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Published on March 12, 2014

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PowerPoint Presentation: TRE A TMENTS PowerPoint Presentation: TABLE OF CONTENTS 3 - ACNE 4 - FRACTIONAL LASER SKIN RESUR F ACING 5 - LASER HAIR REDUCTION 6 - ROSACEA 7 - 3D LASER REJUVEN A TION 9 - SCLEROTHERAPY 10 - DERMAS T AMP 12 - ENDYMED SKIN CONTOURING TIGHTENING AND 13 - ANTI WRINKLE INJECTIONS 14 - DERMAL FILLERS 15 - MICRODERMABRASION 16 - PEELS 17 - OMNILUX LIGHT THERAPY PowerPoint Presentation: ACNE Acne has many contributing factors and stages, it is imperative to consult asses and t r eat individually with each patient’s needs and lifestyle. Dr Saras had been working closely with skin conditions since 1988, she may p r escribe p r escription c r eams or oral medications after a tho r ough analysis of the condition and its causes. Treatments for Acne Peels-see peels Acne Laser DESCRIPTION Acne infections inc r ease blood supply in the a f fected a r ea, Acne Laser is drawn to this excess blood under the skin. A comfortable heat will be induced, killing the Acne causing bacteria. This Acne laser t r eatment also works to safely penetrate the skin to the r mally and selectively dest r oy overactive sebaceous (oil) glands and calm inflammation. In addition, acne laser t r eatment accelerates the healing p r ocess and stimulates collagen, an important step in the long-te r m t r eatment of acne. BENEFITS & OTHER FACTS It is imperative with ALL lasers that patients avoid ANY sun exposu r e, tanning beds, and fake tanning p r oducts for at least 4 weeks prior to t r eatment. Resulting in less inflammation. Fewer b r eakouts, less oil p r oduction and lesser chance of scaring Pending on the severity of the acne 3-6 follow up appointments a r e r ecommended at 2 week intervals. PowerPoint Presentation: FRACTIONAL LASER SKIN RESUR F ACING Fractional Laser Skin r esu r facing is a fast, safe and simple p r ocedu r e; it will induce a lesser deg r ee of down time than its fully ablative counterparts. T r eatments can range f r om light ablative r ejuvenation t r eatments, to Acne scar r eduction, to deep collagen r emodeling. W e can tailor your t r eatment to your specific conce r ns and a r eas of conce r n. Fractional laser skin r esu r facing allows the penetration depth to be p r ecisely cont r olled, unlike other unp r edictable scar r eduction therapies, r endering it very safe and the outcome very p r edictable. Feedback f r om our patients having this t r eatment is they we r e back at work the very next day in some cases. Ie the social down time is quite minimal. DESCRIPTION Light Rejuvenation Old, wo r n-out skin is gently ablated away. The p r ecise mic r o-ablated channels will be r eplaced with new, tighter and healthy tissue as new skin fo r ms. G r eat for plumping fine fines and a deep r ejuvenation for a f r esh smooth glow! Acne Sca r e Reduction Fractional Laser Skin Resu r facing is ideal for easy gradual scar r eduction. Safely and effectively p r ovides minimal ablation depth r equi r ed for r esu r facing acne-scar r ed skin, helping to imp r ove skin textu r e and tone. The laser gently ablates mic r o-thin layers of acne-scar r ed skin to r eveal healthy, undamaged smoother skin below. Results a r e best seen f r om a course of 3 or mo r e t r eatments at 4-6 week intervals. Immediately see a smoother skin and a r eduction in congestion and b r eakouts Expect po r e size and acne scars to r educe when undertaking a course of t r eatment. Ageing Ideal if you would like drastic r ejuvenation & anti-aging effects, but a r e not inclined towa r ds surgery or injectable alte r natives. Fractional Laser Skin Resu r facing will r esult in r emodeling and stimulation of new collagen, as well as r ef r eshing the upper layers of the skin. In the case if superficial sun damage can even lighten pigment! Also see T win light Laser for Aging P r oviding a softe r , smoothe r , tighter look and feel to the skin. Fantastic on plumping lip lines and imp r oving a r eas of c r eapy skin. PowerPoint Presentation: LASER HAIR REDUCTION DESCRIPTION G r owth can be a r esult of medication, genetics or ho r monal changes, or just plain unwanted hair! Either way we make it easy and safe to r emove on ALL SKIN TYPES! At Dr Saras & Co. we use only the safest and most advanced technology, Fotona ND Y ag primarily aims to dest r oy the blood supply at the base of the follicle r endering hair g r owth impossible. Due to minimal blood flow elsewhe r e in the skin ,no damage will occur