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Published on October 18, 2016

Author: layfield_barrett

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1. Drunk Driving Accident Drunk driving accidents can have catastrophic consequences. More often than not, drunk drivers indulge in speeding and reckless driving that result in devastating collisions that either cause long-term or permanent injuries to innocent victims, or are fatal. The injuries that are frequently sustained because of drinking and driving accidents include broken bones, severe lacerations, amputations, internal bleeding, and spinal or brain damage. If you have suffered a DUI accident, you could be eligible for compensation. Layfield & Barrett’s drunk driving accident attorneys can help you get the justice and compensation you deserve for your drunk driving accident lawsuit. With decades of experience winning multimillion-dollar drunk driving lawsuit settlements, our DUI accident lawyers are ready to invest heavily in your claim to make sure you are fairly compensated too. Experts in fighting and winning lawsuits against drunk drivers, our passionate attorneys will provide you with skilled, sensitive counsel that will get you the best results. Available 24/7, our DUI accident attorneys believe in your right to justice and will do whatever is necessary to recover your rightful settlement. If you or a loved one has been hit by a drunk driver, our team of top drunk driving accident attorneys in Arizona, Utah, California, and across the U.S. will help you get a fair settlement. Call us on 855-880-8335 or contact us using our easy online form and we’ll schedule your free, confidential case evaluation. Looking for the Best Drinking and Driving Accidents Attorneys? Layfield & Barrett is one of America’s leading personal injury law firms. Our team of experienced personal injury lawyers has recovered over $200 million in compensation for our clients and is committed to fighting hard to recover your damages as well. We’re a people-focused firm, with strong values, and we take a tough stand against driving under the influence of alcohol. We understand the impact drunk driving car accidents have on victims and their family and are determined to negotiate aggressively, argue compellingly, and fight hard for your rights. Our attorneys have a nuanced understanding of drunk driving accidents, and the laws pertaining to them, and know how to approach each case to get you the most favorable results. If you have been injured due to a drunk driving accident, our lawyers will help you get fairly compensated for your medical expenses, loss of income, the physical and emotional pain and suffering you’ve had to bear and the cost of care you’ve borne. If a drunk driving accident has resulted in the death of a loved one, our attorneys will fight for your rightful claim to damages in funeral and medical expenses, loss of future earnings and loss of emotional support through companionship, comfort, guidance etc. Our attorneys will also explore the possibility of recovering punitive damages for the accident in addition to the compensation we recover. In some cases, our attorneys will also hold the restaurant or bar liable for the accident if it meets any of the following criteria: continuing to serve alcohol to an obviously intoxicated customer and then allowing him/her to drive, or selling liquor without a license, after hours or to a minor.

2. Advance your Drunk Driving Accident Lawsuit with Layfield & Barrett Being severely injured or losing a loved one in a drunk driving accident is a traumatic, life-changing experience, and our professional, compassionate attorneys can help you get through this. If you choose to advance your drunk driving accident lawsuit with Layfield & Barrett, our top DUI attorneys will help you recover from your accident by providing you with quality medical care charged on a lien basis, and will alleviate your distress by managing all the details of your insurance, and competently handling all the legal aspects of your lawsuit. Layfield & Barrett also makes your claim completely risk-free by charging a contingency fee for our services. This means you don’t have to pay our fees and costs until we successfully recover your settlement. Let us help you get justice for your drunk driving accident. Schedule your 100% free, no-obligation case consultation by contacting us right now.

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