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Published on September 8, 2009

Author: shivalli

Source: authorstream.com

Dual core processors : Dual core processors What are dual core processors? : What are dual core processors? Refers to a CPU that includes two complete execution cores per physical computer system. Combines two processors and their cache and cache controllers onto a single chip. The two processors can be either located on the same motherboard or on separate boards. The two identical processors are manufactured so they reside side by side on the same die. Requirements of a dual core system : Requirements of a dual core system The OS must be able to recognize multithreading. Software must have simultaneous multithreading technology(SMT) written into its code. A new motherboard is not necessary as they can be used in existing board if that features the correct socket. Advantages : Advantages Dual core can boost system’s multitasking computing power. It provides two separate complete execution cores. As each core has its own cache the processor has sufficient resources to handle intensive task in parallel. Even without a multithread enabled application dual core processor are beneficial if you are running an OS that supports thread level parallelism or TLP. AMD & Intel on dual core processors : AMD & Intel on dual core processors In the past these two companies were only interested in upping their clock speeds. Intel’s higher clock speed makes it faster than AMD. Both have scaled up the clock speeds of their processors in a very short span of time. But they have recently slowed the curve and the reason is “heat”. Heat is the enemy of processors and higher clock speed means high heat and that means errors. Slide 6: As it takes a lot of power to increase the clock speeds and a processor with that much electricity around the die is prone to noise and errors. Dual core processors provided the advantage of increased transistor count without any heat or error problems as the cores run at lower speed than single core processors. The resultant increase in parallelism makes for the clock speeds as far as the overall performance is concerned. A threaded approach can extract maximum mileage as many independent threads can be executed simultaneously Slide 7: AMD has currently two offerings. The dual core AMD opteron processors and AMD Athlon 64X2 Dual core processors. Both these processors run in 64bit modes & inter core communication takes place at the CPU speed. Range of AMD and Intel’s processors are as follows Are two cores better than one?? : Are two cores better than one?? terms that come up to fuel the dual core debate; pipeline, cache and bus. Think of the pipeline like a conveyor belt. The data is processed sequentially one after the other. The AMD processor pipeline is shorter than the INTEL processor pipeline and this is one of thereasons why AMD runs at a lower clock speed. : The AMD processor pipeline is shorter than the INTEL processor pipeline and this is one of thereasons why AMD runs at a lower clock speed. Slide 10: In single core processors: The processor cache is running at the same clock speed as the processor itself. If the processor has to reach out through the bus to main system memory then it must slow down to that bus speed. A bus speed of 400 MHz is five times slower than the 2 GHz of CPU. Slide 12: Thank you

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