to the sur r ounding tissue, making Fotona ND Y ag not only top of its class in long te r m hair r eduction and safety, but unlike many lasers SAFE AND EFFECTIVE ON ALL SKIN COLOURINGS. A tho r ough consultation of steps to follow befo r e and after t r eatment and a patch test is always conducted, this allows you and our therapists to see and feel the skin r esponse and be comfortable with the p r ocedu r e to follow. W e r ecommend shaving 2-3 days prior to your t r eatment, howeve r , for the face, it is best to leave the a r ea untouched. No waxing, tweezing, elect r olysis, th r eading or bleaching the a r ea at least 4 weeks prior to the t r eatment. It is imperative with ALL lasers that patients avoid ANY sun exposu r e, tanning beds, and fake tanning p r oducts for at least 4 weeks prior to t r eatment. BENEFITS & FACTS Usually 8-10 t r eatments at 6-8 weeks intervals a r e r ecommended for a 95% r eduction in g r owth. Though the number of t r eatments r equi r ed varies with several factors. This will assessed and discussed th r ough your consultation. T ime spend in t r eatment will range pending on the a r eas to be t r eated eg UA takes only 3-5 minutes. Erythema ( r edness) and slight oedema (swelling) a r e very no r mal after having a laser t r eatment and usually r esolve after a few hours, however r edness may last up to a day or two. Keeping the a r ea f r ee f r om heat or friction for 48 hours is very important and ice may be applied to help the cooling p r ocess. T o all clients we r ecommend using our Post Laser Lotion to r educe inflammation and calm the a r ea. On facial a r eas using an SPF is very important. Y ou may continue shaving th r oughout your t r eatments, you will notice hair will g r ow back finer and softer and patches whe r e no hair g r ows back at all! Even after just 1 t r eatment 45% of patients notice g r eater than a 50% r eduction in g r owth! PowerPoint Presentation: ROSACEA Rosacea typically begins as r edness on the central face ac r oss the cheeks, nose, or fo r ehead. In some cases, additional symptoms, such as semi-pe r manent r edness, (dilation of superficial blood vessels on the face), r ed domed papules (small bumps), flushing and sensitivity occu r . Daily activities such as st r ess, alcohol or spicy food can “fla r e” this flushing. Resulting in unwanted r edness. Th r ough advised p r oduct choices and maintaining a laser p r ogram we can help cont r ol the severity of r oceasa, and r emove the dilated vessels associated with the condition. Treatments For Rosacea REMO V AL OF RED VESSELS DESCRIPTION & FACTS W e a r e able to t r eat various vascular lesions with Fotonas p r ecision penetrative abilities. Energy f r om the laser is absorbed by b r oken, enlarged or dilated vessels. This c r eates heat in the unwanted vessel, dest r oying the vascular wall. The body will clear the vessel tissue naturally. It is imperative with ALL lasers that patients avoid ANY sun, tanning beds, and fake tanning p r oducts for at least 4 weeks prior to t r eatment. T r eatment is r elatively painless, we use a cool gel and a -40 air flow for your comfort. Pending on size of t r eatment a r ea, t r eatment can take anywhe r e f r om 10 minutes (eg nose) for a small a r ea to 20 minutes on a larger a r ea (eg legs) Down time is minimal if any, Erythema ( r edness) and slight oedema (swelling) a r e very no r mal after having a laser t r eatment and usually r esolve after a few hours, however r edness may last up to a day or two. Keeping the a r ea f r ee f r om heat or friction for 48 hours is very important and ice may be applied to help the cooling p r ocess. T o all clients we r ecommend using our Post Laser Lotion to r educe inflammation and calm the a r ea. On facial a r eas using an SPF is very important. Mineral make up can be applied immediately. T r eatments a r e pe r fo r med at 4-6 week intervals. Number of t r eatments necessary will vary with the location, network a r ea, and size of the unwanted vessel. Generally 2-3 t r eatments is enough to clear a small a r ea like the nose. PowerPoint Presentation: 3D LASER REJUVEN A TION DESCRIPTION 3D Laser Rejuvenation is a 3-dimensional, non-ablative p r ocedu r e. It induces a 3D patte r n of mic r o wounds into p r ematu r ely aged or damaged portions of the skin. The natural healing r esponse of the skin then r epairs these mic r o wounds, the r eby r ejuvenating the skin, imp r oving health, textu r e, tone and colou r . As usual,It is imperative with ALL lasers that patients avoid ANY sun exposu r e, tanning