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Published on November 15, 2007

Author: Gabriel

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Slide1:  Kenneth R. Johnson NAVSEA Crane kenneth.r.johnson1@navy.mil 812.854.5275 www.anchordesk.navy.mil Distance Support version 2.0/NIAPS 16 February 2005 Outline:  Outline Distance Support Guidance Distance Support 2.0 Metrics Integration with JDSR ACTD Navy Information/Application Product Suite (NIAPS) Timeline Question & Answer Fleet Distance Support Guidance:  Fleet Distance Support Guidance CFFC/CPFC message set direction for “DS of the future to encompass personnel, training, logistics, maintenance, and quality of service support into a single, shore-based architecture.” Identified DS as an essential enabler of our future navy to : “…operate at sea with fewer sailors, improve business efficiency, shape tomorrows infrastructure, help deliver Sea Warrior.” Established an Executive Steering Committee (DS ESC) and Technical Advisory Group (DSTAG) to “…develop collaborative governance, capabilities description and articulation plans.” “021912Z NOV 04 COMFLTFORCOM NORFOLK VA” Distance Support Guidance:  Distance Support Guidance COMNAVNETWARCOM message for deployment of NKO Afloat “… Delivering capability to the fleet is one of the key tenets of FORCENET and SEA POWER 21. … The way ahead for NKO is to get capability afloat so that NKO is available to our sailors at sea…. It is expected that NKO will operate within the Distance Support servers on board ship. … …making use of replication schemes and content based delivery architectures which pay close attention to available bandwidth.” “181408Z APR 03 COMNAVNETWARCOM NORFOLK VA” Distance Support 2.0:  Distance Support 2.0 Shipboard Resident Content Technical Training Quality of Life Tools Task Aids Collaboration Data (Maintenance Sensor) Transportation Infrastructure Wireless Capable Applications Optimized Data Replication “Epsilon” Compression Characteristics:  Characteristics Ship Initiated and Controlled External Communication Ship to Shore Shore to Ship Respects Bandwidth Availability Content Replication Does Not Require Live Ship to Shore Connection Supports “Distance Support” Business Rules Content Distribution Business Processes Teaming Initiatives:  Teaming Initiatives SPAWAR PEO(C4I and Space) (NTCSS) TDKM/Virtual Submarine (Knowledge Management) NETC – Navy Knowledge Online (NKO) ICAS (Sensors) NAVSEA PEO(S) (Smart Ship – Wireless) NAVAIR – Joint Aviation Technical Data Integration (JATDI) Sample Screenshots:  Sample Screenshots Technical Training Sample Screenshots (cont.):  Quality of Life Sample Screenshots (cont.) Shipboard Resident Content:  Shipboard Resident Content Shipboard Resident Content Replication Architecture:  Replication Architecture Metrics:  Metrics Content Usage:  Content Usage USS MASON 1/6/04-8/17/04 USS HOWARD 12/29/03-11/16/04 Average Visit Length: 9:42min (MASON)/12:31min (HOWARD) Integration with JDSR ACTD:  Integration with JDSR ACTD Distance Support 2.0 Is…:  Distance Support 2.0 Is… …the Foundation for the Joint Distance Support and Response ACTD www.jdsr.net JDSR ACTD OD #2 March/April 2004 – Participants:  RAF Lakenheath, UK Ramstein AB, GE Kapaun AS, GE NSWC PHD, CA JDSR ACTD OD #2 March/April 2004 – Participants USS MASON Reno Army, NV NICC, VA Patuxent River, MD Ft. Lewis, WA Hill AFB, UT FTSC, VA JDSR ACTD OD#2:  JDSR ACTD OD#2 Joint Military Utility Assessment:  Joint Military Utility Assessment “Joint Distance Support And Response (JDSR) Advanced Concept Technology Demonstration (ACTD) Joint Military Utility Assessment (JMUA)”, Defense Information Systems Agency, Joint Interoperability Test Command Fort Huachuca, Arizona, October 2004 JDSR ACTD OIF:  JDSR ACTD OIF Today: Supporting Army Fire Finder Maintenance on a Daily Basis Part of USMC Wave 2 Maintenance Support OEF (2) OIF (11) Collaboration Tools:  Collaboration Tools Collaboration is a “Reach” System which provides: Remote collaborative technical assistance Remote Fault identification Provides remote training and mentoring Utilizing video, audio and data communications, without using tactical bandwidth Navy Information/Application Product Suite (NIAPS):  Navy Information/Application Product Suite (NIAPS) Technical Concept (OV-1 Diagram):  Technical Concept (OV-1 Diagram) Deckplate Sailor Shipboard Infrastructure Navy Infrastructure Shore Infrastructure NIAPS NIAPS Applications:  NIAPS Applications Advanced Technical Information Support (ATIS) Distance Support (DS) Navy Knowledge Online (NKO) Shift Operations Management System (SOMS) Preventative Maintenance Schedule (PMS) Scheduler (SKED) Technical Library Management System (TLMS) Portable Maintenance Assistance (Web-Enabled) (ePMA) Technical Data Knowledge Management (TDKM) Submarine Non-Tactical Application Delivery Interface System (SNADIS) Total Ship Information Management System (TSIMS) Operational Maintenance Management System-Next Generation Application Program Interface (OMMS-NG API) Timeline:  Timeline DS Building Blocks:  DS Building Blocks - NOTIONAL - Timeline:  Production ATF Lab DS 2.0/NIAPS Application Integration Application Integration NSWC Indian Head NSWC Crane FY04 3qtr 4qtr 1qtr 2qtr 3qtr 4qtr 1qtr 2qtr 3qtr 4qtr 1qtr 2qtr 3qtr 4qtr 1qtr 2qtr FY05 Timeline Notes: OIF = Operation Iraqi Freedom MUA = Military Utility Assessment TW = Trident Warrior AS = Amendment Server GW = Gateway Server FY06 FY07 Demo 2 JDSR ACTD Beta Demo 3 JDSR ACTD OIF/MUA Support SPAWAR Certification NIAPS 1.0 NIPRNET SPAWAR Certification NIAPS 1.0 SIPRNET (Submarines) SPAWAR Certification Total Ship Install: +63 (65 Total NIAPS) Ship Install: 7 Total (2 Total NIAPS) Total Ship Install: +113 (178 Total NIAPS) Total Ship Install: +30 (208 Total NIAPS) Ship Install: TBD Total Total Ship Install: +TBD (TBD Total) TW 04 TW 05 System Engineering Install DS 2.0 SIPRNET NCR; REMAS DITSCAP Remote Monitoring Experiment DS 2.0 SIPRNET (Surface) SPAWAR Certification DS 2.0 Infrastructure NSWC Crane AS – NIPRNET GW - NIPRNET NSWC Crane GW Expansion- NIPRNET Hawaii NSWC Carderock AS – NIPRNET/SIPRNET Bahrain Japan Italy NSWC Carderock GW - SIPRNET Milestones:  Milestones Certifications/Approvals: SPAWAR NCR/SSIL Certified: SSIL-03-0052 NETWARCOM ATO: 29 Nov 04 (3 Year) FFC N6 Approval: Naval Message 271218Z Feb 04 FORCEnet Implementation: Question & Answer:  Question & Answer Backups:  Backups iOra Epsilon Update/Synchronization:  Document Changes are built from an Index, NEW blocks of data and Existing blocks of Data! Index Index Index Changes to Document Changes are built from Existing blocks Of data NEW Data Block iOra Epsilon Update/Synchronization Example of how Epsilon Works:  90MB of initial content Example of how Epsilon Works Distance Support version 2 ICAS:  Distance Support version 2 ICAS DS 2 is the Conduit for Automatically Transporting ICAS Sensor Data from Ship to Shore DS 2 Compression and Replication Results in ~70kb file per week Requires ICAS Workstation Connected to ISNS LAN DDG Configuration Upgrade Required on non-DDG Ships Slide33:  ICAS Data Flow >400Mbyte File 773Kbyte Increase in File Size In 10 days 68Kbytes Transferred ~2-5 Sec. IMRSAT >400Mbyte File Reconstituted Real Ship Data Transfer 30 Dec - 8 Jan. 04 68Kbyte File Installation Plan of Action:  Installation Plan of Action Installation Methodology:  Installation Methodology First Units Part of Ship Alteration Package in Support of Other Efforts Wireless ShipAlt ICAS ShipAlt (Reverse Distance Support) Refresh with Production Configuration Production Configuration Hardware Installed and Supported by SPAWAR PEO(C4I) Software Integrated (NIAPS), Installed and Supported by NAVSEA Surface Ship Field Change:  Surface Ship Field Change Software Maximum Load Out on Shore Before Shipboard Installation Migration of Data Requires “Pre-Assessment” on Every Ship “ATIS Server” Field Change Server NIAPS Server HP/Compaq ML-570 In NTCSS Rack NT4.0 WIN 2000 Submarine Field Change:  Submarine Field Change “ATIS Server” Sysorex or TAG 4000i NT4.0 Field Change Server NIAPS Server TAG 4000x2 SUBLAN Application Servers WIN 2000 Software Align with NTDPS 3.2 Costs:  Costs Hardware (SPAWAR PEO (C4I)) Procurement Installation IT Admin Training Software (NAVSEA) Licenses (Server; Clients) Installation Personnel Training Infrastructure (NAVSEA) Amendment Servers Technical Support NKO Afloat Issues:  NKO Afloat Issues Licenses Only for: USS MASON; USS HOWARD; USS TARAWA; USS JOHN PAUL JONES Finite Period Contract Re-competed Starting in Dec-03; Final Contract go Ahead Jul-04 (Award and Protest Adjudication) New NKO Afloat Package In Process Distance Support 2 Content Size:  Distance Support 2 Content Size ATIS Tech Manuals 250 Gb Training 100 Gb NKO Afloat, NETg, etc. Navy Wide Content 75 Gb Anchordesk legacy links, medical, QOL, operations, etc. SKED 15 GB Map Key:  JDSR Infrastructure Site SME/Technical Site Map Key Maintainer Site - DDG Sites

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