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Published on May 25, 2018

Author: lifemarketing

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slide 1: Dry Clean Flat Iron – Tips to get the best results If you are using dry clean flat iron for a long time and not getting results it might not be the iron – it could be your method. Try these tips for flat ironing for a sleek smooth finish. Condition your hair properly Even before turning on that flat iron the first question you need to ask yourself – is my hair well-moisturised and conditioned If not then turn the iron off and tend to your hair. Sometimes we believe that a good heat protectant product will do all the work however that is not true. You have to do a few things to ensure you are only applying direct heat to hair that is in a condition to handle it without causing any further damage. Flat iron hair that has conditioned regularly and properly cared for else applying heat to dry brittle hair is only stretching the inevitable – a main cut. Use serum and smoothing balm After shampooing and conditioning apply serum or balm to your hair. This would help much more in case your hair is chemical-free however relaxed women can benefit from it as well. While shopping look for humidity-resistant products if you reside in a climate where moisture filled air makes a frizzy mess of your well-straightened hair the moment you step out of your home. Flat iron Clean hair Have you ever thought when is the best time to use flat iron The best time to flat iron is right after the shampoo and conditioning. Press clean hair applying heat to hair that has dirt and products in it would cause more damage. Do you require a touch up during the week All you need to do is flat iron again with minimal heat however it is important to note that flat ironing is not meant for every day. Do not use oil before ironing You can apply natural oil after ironing your hair. Sometimes you require a little weight afterward however make sure you put no oil before pressing it. You will not get that lightweight and bouncy look you want if your tresses are coated in oil. Flat iron dry hair For long-lasting best results only dry clean flat iron completely dry hair. Does this indicate you have to blow dry it first No it is not at all necessary. Wet wrap your hair and sit under a bonnet or hood until it is dry –this is gentle drying technique and the wrapping methods smooths your hair. You can let your hair air dry until it is 80 percent dry followed by blow dry. Flat ironing hair that’s not dry properly would cause it frizz up. Adjust the temperature as required slide 2: Simply because your flat iron can heat up to 450 degree does not mean every part of hair needs that much heat. For women with natural hair knowing they have to two or three diverse textures on one head might come as a shock however it is not uncommon. Heat protectant is the way to go Apply heat protect to your hair’s each section once they dry. Make sure you do this before using flat iron. You might come across many advertisements but do not get fooled as a heat protectant helps however even the most expensive and the best brand will not hold up to heat that is too high. It is always a good idea to stick to minimum temperature to get good results. Although most flat irons can easily reach up to 450 degree you do not have to crank yours when you can get good results at 340. Iron small parts Smaller irons are always better for tackling small hair sections. Try not to press pieces thicker or wider than 1 inch at a time. You will do much better job of straightening the entire section when you do not have to tackle much hair. Big and chunky parts will not straighten properly. So if you have not received good results using dry clean flat iron then follow these tips to feel the difference. These easy to follow tips will give your hair new look. Let your hair shine smooth and silky.

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