Driving the Right Conversions from Facebook Ads: Your 60-Minute Masterclass

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Information about Driving the Right Conversions from Facebook Ads: Your 60-Minute Masterclass

Published on March 15, 2018

Author: hanapinmarketing

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1. 1 www.dublindesign.com Driving the Right Conversions from Facebook Ads: Your 60-Minute Masterclass HOSTED BY:

2. Presenters • Kelley Schultz – Director of Digital Media and Analytics at DialogTech – @KelleyLiefer • Mary Hartman – Account Manager at Hanapin Marketing – PPC Hero Blogger – @PPCHartman

3. – Run the world’s most popular PPC blog and conference. – We manage and optimize global paid search, paid social, and display programs. – Within 12 months, brands can expect a 250% increase in their growth trajectory. Who is Hanapin?

4. Our Clients

5. Who is DialogTech?

6. Join the Conversation Include the hashtag #thinkppc in your Twitter tweets. Or use the webinar question box to send us questions.

7. Live Poll Question #1 How long have you been in PPC? #thinkppc A. Less than 3 years B. 3-5 years C. 5-10 years D. 10-15 years E. 15+

8. Facebook Advertising Overview

9. ● LinkedIn (2002)

10. Create a Roadmap: Facebook Conversion Strategy

11. On average, it takes 6 to 8 touches to create a viable sales lead. - Salesforce.com

12. Feed Your Funnel

13. Set your goals ● Ideal cost per conversion or ● Ideal cost per lead (CPL) ● By Funnel Level (examples) ○ Email list sign-ups = $15 Goal CPL ○ Content Download = $30 Goal CPL ○ Sales meeting = $85 Goal CPL

14. Set your goals ● Starting blocks: Evaluate ○ Avg. lead to close rate by channel ○ Value by content piece ○ Value per sale (Lifetime Value) ■ Upsell Value

15. What does the User Want? ● Top of the funnel, offer something: ○ Relevant ○ Informational / Educational ○ Entertaining ○ Tantalizing ○ Low-commitment

16. What does the User Want? ● Top of the funnel, offer something: ○ Relevant ○ Informational / Educational ○ Entertaining ○ Tantalizing ○ Low-commitment

17. What does the User Need? ● Mid-funnel, offer something: ○ To re-spark interest ○ To learn more ○ Understand your company as a thought-leader ○ Greater interaction without full sale ■ Webinars ■ Events

18. Reassure & Close the User ● Bottom-funnel and Upsells: ○ Proof of Quality ○ Build the Brand’s Reputation ○ Use of: ■ Testimonials ■ Organizations of influence

19. Audience Building

20. Targeting is Critical to Digital Marketers Leverage a Wide Variety of Targeting Data Across Digital Channels: Keywords Day of Week / Time of Day Location Age/Gender Job Title Work Industry

21. Facebook Specific Targeting US Spend on Facebook Ads exceeded $17 Billion In 2017 Facebook has a wealth of data for audience targeting: ● Demographic data ● Interests ● Behaviors ● Life Events ● 1st Party Customer Data

22. How To Build Audiences Utilize the Ads/Business Manager to create specific audiences that you can use in every campaign 1. Online Traffic & Conversions 2. Offline Conversions

23. 1st Party Data for Targeting Inbound Calls are a valuable data set that can signal: Buying Intent Lead Quality Engagement Preference Marketers can use call data to determine: Bidding strategy & budget Ad and landing page messaging and imagery (product/service)

24. Retarget Callers & Build LookalikeCustom Audiences This is your retargeting option to try to re-engage past callers with unique messaging Lookalike Audiences Find new audiences who resemble your best customers

25. Share Data Among Business Units Upsell and Cross Sell If your brand has multiple business units and product lines with separate ad accounts, share your data amongst partners

26. Lookalikes ● Low-risk expansion ● Use for discovery ● Ensure your custom audience “root” is a solid & reliable source ○ Predictable & on-topic ○ Not prone to traffic swings

27. Facebook Conversion Tactics

28. Assemble Your Content

29. Offer Language ● Ebook ● Whitepaper ● Crash Course ● Checklist ● Toolkit ● Guide / Guidelines ● Tips / Secrets / Solutions ● Recommended Practices ● Best Practices ● 3 Phases / 7 Keys ● Template ● Plan ● Masterclass

30. Targeting the “Easy Wins” ● Remarketing, Bottom-funnel & Upsells: ○ Distinctive brand voice ○ Promotions / Sales ○ New products, locations ○ Content offers

31. Video for Brand Recognition ● FB Goal: “Ad Recall Lift” ● Most engaged viewers (10-30 second views) feed into remarketing lists ● Different videos by: ○ Product ○ Pain Point ○ Interest

32. Use of Pictures ● Humans vs. Things Look at that nice headline down there!

33. Use of Pictures ● Give them a little taste ● Keep the message simple & brief, especially for mobile users.

34. 54% of site visits from Facebook come through a mobile device.

35. Mobile Heavy Usage 93% of total monthly users access Facebook on their mobile phone.

36. Mobile ONLY Usage 62% of total monthly users ONLY access a mobile version of Facebook.

37. Facebook Direct Lead Ads

38. Facebook Mobile Friendly Tips● Preview ads in mobile ● Image & video reign supreme ○ Copy compliments the image ○ Visual interactivity ○ Avoid copy cut-offs

39. Chatbots for Messenger Leads

40. Why Calls Matter as a Facebook Conversion Type

41. Phone Calls to U.S. businesses from Facebook and Social Ads ● 5.7 Billion calls in 2014 ● 12.2 Billion calls in 2016 ● 36.4 Billion calls expected in 2019 Explosion of Calls From FB Ads

42. Utilizing Click to Call functionality is easier and faster than filling out a web form. Click to Call Revolution Click- to-Call Web Forms

43. Calls Convert to Revenue 10-15x Calls convert to revenue 10-15x more than web leads $1 Trillion Calls will influence $1 trillion in U.S. Consumer spending this year.

44. Tips to Drive More Calls

45. Use “Call Now” button and ad language asking prospects/customers to call directly for special offers Use “Call Now” Button

46. Toll-Free Number Test Local v. Toll Free Numbers Local Number Drove 3x the Calls!

47. For Conversion focused campaigns, make sure you give consumers the option to convert in the easiest way possible (especially on mobile) Test New CTAs: Contact Us, Book Now, Request Time Capture Calls From Site Visits

48. Locations Call Center Use Click-to-Call Functionality Permanent footer call button Call Button in header

49. Version #1 Reframe Offers that Entice Calls Version #2

50. Retarget Past Callers and optimize ads/LPs to call again! Use call data for targeting Drove 4x the Calls! Utilize Lookalike Audiences based on your customers who have called.

51. Facebook Conversion Tracking

52. Conversion Tracking 1. What’s most important to you? a. Transactional:

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