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Published on July 11, 2009

Author: kinj28

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About mobile authoring tool Drona from Deltecs, for training and learning industry.

For Learning and Training Industry to realize their dream of learning anywhere, anytime. Deltecs presents Product 07/11/09 1

07/11/09 Product

Mobile Learning/training  Can it work? Yes it does • We have over 10,000 active users • We have over 2000 corporate users  But mobile has limitations like small and varying screen size, memory, etc? • It still works!  How can mobile phones help? • Glossaries – one liners • Assessments – MCQ based questions • Short recap of important points indexed topic wise  Still don’t believe? • Check the presentation & Ask for a Demo! 07/11/09 Product

Meet some of the early adopters  Ericsson: originally focused on producing mobile content, but quickly realized the organization and distribution of that content was also critical. They found they could provide their sales and employees with just-in-time training in the field. The company is currently working to provide content according to an individual's location.  Merrill Lynch: found it was rare for employees to finish any online training they started, mostly because of time constraints. They took m- learning initiative GoLearn and implemented training courses via BlackBerry. The result was a 100% course completion rate.  Accenture: uses m-learning to reach busy executives whose schedules rarely allot a 30-60 minute window to complete training programs at their computer.  Capital One provided iPods to employees in the U.S. 07/11/09 Product

M-Training Justified…  M-Training Usage figures: 43% users used it during travel App Opened: 17 times a month (average) Time Spent: 53.5 minutes a month (average)  Our Conclusions: Users use it in short bursts Maximum usage during unproductive time Faster and cost-effective training of employees 07/11/09 Product

Challenges in developing mobile learning/training courses  Mobitizing content - A process of converting content so that a mobile can interpret and make it render on mobile devices • Screen size is limited • Memory is limited • Mobile OEMS have flooded market with phones of different screen sizes and different capabilities making cross operational a difficult task • Keypads have different keycodes for different phone models  Distribution of content  GPRS connectivity. 07/11/09 Product

Unveiling Drona  Create your own Mobile/Desktop trainings. • Create test content once and run everywhere.  Distribute your apps through blue casting  Run analytics on results and better analyse 07/11/09 Product

In a nutshell…3 step process  Create your Test  Distribute using  Use your web • From existing Bluecasting browser to analyze doc/notepad solution within a the results and files performance of the Training room or users • From the tool a classroom 07/11/09 Product

Benefits  No need to hire mobile technology specialists  Eliminate any third party dependency  No need to share your content with third party  Roll out your mobile applications at lightning speed  No rework for your existing built content  Simple to use 07/11/09 Product

Use Drona to Author content for  Assessment tests • MCQ based questions • Practise Tests • Real Tests  Glossaries • Per word meaning and examples  Short Recap capsules • Build recap capsules of your content 07/11/09 Product

07/11/09 Product

Drona Analytics  Scores of the Tests are sent from Mobiles to Drona analytics component  Analytics component accepts every score sent and arranges them in a simple and easy way  It gives users a simple UI to analyze performance: • Topic wise • Subject • Batch 07/11/09 Product

Drona Authoring Specifics  Supports all Java enabled handsets irrespective of their make, model, screen size.  Authoring is a Desktop app  Distribution can be made through any standard blue cast solution  Business component is a hosted app, need a web browser to access. 07/11/09 Product

Product Features  Simple User Interface to create your test  Set your own features of test • Replay/Scoring/Analysis/Multiple attempts  Preview the test in a sandbox before publishing  Upload bulk tests from Microsoft word or notepads  Create multi-content type tests 07/11/09 Product

Thank You… Ask for a Demo Now! info@deltecs.com +9122 28488832 www.deltecs.com Product 07/11/09 15

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