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Published on January 22, 2008

Author: Sigismondo

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Slide2:  Presentation Overview C & T Overview DSCP Virtual Prime Vendor Guard & Reserve Clothing Distribution Facility Ky Logistics Operation Center National Guard Materiel Mgmt Center Slide3:  Provide Dress/Field Uniforms, Field Gear and Personal Chemical Protective Items to the Armed Forces in Peace and War Clothing & Textile's Mission Slide4:  Individual Equipment, Personal Armor, Helmets Chemical Protective Items Dress Coats, Trousers, Skirts, Shirts Outerwear Hats, Gloves, Hosiery, Clothing Accessories Special Purpose Clothing Ecclesiastical Items Specialized Flight Clothing & Accessories Tentage, Mattresses, Sleeping Bags Insignia, Flags, Pennants Warfighter.net Clothing & Textiles Products & Services Class II Slide5:  Crucial that we receive customer requirements in sufficient time to respond Sized items Example, Combat Boot – 133 sizes Men’s Army Dress Coat – 65 sizes Military unique Most clothing on a specification Service Driven Requirements Simple Garments to Complex protective clothing, e.g Chem Suits Industrial Base – Strategic Supplier Issues Small Business driven Mandatory Sources - National Industry for the Blind (NIB), National Industry for the Severely Handicapped (NISH), and Federal Prisons (UNICOR) Socioeconomic Obligations Best Value Long Term Contracts During peacetime, over 95% of our contracts are long term / best value contracts; currently at 76.4% due to OEF/OIF exigencies Clothing & Textiles A Unique Commodity Slide6:  Personnel Military – 5 Reservist – 2 Civilian – 303 $2.3B FY90 Clothing & Textiles The BIG Picture Materiel Obs FY01 $1.1 B FY02 $1.6 B FY03 $2.8 B FY04 $2.0 B FY05 $2.0 B (Projected) Inventory 31K NSNs 8K Generics 3.3M Requisitions 14K Customers 220 Vendors $1.2B FY01 $1.1B FY02 $ 1.0B FY03 $1.4B FY04 Sales FY01 $1.2B FY02 $1.5B FY03 $2.0B FY04 $2.6B Slide7:  Clothing & Textiles Stock Availability FY04 GOAL 92.5% % Supply Chain Management Virtual Prime Vendor - KYLOC:  Supply Chain Management Virtual Prime Vendor - KYLOC The Kentucky Logistics Operation Center (KYLOC) Acts as DSCP’s subcontractor DSCP pushes stock to KYLOC warehouse Customers order via web, email, phone, fax Patches and name tags are sewn on Orders are kitted /shipped direct to customer KYLOC electronically tied to DSCP KYLOC Sales now exceeding $60M / year Customers don’t have to carry inventory! Slide10:  The Next Step in Logistics Support Time Line 1999 2000 2002 2001 2002 Supporting the War Fighters Current Inventory $30,770,969 2003 2004 2005 Slide13:  ARNG ORDERS TOTAL SALES: $214,596,753 Slide14:  Current Thru April 2005 Top Ten Slide15:  APRIL ITEM FILL RATE ARMY GUARD TOTAL ITEMS DOWNLOADED: 286,243 Army Direct Ordering (ADO) Web-Based Logistics:  Army Direct Ordering (ADO) Web-Based Logistics DSCP solution: Use an existing web-based program which currently supports 631,000 Guard/Reservists Serves 360K Army National Guardsmen ANG saving $10M / year Test Case: 7 Units deployed in Iraq Ran from Jun-Oct 2004 Very Successful – all orders filled complete 311 orders worth $36K Expansion on-going Afghanistan (16K soldiers) & Horn of Africa (100 soldiers); first unit now ‘live’ First 2 orders received 15 Mar – already shipped out to two Horn of Africa units Next Step Meeting with Army on way ahead Boots, Caps, Hats, Cold Weather Coats, BDU Coats/Trousers, Helmet Covers, and more… 1. Deployed Soldier Needs Item 3. Places Order Via Army Knowledge On-Line 2. Accesses Internet 4. Order Received Stateside at DSCP site (KyLOC) 5. Items Picked; Patches / Insignia Sewn on 6. Order Ships Via US Postal System To Individual Soldier CSA authorized a test of Internet ordering capability Army Combat Uniform Program:  Army Combat Uniform Program Army Requirements Deploying Forces: Apr 05 (60K sets/mo.) (15K troops per month x 4 sets) [OEF/OIF] Army CIIPs: Oct 05 (50K sets/mo.) AAFES: Apr 06 (130K sets/mo.) Mandatory Possession: May 2008 Key Milestones CSA approves new uniform June 04 Contract conversions Sep 04 (for deployments) Competitive contracts