DSD-INT 2016 India Ganges Basin modelling - Stuurman

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Information about DSD-INT 2016 India Ganges Basin modelling - Stuurman

Published on November 9, 2016

Author: Delft_Software_Days

Source: slideshare.net

1. iMOD in India Ganga Basin iMOD User Day - Delft Software Days 2016 Roelof Stuurman (Frans Roelofsen, this week in Delhi: frans.roelofsen@deltares.nl)

2. The main focus is the river system. The groundwater study is supporting the river assessment

3. High level objectives (TOR WorldBank) To significantly strengthen the capability of relevant central and state government agencies to undertake comprehensive evidence-based strategic basin planning for the Ganga River basin To develop, document and disseminate (through detailed analytical work and stakeholder engagement) a set of plausible scenarios that balance significantly improving the health of the river and maintaining an acceptable level of economic productivity, and To build stronger and more accessible information and knowledge base to guide ongoing dialogue around and management of the Ganga River basin To establish ongoing multi-stakeholder engagement processes in the basin to support strategic basin planning 7 november 2016

4. 7 november 2016

5. Set-up of the River Basin Model WFlow hydrology routing iMOD ground water pollutants database DWAQ: water quality GANGA Dashboard SPHY mountain hydrology RIBASIM: water resources ecological knowledge rules GANGA WIS

6. 7 november 2016 Global scale water demand model (10x10 km grid) Conceptual model Stakeholder participation, training iMOD groundwater model

7. Complex groundwater surface water interaction 7 november 2016

8. Types of groundwater – surface water interaction 7 november 2016 1. Continuous draining river, 3. Continuous Infiltrating river (hydrological connection) 5. Continuous infiltration, (surface water and groundwater disconnected) 2. Periodically changing from drainage into infiltration, 4. Through flow situation

9. iMOD model set-up

10. Project Advantages of iMOD: • iMOD is open source and free • Fast, flexible and consistent sub-domain modeling techniques. • Can handle very large, high resolution models. Ganga basin > 3 million grid cells • Geo-editing of the subsurface • Easy to use Graphical User Interface • Powerful 2d/3d data visualization (also long time series) • Easy model linking with other Deltares software for hydrology and water resources ( e.g. WFlow/D-Hydrology and Ribasim) 7 november 2016

11. Infiltration / drainage Maps What will be the results Conceptual model

12. What will be the results 7 november 2016 Ground water model Data sharing Infiltration / drainage Maps Conceptual model Map of Groundwater Management Unit

13. iMOD initial model results

14. GW quantity –SW/GW interaction ? ? ? ? Flow direction unknown Loosing river River

15. 7 November, 2016 3 day iMOD training in Delhi an Kolkatta 40 participants at 2 courses of each 3 days

16. 7 November, 2016 Number of iMOD downloads in India INDIA: Largest number of downloads outside The Netherlands, 30 downloads

17. 7 november 2016

18. Status of the project • Present (November 2016) > Still some requests for data (geohydrology) > Validating and processing data for mode input > Linking iMOD with Wflow and Ribasim (set up tools to exchange water fluxes / waterlevels) • Near Future > (ground)water models ready: March 2017 > Defining and calculating scenarios / measures: March - September 2017 > Project ready: December 2017 • Far Future > On-going update and use of models by national/state governments and consultants 7 november 2016

19. 7 november 2016

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