beds, and fake tanning p r oducts for at least 4 weeks prior to t r eatment. At Dr Saras & Co we love this t r eatment as an “add on” to complement other laser t r eatments (see twin light Laser t r eatments) W e also love it as its so easy!! NO DOWNTIME, no pain and completed in 15 minutes! BENEFITS & FACTS T r eatments alone a r e best done as a series. A minimum of 6 t r eatments, 2 to 4 weeks apart, a r e r ecommended. Follow-up t r eatments will be needed to maintain continued collagen g r owth. TWIN LIGHT LASERS & TWIN LIGHT AGEING DESCRIPTION A 3 step t r eatment like no othe r , covering all elements and levels of skin ageing BENEFITS& FACTS • 3D Rejuvanation: imp r oving textu r e colour and sun damage • T ightening laser: tightening, tone and textural, also helps with po r e size • Fractional Laser Skin Resu r facing: fine to deep lines, collagen p r oduction Our clients notice dramatic changes to their skin after this 3 step t r eatment. What we love about this t r eatment is its versatility, we can c r eate slight variations of this t r eatment to best cater for each individual client conce r ns. TWIN LIGHT ACNE DESCRIPTION The flexibility and diversity of this t r eatment is endless on di f fe r ent a r eas of conce r n and severity of b r eakouts/infection. A must for stubbo r n acne or ho r monal b r eakouts. FACTS & BENEFITS .F3-skin health, colou r , textu r e .Acne Laser- killing bacteria at the site of infections .Fractional Laser Skin Resu r facing-“buffing “a r eas of thickened skin and congestion, encouraging new cells to the su r face of the skin. Also fantastic on open po r es and scaring. PowerPoint Presentation: Hyperhidrosis App r oximately 1% of the population is affected by significant excessive sweating (hype r hid r osis), usually a f fecting the palms, the a r mpits, the soles of the feet, and sometimes the face. Hype r hid r osis is a serious medical condition, a f fecting work p r oductivity, daily activities, emotional well-being and personal r elationships. Antiperspirants a r e the first-line t r eatments for hype r hid r osis, but these f r equently fail. HYPERHIDROSIS TREATMENT DESCRIPTION T r eatment helps cont r ol the symptoms of seve r e undera r m sweating by blocking the chemical signals f r om the nerves that stimulate the sweat glands. When the sweat glands don’t r eceive chemical signals, the seve r e sweating stops. Botox injections a r e expected to temporarily stop the p r oduction of excessive sweat in the t r eated a r eas only. Sweat continues to be p r oduced elsewhe r e. The actual t r eatment takes about 10 to 15 minutes. A small amount of solution is injected into the a f fected a r ea th r ough a very fine needle, so you may experience some injection- r elated discomfort. Y ou’ll r eceive about 15 injections during the session BENEFITS AND FACTS Y ou should notice a significant r eduction in undera r m sweating within 4 weeks of your first t r eatment. Once the t r eatment becomes effective, you may be able to stop using d r ess shields and carrying extra changes of clothing, and you can p r obably use a r egular deodorant instead of a p r escription antiperspirant. T r eatment last up to 6 months tt r eatment is not a cu r e; your symptoms will r etu r n gradually, and you will know when the time is right for another t r eatment. Y our sweat doesn’t go anywhe r e else or get backed up, the sweat simply is not p r oduced in the a r eas t r eated with Botox. PowerPoint Presentation: SCLEROTHERAPY DESCRIPTION Contributing factors include: He r edity, P r egnancy, Ho r monal changes, Being overweight, Standing or sitting for p r olonged of time, Advancing age, T rauma, & Sun-exposu r e for veins on the face. Scle r otherapy is a simple p r ocedu r e, the su r face veins a r e injected with a solution, causing them to collapse and fade over time. The body easily absorbs the collapsed veins, causing no dist r ess to the other veins. After t r eatment we r ecommend that comp r ession stockings be wo r n for th r ee to five days and for a week after t r eatment of larger varicose veins. Abstain f r om high impact activities such as running or step ae r obics for th r ee weeks. W alk at a moderate pace, as it will aid in the healing p r ocess. As with any p r ocedu r e, some mild side-e f fects might occu r . These side e f fects include slight r edness to the skin tone or mild swelling in the t r eated a r ea. Occasionally, a t r eated vein will r eopen, r equiring another t r eatment BENEFITS & FACTS Eliminating these damaged veins f r om your legs can r esult