Jan 05 (for CIIPs and deployments) Awards to date total $323M Pricing Information Price Comparisons Average DCU/BDU standard price = $53.00 ACU standard price = $72.85 (Army going-in estimate = $92.00) Reason for Costs increase from BDU: Material: New camo print, wrinkle resistant fabric application Construction & Labor: biswing back; velcro; bartacks Collaborative effort between Army, DSCP and industry. (Army PEO shipped initial 5K sets to Nat’l Guard in Alaska) Plan developed in Feb 04. - Every milestone met to date - 45K sets shipped to Army PEO already Permethrin- Decision Pending? Would Cause Production Slippage Army Combat Uniform (ACU):  Army Combat Uniform (ACU) Mandarin collar worn in the down position Elbow pouch with Velcro closure for internal elbow pad inserts 3 slot pen pocket for easy access, optimized for use with the OTV Leg cuff with front closure tie which allows more comfortable closure on the outside of the boot collar Zippered front closure, reinforced with Velcro which provides a smooth surface when worn with the OTV Knee pouch with Velcro closure for internal knee pad inserts Velcro backed U.S. ARMY and last name tape Velcro sleeve cuff closure which provides positive closure for all sizes Combat Boot hot weather, or Combat Boot temperate weather Tilted chest pockets with Velcro closure, optimized for use with the front opening OTV Moisture wicking tan T-shirt Velcro backed rank insignia Forward tilted cargo pocket for easy access whether sitting, kneeling, or standing – incorporated elastic drawstring for positive closure during movement ACU worn with the black Beret and pin on skill Badges (being reviewed) ACU worn with the Patrol Cap Slide20:  Bluegrass Station “Enhanced Customer Service thru Logistics Innovation” Slide21:  “Develop, manage, and operate Logistical Projects which provide A high rate of return versus cost to Sponsoring Agency withimproved Customer Service and Readiness for the Warfighter” Slide22:  Kentucky Logistics Operation Center HOMELAND DEFENSE EQUIP RCE CDE Army Direct Ordering Navy Seals/Naval Coastal Warfare Slide23:  Ky LOC NGB Slide25:  Customer Sales Class IX Slide26:  Top Ten Current Thru Apr 05 Slide27:  Calendar Year Savings Year 2001: $185,480.50 Savings Year 2002: $561,956.15 Savings Year 2003: $441,462.55 Savings Year 2004: $310,175.11 Savings Year 2005: $ 98,334.93 Slide28:  Supports States with Units involved in Combat Training Center (CTC) and Joint Readiness Training Center (JRTC) Provides Container (MILVAN) and Chassis (C&C) Assemblies for Shipping of Unit and Individual Property and Supplies from Home Station to Training Center. State Keeps C&C for Two Years – Train up Year and Actual Rotation Year Fleet will consist of 500 20’ MILVAN Shipping Containers mounted on Dual-Axle Trailers. Unit provides Prime Mover. MISSION: Manage, Maintain and use Containers & Chassis (C&C) purchased for the CTC Rotations 4 45 28 60 9 2 1 1 80 121 CURRENT LOANS 1 CONTINGENCY STORAGE:  CONTINGENCY STORAGE RIOT CONTROL EQUIPMENT Face Shield Body Armor Body Shield Shin/Knee Guard Baton W/Holder Elbow Pad Leather Gloves Pepper Spray Portable Lighting CCCS * CHEMICAL DEFENSE EQUIPMENT Overshoes Gloves CP Helmet Cover Filter Can Hood, M40 Suit, CP Camo Det Kit, M256A1 Det Paper, M8 Det Paper, M9 Decon Kit, M291 Decon Kit, M295 TYVEK “F” Chem Protection Suits Slide30:  *Special Projects includes: ECWS MTOE Barrier Blankets Chemical Defense CDE Riot Control RCG Modular Sleep systems MSS Camel Packs CML Interceptor Body Armor IBA Slide32:  Top Ten Current Thru Apr 05 Slide34:  Division Director Jasper Carpenter 745-3587 859-293-3587 Assistant Director COL James Head 745-3656 859-293-3656 Class IX Mgr Paul Cox 745-3860 859-293-3860 Special Projects Mgr Howard Dousay 745-3557 859-293-3557 CCDF NG Branch Mgr Jim Foster 745-3830 859-293-3830 CCDF Support Br Mgr Del Presley 745-3993 859-293-3993 CCDF Navy Branch Mgr Randall Wise 745-3833 859-293-3833 Information Mgmt Chris Ripy 745-3342 859-293-3342 SARRS Specialist Teresa Vance 745-3939 859-293-3939 Transportation Officer Wilma McGuire 745-3908 859-293-3908

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