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Published on January 10, 2009

Author: aSGuest10022

Source: authorstream.com

Dreams and The Giver : Dreams and The Giver A Web Quest 8th Grade English Introduction : Introduction As we have come to realize, dreams are very important in Jonas's world. They are the portal to the citizens' subconscious minds--the one part the leaders of the community cannot control. You will study dreams, the subconscious mind, and analyze your own dreams for this web quest. Your Task : Your Task You will research what dreams are, why we dream, and the importance of dreaming. You will better understand the significance of dreams in The Giver. You will also gain a more insightful look into your own subconscious as you analyze some of your dreams. Your final product will be a PowerPoint presentation that will be graded as a project and will also be a part of your Digital Portfolio. The Process : The Process *Follow the links I have provided to research dreams, dreaming, and the subconscious mind. *Create some slides that explain what dreams are, why we dream, and the importance of dreaming. *Create some slides that tell about one or more of your dreams (night or day). *Analyze one or all of your dreams using the Dream Dictionary links I have provided and put that information on your dream slides. *Create a slide that explains why dreams are so important in The Giver. Use examples from the book to back up your reasoning. Requirements : Requirements Your PowerPoint presentation: Green and Blue--20 slide minimum Red--15 slide minimum Orange and Purple--12 slide minimum. Title pages do not count towards the minimum requirement. Pictures are, of course, welcome, but be aware that pages with illustrations only also do not count towards meeting the page minimum. You should include a slide with the GLEs reached. You can copy and paste these from the last page of this Power Point. Resources: Dreams and the Subconscious Mind : Resources: Dreams and the Subconscious Mind MSNBC Article New York Times Article Stanford University Webpage Dream Dictionaries : Dream Dictionaries Dream Moods Meaning of Dreams Smart Girl Dream Dictionary Evaluation : Evaluation You will be evaluated on your PowerPoint presentation in the following categories: *Ideas *Organization *Voice *Conventions GLEs/Standards : GLEs/Standards R:LT:8:2.5: Explaining how the author’s message or theme (which may include universal themes) is supported within the text (Local) R:LT:8:4.1: Comparing stories or other texts to related personal experience, prior knowledge, or to other books (Local) R:IT:8:2.1: Explaining connections about information within a text, across texts, or to related ideas (Local) W:SL:8:1.4: Applying a format and text structure appropriate to the purpose of the writing (Local) W:RC:8:1.3: Connecting what has been read (plot/ideas/concepts) to prior knowledge, other texts, or the broader world of ideas, by referring to and explaining relevant ideas (Local) W:RC:8:2.3: Using specific details and references to text or relevant citations to support focus or judgment (Local)

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