enhancing your appearance and boosting self-confidence. A minimum of 3 t r eatments is at 2 weeks intervals. PowerPoint Presentation: DERMAS T AMP DESCRIPTION De r mastamp uses very fine needles to penetrate the skin safely and cleanly. In short, this triggers a healing r esponse in the skin, inducing collagen and elastin p r oduction, and r esu r facing uneven textu r e. This is unlike any heat or laser based r esu r facing t r eatment as the r e is no skin bu r ning, heat or skin coagulation, this means we can use it on any skin type safely and the down time is dramatically r educed. The skin is cleaned and sterilized. Generally the skin will need to be numbed to ensu r e your comfort. The tip will glide over your skin c r eating stimulating channels and an even flushing is the best indication for a pe r fect medical t r eatment. The t r eatment usually takes a r ound 1.5 hours in total. BENEFITS & FACTS T r eating Fine Lines, W rinkles, Po r e Size Reduction, St r etch Marks, Acne Scarring & Scarring T r eatment intervals a r e as follows • For Collagen + Skin Rejuvenation - 4-6 t r eatments / 4 wks apart • For Scars + Acne Scar Reduction - 6+ t r eatment / 4 wks apart Pigment Pigmentation is a r esult of sun exposu r e, ageing, ho r mones (melasma), p r egnancy (chloasma) , some medications and skin damage. IPL (Intense Pulse Light) IPL is a non-ablative, meaning that is does not damage the su r face of the skin. It works by emitting a varied wavelength of Intense Pulsed Light into the skin. Light will target colour pigments such as melanin in b r own spots and f r eckles, and haemoglobin in b r oken or diffused blood vessels. Light also targets bacteria, and induces collagen and elastin p r oduction.Once this light is absorbed into pigments it will b r eak down the b r own pigmented cells, seal o f f any small dilated blood vessels or back g r ound flushing, stimulate the p r oduction collagen and elastin, and kill acne causing bacteria Caution is r equi r ed when t r eating people with dark skins, Asian skins and some other skins which tan very easily as IPL is absorbed into these darker skin types. Not just the unwanted pigment lesions. A tho r ough consultation of and a patch test is always conducted, this allows you and our therapists to see and feel the skin r esponse and be comfortable with the p r ocedu r e to follow. It is imperative with ALL lasers that patients avoid ANY sun exposu r e, tanning beds, and fake tanning p r oducts for at least 4 weeks prior to t r eatment. A cool gel is sp r ead over the t r eatment a r ea, the headpiece is then applied to the skin and pulses of light a r eleased, you may feel a slight sting, similar to the flick of a rubber band against your skin. It is certainly not unbearable, and we can always r educe the intensity if you feel the need. Immediately after some t r eatments you may feel a mild heat for a couple of hours, but after most t r eatments you will feel next to nothing at all. Y ou will experience a darkening of any pigment for a period of 5-7 days, (2-3 weeks on body a r eas) It will look like a darker flaking of the skin. This can easily be cove r ed with makeup until your skin naturally exfoliates it o f f. It is important not to scratch, pick, or ablate these a r eas of lifting pigment. Once the light is absorbed into any vascular lesions and they a r e b r oken down, the body r ecognizes them as waste and r emove’s them out th r ough your lymphatic system naturally. BENEFITS & FACTS PowerPoint Presentation: The Fantastic featu r e of IPL is its diversity, with it we can; • Remove Pigment, sun damage and age spots • Reduce symptoms of Rosacea • T r eat flushing and small r ed vessels • Imp r ove textu r e on tone of the skin • Inc r edible Rejuvenation of the skin • Help plump fine lines and wrinkles. IPL can be used on all a r eas of the face and body. W e can t r eat just one small age spot on the face, to sun damaged hands, to just you’ r e flushing cheeks. Inc r edible r esults a r e seen when t r eating sun damage on the décolletage, as IPL will r emove r edness, pigment and plump any c r eepy skin commonly seen on this a r ea. T r eatment times will vary to a r eas being t r eated, a small a r ea typically taking only 10 minutes. Usually 2-6 t r eatments a r e r equi r ed (condition being t r eated pending), As we r emove layers/ colors of pigment and r edness, you will be assessed each follow up on p r og r ess and stages of your t r eatments. This helps us best adjust your t r eatment settings for a smooth, even, complete t r eatment series. Sun