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Information about DRAGON BOAT FESTIVAL

Published on June 3, 2008

Author: lucy4love2002

Source: authorstream.com

Slide1:  Bam ,Bam, Bam Go ,Go , Go Faster ,Faster Row ,Row, Row Bam ,Bam, Bam Go ,Go , Go Faster ,Faster Row ,Row, Row Fall in the water No ,No 划船朗诗 Row your boat Slide2:  Healthy black mushrooms Yummy Yummy Yummy Fresh green beans Yummy Yummy Yummy Tasty chicken soup Yummy Yummy Yummy Seasonings of sugar, salt and pepper All wrapped in… Green bamboo leaves ….. So Yummy~ 肉粽朗诗 Rice dumplings Slide3:  活动:How many rice dumplings. Slide4:  活动:Who likes rice dumplings best. Slide5:  Knowledge objectives : 1. 老师准备教具.问小朋友. e.g. A : Would you like a piece of rice dumpling ? B: Yes , please . / No , thanks . 2. Using modals to indicate preferences e.g. I don’t like rice dumplings very much. I’d rather have a piece of pizza. Slide7:  a dragon Slide8:  Dragon Boat Festival Slide9:  a boat Slide10:  a river Slide11:  rice dumpling a Slide12:  What are you doing in Dragon Boat Festival? 端午節的時候你都做些什麼呢? Standing eggs 立雞蛋 Wearing a sachet 戴香包 Slide13:  祝各位老师端午节快乐 Happy Dragon Boat Festival 南京康轩文教

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