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Published on July 12, 2016

Author: selfdevelopmentcourses

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1. Drawing Perspective

2. Drawing with linear perspective is a technique that portrays objects as having visual depth. Linear perspective involves parallel lines converging at a point on an horizon line, called the vanishing point. These parallel lines are used to gauge the size of objects. The nearer you get to the vanishing point, the smaller your objects become, and the further away from the vanishing point, the larger your objects become. Linear Perspective

3. Horizontal Line Linear Perspective Vanishing Point

4. 1. Draw your horizon line 2. Draw a square below your horizon line 3. Pick a point anywhere you like on your horizon line, this will become your vanishing point One Point Perspective One point perspective uses one vanishing point

5. 4. Draw a straight line from your vanishing point to the top inside edge of your square 5. Next draw a straight line from your vanishing point to the top outside edge of your square 6. Draw another straight line from your vanishing point to the bottom inside edge of your square 7. Now draw another square, behind the existing square and between the parallel lines that form the sides of your square

6. Vanishing PointVanishing Point Horizontal Line 3rd Vertical 1st Vertical 2nd Vertical

7. 1. Draw your horizon line (HL) 2. Now mark 2 vanishing points, one at each end of your horizon line 3. Next draw a vertical line of any distance you like, anywhere between your two vanishing points, on, above, or below your horizon line 4. Draw two straight lines from each vanishing point, one going to the top of your vertical line and the second to the bottom of your vertical line Two Point Perspective Two point perspective uses two vanishing points

8. 5. Now draw a vertical line between the two vanishing point lines on the left and another vertical line between the two vanishing point lines on the right 6. Finally draw one straight line from the top of your new vertical line on the left leading to the vanishing point on the right, and another from the top of your new vertical line on the right, leading to the vanishing point on the left. As you can see from the 2nd example of 2 point perspectives, you’re able to create rather complex shapes using this method.

9. 2nd Square Horizontal LineVanishing Point

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