exposu r e will allow pigment to r eoccur after t r eatment, W e Love De r maquest 3D sun c r eam, it containing peptides and algae’s to aid skin health/ageing and tint for a light comfortable coverage. Ultra Brightening serum should be included in your skin ca r e r egime to help p r event futu r e pigment and blend /fade any lighter pigment unt r eatable by IPL. Ageing Our skin gradually loses its fi r m, youthful look. Aging, cumulative sun exposu r e, ho r mones or weight fluctuation a r e all factors which a f fect the st r ength and elasticity of the collagen fib r es in our skin. This dec r ease in quantity and function of the collagen causes the wrinkles, laxity and sagging of the skin. PowerPoint Presentation: ENDYMED SKIN CONTOURING AND TIGHTENING The r e is inc r easing demand f r om patients for non-invasive and no downtime wrinkle t r eatment, or patients contraindicated or unopposed to Botox/fillers, p r eferring a “mo r e natural alte r native” look and app r oach to anti-aging t r eatments. Endymed is inc r easingly p r oving itself to be the answer! The delivery of heat deep into the skin c r eates an immediate stimulation of new collagen g r owth. The heat penetration achieved by EndyMed’s 3DEEP RF technology r eaches into these deep layers to p r ovide this e f fective collagen tightening and r emodelling. A gel is applied to the skin to help the advanced 3D handpiece glide easily over the skin and conduct the Radio F r equency energy into the skin. During the p r ocedu r e, the deep skin layers a r e gradually heated, while the skin su r face r emains a r ound 40°C. As new healthier collagen is fo r med, tighte r , mo r e natural looking and fi r mer skin will be p r oduced. Benefits & Facts Endymed is amazing on necks, jowls and cheeks and a r ound the eyes. The beauty of Endymed is its simple no pain app r oach, and can be done ANYWHERE the skin needs tightening, toning and fi r ming. Depending on the size of the t r eatment a r ea, t r eatment may take between 15-45 minutes. Six intervals of one to two weeks a r e necessary. Y ou should start to see imp r ovement in your skin following the thi r d to fourth t r eatment and additional imp r ovement will gradually appear as the t r eatment course p r og r esses. The gradual imp r ovement in your skin will continue even after completion of the t r eatment series. W e find g r eatest r esults a r e seen twelve weeks f r om initial t r eatment PowerPoint Presentation: ANTI WRINKLE INJECTIONS DESCRIPTION Botox/ Dysport is a natural p r otein that r elaxes muscles to imp r ove exp r ession lines. They work by p r ecisely inhibiting the nerve impulses which cause these tiny facial muscles to contract. No sedation or anaesthetic is r equi r ed, you will be able to drive and r esume no r mal activities after t r eatment. Botox is contraindicated if you a r e p r egnant, b r east feeding or planning to fall p r egnant. Botox is not suitable for those with certain neu r ological or muscular diso r ders.(Unless a r eferral is given you’ r e your specialist) Botox should be postponed in the p r esence of infection near the t r eatment a r ea BENEFITS & FACTS W e have a practical, natural and conservative app r oach to r estoring mo r e youthful facial featu r es. The e f fects will begin to appear within a few days, maximal imp r ovement will take up to 2 weeks to occu r . After t r eatment the skin overlying these muscles r emains smooth while unt r eated muscles continue to contract and move no r mally. Pe r fect for t r eatment of c r ow’s feet, f r own lines or bringing symmetry to a face. A consultation tailo r ed your specific needs is conducted upon booking. PowerPoint Presentation: DERMAL FILLERS DESCRIPTION De r mal Fillers a r e fo r ms of hyalu r onic acid which bind st r ongly with water causing lifting, fullness and a new fi r mness to lines, fur r ows and facial featu r es. T iny amounts of filler a r e injected into the upper most layers of the skin to smooth and fill skin contours. W e use a local anaesthetic c r eam prior to your t r eatment to numb any stinging sensations. However many of our p r oducts contain local anaesthetic. Making t r eatment very comfortable. Side Effects • T emporary r edness, swelling or bruising may occu r , this lasts up to 2 weeks. • T emporary lumpiness may occu r . •Lines may still be visible after t r eatment, in o r der to p r event “over t r eating “we start minimal and build for a natural r esult. •Cold so r e su f fe r ers may have lesions stimulated to activity. Facts & Benefits Filler will soften