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Published on February 24, 2008

Author: Haggrid

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Slide1:  Administrative and Teacher Essentials Collaborate on the development and implementation of all aspects of the program Work for consistency in program planning, classroom organization, and literacy instruction across and within grade levels Include parents from both language groups in program planning and implementation Promote and explain the dual language program to parents, the school board, and the community Administrative Essentials Monitor to ensure consistent planning, curriculum implementation, and classroom organization Provide and participate in ongoing professional development for teachers through consultants, school visits, and conferences Provide necessary funding for rich and varied materials in both languages in all content areas Example of Model Language Arts and Reading instruction in student’s first language and ESL or SSL one hour each day - All instruction is theme-focused - Students homogeneous for this instruction 50/50 content based instruction - Students heterogeneous for the rest of the day - Instruction taught in Spanish or English on alternating days and both languages used on Fridays - Content would focus on diverse/critical themes in each grade level - Students receive instruction alternating between languages and subjects each day to allow ease of transition for teachers as well as time to complete lessons School-wide acceptance - Language of the day will be used throughout the whole school as much as possible Teacher Essentials Develop high levels of proficiency in two languages or proficiency in one language and a receptive knowledge of the second language Recognize and appreciate language variation but model conventional oral and written language when providing instruction in either language Strive to connect students and community through curriculum Model for Champaign Unit 4 50/50 Model for Dual Language (adapted Gomez Language Model) Beyond instruction—Language extends to the whole school day. Office business, announcements, specials such as P.E., music, & computers, and hall passing time conducted in language of the day. Division of language by day: Switch language every other day except Friday Math, Science, and Social Studies in heterogeneous instruction using the language of the day Reading/Language Arts in both languages Student body should maintain 50% Spanish-dominant speakers and 50% English speakers. Curriculum Essentials Teach language through sustained content to develop academic language and academic content knowledge Focus on content rather than the traditional approach to language itself Organize curriculum around themes that connect to students and meet content and language standards Theme teaching focuses on big questions that reach across all disciplines and draw on students’ personal experiences Students focus on themes that challenge and question the dominant curriculum Theme teaching connects to the community. This gives an opportunity to those willing to share their experience a valuable lesson for the students Slide2:  Critical Component: Instruction Encourage dialogue among teachers and students (avoiding the Banking Method which Paulo Freire criticized), students and students, teachers and administrators, and parents and all school personal Proactively instill pride in one’s native language and culture Teach both the dominant curriculum (to pass NCLB’s accountability) and the hidden curriculum (to give students the tools to fight dominant ideologies that serve to exploit others) Encourage and celebrate all types of diversity within the school community and actively seek to create safe spaces for dialogue Critical Component: Staff School should actively seek teachers and administrators who are critical educators or who are willing to develop their pedagogy into one with a critical lens Professional development should always have a critical lens and should always be up to date with current research and best practices (e.g.: providing teachers with subscriptions to publications like Rethinking Schools) Parents and other community members should be involved in the hiring practices of the school Proactively create an environment that will foster collaboration amongst teachers in and across grade levels Connection to Community Community members as speakers for oral history, recording of neighborhood history and people’s lives Community resources such as radio, newspaper, and local businesses for field trips Local community members and parents as volunteers Bilingual and monolingual university professor and student volunteers at school Home contact will be given out in both languages All parent/staff meetings will be conducted bilingually Parents welcomed into classrooms to give constructive feedback to teachers Successful Schools 12 successful dual language schools in Chicago Inter-American school where Latino, African-American, and White population acknowledged a need and desire for bilingual education for all students. Since 1993/1994 and is a successful program Wisconsin has many dual language and immersion programs Escuela Fratney Elementary School, 50/50 model - home grown school - governed by the community and school Lottery system to make admissions fair Students of low income have been successful in such programs School-Wide Critical Component for Dual Language An active role in embracing cultural diversity and community Instruction that challenges dominant curriculum Lessons focused on issues of social justice, culture, collaborative, non-competitive learning, and other hidden curriculum Community Artists in Residence Student art, cultural, and work space throughout hallways School Newspaper in multiple languages Provide students a voice Community Resource Room Student Resource Room Student/Community Common’s Area Understand and support the goals and benefits of the program Be flexible and open to change Be committed to academic and social equity and the promotion of equal status for both languages. Example Units/Themes Environmental Racism- why are certain areas polluted? Who suffers? Insect & community/culture- e.g. the yucca moth/plant and relation to indigenous tribes History of disease- The eugenics movement in early 1900s in the U.S. due to smallpox, typhoid, etc. and targeting of Latina’s, African Americans, and immigrants Film Critics- Analyze media and portrayals of culture/stereotypes. Movies-Madagascar, Three Amigos. Television- “Speedy Gonzalez” cartoons. Games-Grand Theft Auto, Candyland Common Problems Both languages aren’t always given equal importance Spanish/English designations are not always accurate Dialogue between children of different language preferences doesn’t always occur English speaking students tend to dominate interactions in small groups Language separation in the classroom is not always strict Finding qualified bilingual teachers and support staff is difficult Students sometimes enter school with poor language skills

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