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Published on March 4, 2014

Author: jesskeoghsta

Source: slideshare.net

Girly headline WOB (white text on coloured Facing pages background Block quote Times New roman font stand first Lead Sell Negative space/white space Top heads Set flush Flush left Pull-out quote Ally Dps (double page spread) Main image

Name of the person who wrote the article, this gives the reader a chance to find out who they are writing about and who interviewed her The heading is the largest text on the page to make the reader see this title first and will let them know what they are going to read about if they read this article A brief introduction prepares he reader and audience for the article providing them information about the star/person it is on A pull out quote is used in order to anchor the image to provide the reader with an entry point The pink text and the fancy font makes the reader know that the article is on a girl and will be quite ‘girly’ The pull out quote here is providing the reader/audience with any entry point also it is good because it is in a different colour to stand out to the audience. The pull out quote is nicely fitted around the text so it is not all cramped and clashing with the house style colours This is another pull out quote which is used to notify the audience with the style trend of the girl who the article is on about, this is a way of getting the audience involved A caption in the form of a quote or information text provides the reader with any entry point Quotes from the star herself, which makes the article more like and interview so you are reading her own personal views A page number allows the reader to navigate the magazine easier and find particular articles This call out is used to give a short story introduction towards the article which the audience is about to read The colours used on these pages are grey, white, pink and black. These are the main house colour. These colours go together well and don’t clash and make it look messy The gapes in the article also knows as ‘ally’s’ The large image on the other side are to separate text and make the presentation of the page is to keep the reader neat and tidy and not cluttered intrigued to read on and find out, also the picture is the main thing which you see on this DPS

More adult content than something a child should read This is personal identity as you are finding out personal information about the person This pull out quote is used for entertainment to the audience itself, it uses a type of language which is seen as a ‘joke’ or a ‘funny’ sentence Personal information about the persons everyday life style Real life comparisons Information about her life which is revealed to the general public and audience

WOB – white text on coloured background Sans-serif text Main headline/heading Negative DPS – double page space/black space spread Block quote Stand first Flush left Alley Pull out quotes Facing pages Main image

The main article has information about the brand new TV show to inform the general public and readers about what is going to happen and what it is about This text box provides information which is relating to the article and also to the picture which is above A caption from the television show to give off information from the show or either the characters The big text logo in the picture is to promote what the television show is called for the readers to instantly draw their attention to it Sub heading/quote to give out information for the reader An alley to separate the text and make sure that it isn't looking cluttered A logo to promote Images of the star or stars who are involved in the show which are talking about in the article are used as visual information for the reader to easily read quickly The website at the bottom of the page is to promote their website and inform the reader on where it will be aired The house colours set for this article are black, pink and white mostly. This makes the article not look ‘busy’ and makes the article not look too clashing with colours A camera roll of pictures along the bottom of the page is also a visual way of giving out information to the reader

Education on what the television show is about Personal information about the TV and also the conversation Real life comparison's and what the programme is about

Alley main headline Main text image Small text image Visual information Questions from the person themselves House style Page numbers Pull out quotes DPS Stand firsts

main header to show instantly what the article is about and is clear enough to read, with the house colours it blends in nicely In this article there is questions, this means that the article is based on an interview with the star. This is easier for the audience to read as it is not too over loading with all the text and information. The colour change from where it’s showing the interviewer reading his questions is easy for the reader to pick out who is who in this article The website for the magazine is promoted at the bottom on the left side small but also readable so their website is also being used if the public want to find out more At the top of the page there is a pull out, this says ‘exclusive interview’ this will draw more attention to the article House style colours are red, black and white which makes it not too busy and is not overpowering with the colours Negative white space, this is shown as the blank spaces on the page The two images which are used are clear enough for the public to see. The smaller image is used for visual information as you then know that they are going to talk about the stars love life which draws people in The pull out quote is simply a bit of information which is taken away from the article so it pops out and the reader will instantly see it The main text image is show clearly so the reader then knows who the article is about without even having to read anything

Information about this personal life, which drags the reader in to read more.. Its more like an autobiography Personal identification Personal informatio n on his life and family life, this gives an idea of what the pop stars life is really like Personal information on the stars clothing and style Personal questions on his love life and questions about girls

Top tips to use when creating a double page spread magazine - Main image, visual information which could be a smaller image - Pull outs - banner on the magazine which will appear at the top clear for the reader to see - Block quote, which is a long quotation info for the magazine - Caption to illustrate the image - Copy of the main text of a story - A deck ; a headline made up of decks set in the same style and size type - Double page spread - Flush left - Facing page - Educational information on the story - Information to do with the personal life and stories - Main headline - House style which matches and doesn’t clash - Masthead - No noisy images which make the magazine ‘busy’ or ‘cramped’ - Stand firsts

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