smile lines and sagging at the co r ners of the mouth. Resto r e youthful fullness to your face, enhance shallow contours, eyes, cheekbones & jaw lines. Plump lips, nasal lines, deep c r eases in fo r ehead, smoker’s lines, lip lines & cheek bones Soft tissue fillers will p r ovide mo r e volume and immediate r esults. Other types of Fillers will boost the skin’s hydration levels and r educe c r eepiness. T r eatment usually r equi r es 2 initial sessions 4-6 weeks apart. W ith most fillers a r epeat t r eatment will be r equi r ed within 4-9 months. W ithout maintenance the cor r ection gradually fades and skin and contours r etu r n to their original shape. W e o f fer a wide variety of P r oducts, a consultation tailo r ed your specific needs & p r oduct selection is conducted upon booking. PowerPoint Presentation: MICRODERMABRASION DESCRIPTION Mic r ode r mabrasion r esu r faces your skin by buffing away the crusty old su r face layers and letting the younge r , newer skin shine th r ough. At Dr Saras & Co we have taken the p r ocess a step furthe r . Mic r o HYDRO abrasion is a 3 step t r eatment to buff,clear & hydrate. 1.Glycolic stem cells digest dead skin cells and brighten skin 2. Mic r ode r mabrasion - r emoving crust of dead cells for the deepest clean 3. Powe r ful water gets flush th r ough clogged po r es to cleanse and hydrate. FACTS & BENEFITS Helping to t r eat fine lines and wrinkles, dry skin , congestion, uneven skin and shallow scarring. Session will no r mally last between 30 minutes to an hou r . Immediately afterwa r ds your skin might be a little bit flushed or feel tingly, but will subside within app r oximately 2 hours. Make up may be applied immediately. W e love this as a p r e event traetment as skin r eally glows with health. PowerPoint Presentation: PEELS DESCRIPTION W e use and love De r maquest Peels. W e have a variety to T r eat any skin type and sensitivity level. Pumpkin Peels- An advanced exfoliation t r eatment, excellent for acne and hyperpigmentation. This t r eatment uses a variety of acids and pumpkin pulp to Imp r oves skin hydration,Refine the appearance of wrinkles, Dec r ease existing acne and aid in p r eventing new acne lesions,Evens skin tone and lightens the appearance of pigmentation Mango Peels- Mango Pulp,Orange Stem Cells Lactic Acid gently exfoliate and brighten the skin, inc r ease hydration and imp r oves skin textu r e Kojic Acid r educes the appearance of dark spots, giving the skin an additional brightening boost. This peel is high in antioxidants beta-ca r otene and vitamin C, add r essing p r ematu r e aging and pigmentation. Glycolic Peels- Glycolic peels a r e excellent for age management and anyone who wants to inc r ease the rate of the skins cellular tu r nove r . Skin looks healthy, dewy and mo r e radiant when it is deeply exfoliated. This unique glycolic t r eatment featu r es plant stem cells. Stem cells p r event irritation f r om Glycolic Acid: r educing sensitivity, irritation and downtime. This quick t r eatment is ideal for an instant skin r ef r eshe r . BENEFITS & FACTS Peels a r e so versatile, your skilled skin consultant will help you plan time intervals between your peels to t r eat your specific conce r n. Generally 2 - 4 weeks. Peels a r e quick, and c r eate only a slight r edness after t r eatment. Make up can be applied immediately afterwa r d. Best r esults a r e seen when done as a course of 5 or mo r e. Results can also be inc r eased by teaming your Peel T r eatment with Omnilux Light Therapy OR V itamin Infusion T r eatment. PowerPoint Presentation: OMNILUX LIGHT THERAPY DESCRIPTION In simple te r ms, Omnilux stimulates th r ough to the deepest layers of the skin. This light energises, r ejuvenates and r epairs damaged skin, while naturally boosting your body’s own p r oduction of collagen. The t r eatment leaves you with younge r , smoothe r , plumper looking skin. Omnilux light also accelerates wound healing with an associated r eduction of scarring for p r oblematic acne conditions or for post-operative r ecovery Facts & Benefits Omnilux has nume r ous benefits - • Anti-ageing, wrinkle r eduction, skin r ejuvenation • Anti-inflammatory, wound healing • Suitable for mild to moderate inflammatory acne • Accelerate r ecovery for post-operative p r ocedu r es • Boost collagen p r oduction • Imp r ove skin tone and textu r e • Encourage lasting hydration in the skin W e feel Omnilux is best done as a course of 6 t r eatments, or fantastic to boost the r esults of Peels.

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