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Published on December 23, 2008

Author: aSGuest7936

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Draw a map of the world on your blank sheet of paper. : Draw a map of the world on your blank sheet of paper. Do the best you can. It is better to try then leave your paper blank. This is a pre-test and will not be graded. (You will be assessed at the end of the year with a similar activity) TRY TO LABEL THE FOLLOWING: : TRY TO LABEL THE FOLLOWING: Five physical features Five political features Five economic features Five scientific/technological features Five cultural features Five world historical features (events, people, processes) Use five arrows to show movement across space NEXT, place in X on each of the following features: : NEXT, place in X on each of the following features: The Galapagos Islands Amazon River Basin Gulf of Guinea Lake Victoria Bornea CONNECT the X’s in a line….. You should have a line that makes the equator! Discussion: : Discussion: What does the way you drew your map say about how you see the world? Where are their “blank spaces”/missing? Slide 5: http://www.petersmap.com http://www.archaeology.usyd.edu.au/VISTA/20-maps&projections/map projections.htm http://mac.usgs.gov/isb/pubs/MapProjections/projections.html http://www.geography.hunter.cuny.edu/mp PERSPECTIVE : PERSPECTIVE Study events, processes, people, and ideas from multiple points of view Be able to uncover bias Be able to understand, even when disagreeing, why something happened BIAS—Ex: Paul Kennedy, The Rise and Fall of the Great Powers: : BIAS—Ex: Paul Kennedy, The Rise and Fall of the Great Powers: For its political diversity Europe had largely to thank its geography. There were no enormous plains over which an empire of horsemen could impose its swift domination, nor were there broad and fertile river zones like those around the Ganges, Nile, Tigris and Euphrates, yellow and Yangtze, providing the food for masses of toiling and easily conquered peasants. Europe’s landscape was much more fractured, with mountain ranges and large forests separating the scattered population centers in valleys; and its climate altered considerably from north to south and west to east…. Slide 8: Europe’s differentiated climate led to different products, suitable for exchange; and in time, as market relations were developed, they were transported along the rivers or the pathways which cut through the forest between one area of settlement and the next….Here again geography played a crucial role, for water transport of these goods was so much more economical and Europe possessed so many navigable rivers. More examples of Perspective/Bias: : More examples of Perspective/Bias: Columbus reaching America: Columbus version, verse the native version Reformation: protestors verse Catholics Religions: Muslims, Jews, Christians, Buddhists, Hindus Middle Ages: peasants verse knights Revolutionaries verse those being taken over Countries becoming world powers verse countries victim to Imperialism Citizens from Germany verse citizens from America during the World Wars Western Hemisphere verse Eastern Hemisphere First World Nations verse Third World nations Males verse Females, African verse Italian, etc. We need to think differently about World History : We need to think differently about World History Who wrote most of history? We need to study the “losers”/victims/minorities version We need to remember PERSPECTIVE and BIAS We need to get out of “our little world” “Our” way of doing things is not always right/superior. Keep an open mind to different countries, cultures, and people….think differently about how “things should be”. GLOBALIZATION: The World is Flat by: Thomas Friedman Think Differently About the World : Think Differently About the World 1. What is the population of the World? 2. How many continents are there? 3. How many countries are there? 4. Is the World made up more land or water? 5. Where are most people in the World from? 6. What language do most people speak? 7. What religion are most people in the World? 8. Do you think that most people in the World have enough to eat? 9. Do you think most people in the World are educated? 10. What percentage of people in the World have electricity? 11. What percentage of the World is free? 12. Guess what the population will be in 2050.

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