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Published on February 18, 2014

Author: PiervincenzoMadeo

Source: slideshare.net


Seriously, you should start your mobile-related startup with an Android app, but there are many challenges that you need to fight to be competitive. First things first, you need to create a magical user experience solving a real problem. We will discuss why starting from Android could be the right strategy and how to use a lean approach to design a better user experience.

The eternal question: Android or iOS first? Android, but take care of UX and follow design guidelines Piervincenzo Madeo 07.02.2014 - Turin

Piervincenzo Madeo Founder of Eyeonplay http://eyeonplay.com User Experience Specialist of Life Interaction http://life-interaction.com Google Developer Live Italia - Android UX http://developersitalia.blogspot.it/ Startupper and Android enthusiast

First challenge in the mobile app market


create game track events share match report

Let’s talk about mistakes! iOS first Not designed for users needs Launching too late with too many features

Let’s talk about mistakes! iOS first Not designed for users needs Launching too late with too many features

iOS first. Why? Started in 2011… iPhone is so cool Hard to find an Android developer Fragmentation and UX/UI ‘anarchy’

Smartphone OS Market 2011Q3 Source: http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File%3AWorld-Wide-Smartphone-Market-Share.png By Milominderbinder2

Android hits 81.0% smartphone share in Q3 2013 Source: http://thenextweb.com/

Awesome things happen Android 4.0 and Holo Theme “Before Android 4.0 the variance in system themes from device to device could make it difficult to design an app with a single predictable look and feel. We set out to improve this situation for the developer community in Ice Cream Sandwich and beyond.” Adam Powell, Android Framework engineer

Official Design Guidelines http://developer.android.com/design/index.html

Beautiful applications and great UX

Awesome Android Developer Community Official Resources and Doc Community resources Design http://developer.android.com/design/index.html GitHub https://github.com/search?l=Java&o=desc&q=andro... Develop http://developer.android.com/develop/index.html Q&A http://stackoverflow.com/questions/tagged/android API Guides http://developer.android.com/guide/index.html Newsletter http://androidweekly.net/ Android Developer Videos http://www.youtube.com/user/androiddevelopers Inspiration http://www.android-app-patterns.com/ Android Design in Action Series http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLW… … Android Developers Blog http://android-developers.blogspot.it

We’re changing and Android will help us

Our future plan with Android in mind Consumer apps for football lovers Solid backend framework Business intelligence for game statistics

Android is for startups. No doubts! Free and open source Free resources that help you in creating great products Thousands of new device activations Immediate go to market

Dark side of the… Monetisation strategy (in-app purchase) Fragmentation Competition

Take care of the User Experience


UX User Experience is not about features. The perfect UX meets the exact needs of the user

USABILITY is a quality attribute that estimate how easy is to use your user interface. It’s defined by: learnability, efficiency, memorability and error repetitions

Mental Model “Mental models are what people really have in their heads and what guides their use of things” Donald Norman, 1983

Mental model What user thinks she knows about a UI impacts how she uses it Additional experience with the system can change the users’ model Mental models of your app is influenced by other apps

Courtesy of Nadav Savio | Gian Ant Design | CC | http://goo.gl/HX9EDa

Mobility constraints Users have intermittent attention while using apps It’s a multitasking scenario that means a lot of interruptions Device constraints: battery, display and network

Your goals designing a new application Make the UX of your app conform to users' mental models Improve users' mental models Offer relevant mobile-only functionalities Design for user needs through highly specific tasks Design apps that have a consistent and predictable behaviour

What a good UX can’t solve Wrong product Team structure and balance Wrong strategy and inappropriate go to market

Android Patterns & Best Practices

Pay attention to your top level screen Start screen requires always special attention Put content and frequent actions forward

Top level switching with view controls Make it easy to navigate and switch between top level view Introduce the user to the major functional areas Avoid duplication and mixed solutions

Action Bar Display key actions in an accessible way Actions should have clear and predictable behaviour (add item, search) Expose brand identity

Swipe between Detail Views Navigate between detail items in succession using the swipe gesture

The Contextual Action Bar (CAB) Useful to select data items by touching them Trigger action to selected items Perform specific and predictable action

Notifications Keep the user informed about events Use it for smart alerts Users hate unwanted and not informative alerts Notifications are now really flexible. Use responsibly Always! Allow users to disable notifications

Pull to refresh Swipe down to update recent items in your ListView Use the Action Bar to keep updated the user Add a visible loader

Undo Bar Show up just after a potential destructive action Allow users to undo the most recent action Show it in an easy-to-tap position

Please, forget pixels!

Use Density Independent Pixels DIP or DP units keep things the same physical size across any screen size

Use Density Independent Pixels 1px is just 1dp at 160dpi _____ px = [ ____ dip * ___dpi ] / 160dpi

48dp for touch target Touchable UI targets are generally laid out along 48dp units

8dp for your grid Spacing between each UI element should 8dp (multiple of 4)

Text and scale independent pixel (sp) 1 scale-independent pixel unit is equal to 1dp with a 100% globe text scale User can select a system-wide scaling factor for text in Settings Always use scale independent pixel unit for text

Hello, Roboto Roboto Thin & Thin Oblique Roboto Light & Light Oblique Roboto Regular & Oblique Roboto Medium & Medium Oblique Roboto Bold & Bold Oblique Roboto Black & Black Oblique Roboto Condensed & Condensed Oblique Roboto Condensed Bold & Condensed Bold Oblique

Support multiple screen Explicitly declare in the manifest which screen sizes your application supports Provide different layouts for different screen sizes Provide different bitmap drawables for different screen densities http://developer.android.com/guide/practices/screens_support.html

My typical workflow

1. Sketches, wireframes and UX flow Describe the intent of each single view Visualise the entire use flow Tell a use case using personas

2. UI prototype Create a more detailed UI prototype Define the look and feel Tell a use case using personas

3. User tests Test your assumptions with real people You need no more than 5 tests Create clever tasks for the user

SVG and JavaScript - Live demo

Keep in touch! http://twitter.com/piervix http://dribbble.com/piervix

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