue DubLi Network Slide 18: … all referred customers of your customers are also your personal customers DubLi Network Acquire customers Slide 19: Build an Organization YOU Customer Customer Customer Customer Customer Customer Customer Customer Customer Customer Customer Customer Customer Customer Customer Business Associate … and earn from $75 to $1,500 every time one of your Business Associates buy a Product package (DubLi Credits) DubLi Network Slide 20: … and earn 2-14 % of DubLi’s revenue from the customers and referred customers of your Business Associates YOU Customer Customer Customer Customer Customer Customer Customer Customer Customer Customer Customer Customer Customer Customer Customer Business Associate Build an Organization DubLi Network Slide 21: 1,100 DubLi Credits 10 % discount $75 to $375 commission Bronze Only $ 795.- Start now Silver 2,500 DubLi Credits 25 % discount $75 to $750 commission Only $ 1,595.- Gold 6,000 DubLi Credits 50% discount $75 to $1,500 commission Only $ 3,195.- Upgrade within 30 days is possible … DubLi Network Slide 22: Start now You get your own personal Back Office Organization overview Commission overview Global meeting calendar Complete education system Prepared Marketing material at your disposal and much more Back Office DubLi Network Slide 23: Cooperation with Prof. King from the University of Chicago Striving for the best education program in the industry Ongoing development Available round the clock Online und Live Seminars Awards and Certificates Through the Academy everyone has the same chance of success DubLi Academy Start now DubLi Network Slide 24: Your decision Can I ever do that? Go for Gold Yes – DubLi has a simple concept Yes – DubLi gives you all the support you need Yes – You decide when you spend time Yes – You do not have to buy any products Yes – If you have 5-10 hours per week Yes – If you want some extra income DubLi Network Slide 25: 12/15/2006 Article in Network-Karriere 02/08/2008 Bild.de Luxury Apartment sold for a bargain price Leaders in Dubai The Press May 2008 Article inObtainer 12/19/2007 Article in Netcoo DubLi Network Slide 26: NETWORK The business opportunity of your life

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