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Published on December 11, 2017

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slide 1: Author Sergei VanBellinghen Dreams Do Not Work Unless You Do digitalbloggers.com/business/dreams-do-not-work-unless-you-do Dec 11 2017 - 11:51 99 views Written by Sergei VanBellinghen Articles written: 195 Joined: 23 September 2016 Niche: Internet and Businesses Online Reference and Education Self Improvement In life it is a fact that dreams do not work unless you do. Yet as if by some miracle a lot of people wait for things to happen to them. While the law of attraction states that you have to picture and focus on what you want you must also take the necessary actions to make your dreams a reality. But how can you stay focused on your dreams What are the significant principles for success Is there a code of conduct to follow At first I do agree that you should begin by having big dreams daily picturing and focusing on the things you want. But then you cannot sit on your couch in the belief that things will fall into your laps. You have to take action work daily and take steps to move forward no matter their size. While you are doing that you must also have the highest belief in yourself which will help you to transform your goals into reality. This code must be followed by every person who desires to be successful and pursue his dreams. You have to work hard and never give 1/4 slide 2: up. Otherwise you will fail. That is the harsh reality Let Your Dreams Be Inspired Do not be envious of other’s success be inspired Too many people are jealous instead of being inspired by success stories. And in turn feeling in such way brings them into a negative spiral that adds more negativity to their lives. So you have to realize that your dreams can come true and will come true if you just continue to stay focused and take action toward them. In theory it sounds simple. Yet this simplicity at times is complicated to follow when you are distracted by others who gave up or try to shatter your vision. In my life I have met a good share of successful self-made people. Just as I did most worked in different activities had diverse backgrounds and came from all walks of life. But there is one thing they all have in common and that is they all work hard and a lot to achieve their ideas of success. Dreams Require Work To make your dreams a reality you do not have to copy successful people but model them. In my opinion success has always been about doing hard work and pushing beyond boundaries. In the past my problem has never been to know how to reach my dreams but always about how to maintain the success that followed. And I never understood the answer until not so long ago. You have to keep moving forward even after reaching your dreams. Successful people have a vision and when they get it they create another one. It may be by helping others achieve their goals give back or anything else. Envious and jealous people always come up with words like “right place right time luck overnight success” when they see someone‘s dreams being realized. But the fact is when an opportunity comes or they create it successful people are ready and then work harder than before to ensure and maintain success. The Code to Reach Your Dreams But despite some belief in the latest ‘quick money’ schemes there is simply no substitute for hard work if you want to make your dreams come true. There is a code that is followed by all successful entrepreneurs to accomplish their vision. Dreams Take Work First It is undeniable that successful people work hard. Such individuals are committed to working to dominate their market consistently. They do ten times more of everything. But how do they do it 2/4 slide 3: To succeed as well as them you have to make work fun. If you can do it then it stops to feel like work. You are in the process of realizing your dreams. So you should feel fulfilled and satisfied doing it. If you are not then you need to reflect on your vision as you may not be on the right track. To fulfill your dreams you must enjoy the work necessary for them to be accomplished. But be careful also to enjoy life. And like anything in life takes time practice and patience you must commit to something you love doing. Otherwise you will be bored and success will never come. Love What You Do Next for your dreams to become a reality you have to model what successful people do but follow that code by creating your proper style. And the only way you can stay focused and motivated is by doing something you love. You should not care about what other people are doing saying or even thinking of your ideas. Other people are not the ones building your dreams and creating your success you are. After all it is your life not theirs. However reflect on the fact that if the work needed feels like a chore you are not going to do it as well as you could. So while you have dreams you have to find the work that is right for you then work hard push beyond the limits required and enjoy it all. Know Your Dreams End Goal Finally you have to know what your end goal is. You have to measure and define success based on your dreams on whatever it is you truly want. While you desire to be successful you always have to understand your own definition of success. Measuring goals and dreams is a good indicator of whether or not you are moving towards what you want. Successful people do a lot of work but they do it with their end goal in mind. In evaluating the direction in which you are heading the steps and actions you take you can see whether or not you are progressing and if you need to adjust your path. Of course there are many more codes and ideas we could add to this article as well as having big dreams and be proud of any victory you may have along the way but for the most part these other values come after the three above. So dreams do not work unless you put in the hard work. And yes it is the principal ingredient to any success. All successful people will tell you that. But again it is what you need in whatever you are trying to accomplish in life. Therefore work ten times harder Leave your thoughts below as to what your dreams are or contact me to talk about them. Related articles 3/4 slide 4: Do Not Be Afraid To Stand Alone The Best Revenge Is Massive Success Why You Attract What You Are How To Create Your Own Success Story Big Dreams Have Small Beginnings Sergei VanBellinghen Founder CEO of First- Class Lifestyle currently a Personal Growth Success Expert using self-development techniques to help you succeed and have a better life. 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