Drupal Commerce - That’s all you need.

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Information about Drupal Commerce - That’s all you need.

Published on March 11, 2014

Author: ARCHIbuzzLAB

Source: slideshare.net


Are you about to start a new e-Commerce project and looking for the right platform? In most cases Drupal Commerce is the solution you are looking for.
This presentation gives a brief introduction to Drupal and Drupal Commerce, some key facts and figures and who's leveraging on its strenghts. Then it shows an overview of the main features of Drupal Commerce: products, product pricing, shopping cart, checkout process, payments, orders and shipping.
This presentation was made for a live speech on the SuperSummit e-commerce channel where ARCHIbuzz folks were invited to present Drupal Commerce and the reasons why it rocks!

www.archibuzz.com | info@archibuzz.com That’s all you need. Filippo Chiariglione 1 Torino, Italy - 11th March 2014 @

www.archibuzz.com | info@archibuzz.com About us   Siamo nati 2 anni fa   ~ 40 siti e applicazioni realizzate con Drupal 7   Siti web per aziende   Portali news   Piattaforme di project management, collaboration, timetracking, file sharing   Applicazioni gestionali   Piattaforme MAM, live & on-demand video streaming   Applicazioni per email marketing   Piattaforme di e-commerce 2

www.archibuzz.com | info@archibuzz.com Tutto questo con... 3

www.archibuzz.com | info@archibuzz.com Perché Drupal Source: http://drupal.org/project/usage/drupal   1M installazioni   Truly open source (GPL) 4

www.archibuzz.com | info@archibuzz.com Perché Drupal   30,000 + contributed modules open source   Community con 1M+ utenti 5

www.archibuzz.com | info@archibuzz.com Dove viene utilizzato 6 Warner Bros., NBC, ... MIT, Harvard, ... Twitter, LinkedIn, ... WhiteHouse, NY Senate, ... The Economist, Financial Times, ...

www.archibuzz.com | info@archibuzz.com Alle spalle di Drupal 7 Acquia empowers enterprises with the open-source social publishing system Drupal.

www.archibuzz.com | info@archibuzz.com Veniamo a Drupal Commerce... 8

www.archibuzz.com | info@archibuzz.com Chi lo usa 9 http://www.cartier.us/

www.archibuzz.com | info@archibuzz.com Chi lo usa 10 https://www.kenzo.com

www.archibuzz.com | info@archibuzz.com Chi lo usa 11 http://www.guerlain.com

www.archibuzz.com | info@archibuzz.com Scegli come lo vuoi 12   Bundles pronti all’uso   Singoli moduli

www.archibuzz.com | info@archibuzz.com https://drupal.org/project/commerce 13   commerce_cart   commerce_checkout   commerce_customer   commerce_line_item   commerce_order   commerce_payment   commerce_price   commerce_product   commerce_product_pricing   commerce_product_reference   commerce_tax

www.archibuzz.com | info@archibuzz.com High level overview 14

www.archibuzz.com | info@archibuzz.com Products 15   Product Attributes & Variations   Product Displays   Administering Products   Administering Products   Product Catalog   Importing Products

www.archibuzz.com | info@archibuzz.com Product pricing 16

www.archibuzz.com | info@archibuzz.com Shopping cart 17

www.archibuzz.com | info@archibuzz.com Checkout process 18

www.archibuzz.com | info@archibuzz.com Payments 19

www.archibuzz.com | info@archibuzz.com Orders 20

www.archibuzz.com | info@archibuzz.com Shipping 21

www.archibuzz.com | info@archibuzz.com Thank you for your time! filippo.chiariglione@archibuzz.com +39 347 82 30 143 22 Filippo Chiariglione

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