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Information about Dubai The land of fun and dream

Published on September 26, 2017

Author: floyyyd96


slide 1: Dubai: The Land of Fun And Dreams The most populous and happening city of the great land of Emirates the city that never sleeps the city that can swathe you into entertainment and contentment synchronisingly Dubai is the heart and soul of UAE and the land of fun dreams and fantasies. The beautiful piece of land in the heart of UAE captivates and spellbinds the attention of travelers all over the world. About more than a million people visit Dubai in an annual basis and this just keeps getting higher and higher each year. The tourism rate is expected to rise by a great slide 2: number in the coming year and soon the city is going to rule -actually dominate- the chart of the top places for tourism as researchers are reported to say. It is so much visited that people have begun creating their own Dubai city tour itinerary. The kind of attractive potential and spark it possesses can make anyone leave all their work and get lost in the magic and crazy dreams of this city. With one of the best skylines in the whole of the world Dubai is absolutely encapsulated in beauty fascination and complete mystique. It has the power to attract people from any background because of its vast culture and dynamic nature. Since it is a massive multi-culture melting pot it has something or the other for everyone stepping up on the land of this city. Now let’s talk about the architecture of Dubai. Known to be a desert previously the city embarked a new phase in its life transitioning itself from a mere land of sand dunes to an amazing modern metropolitan city. The change happened very fast here. Within just 20 years it took a massive turn by adorning a new look and left everyone in haze. Literally it seems as if all of the change took place in just a beat of the heart. slide 3: Be it the skyscrapers its unimaginatively big and intelligently built artificial island and amazingly tall buildings all of the architectural developments have a record of blowing away the visitors. With the most iconic hotel Burj Khalifa and the biggest artificial island Palm Island Dubai has surely fascinated the world with its one-of-a-kind construction projects. The Burj Khalifa tower is like an award placed in the middle of the city for its beauty. Talking about the tourist attractions the famous and most visited trip spots include The Dubai mall Mall of Emirates Dubai Marina Jumeirah Beach and Wild Wadi Water Park. Going to Dubai and coming back without visiting these places is totally a wrong idea. I can go on with list an entire week and still not get tired. There is so much more that include the ultimate bucket list for the visitors coming to this city. Drench yourself into the madness that this city has to offer with our astonishing tour services. Mala is your best stop to get all the amazing packages for tour in the most exciting destinations in UAE.

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