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Published on February 25, 2014

Author: funksfs

Source: slideshare.net

Funke Sanusi Drafts for evaluation How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary texts? As a whole my media products link very well together, they all follow a similar house style. In each poster I used similar text which all comes from the SANS text font. The media products promote my short movie efficiently. The media product gives audiences an idea of what my short film will be about also the film poster, and the advert of my film has one of the main actors in the film which may also bring a certain type of audience more to watch this film. My advertisement compares to other short films as they would also use the same type of promotions such as the posters and film reviews from articles to lure audiences to watch their film. I also think that all three main products linked back very well to the film, I used colours that were warm and earthy and contrasted it with cold colours all throughout my promotional package. Also I used social networks such as YouTube and blogger to promote my short film. Choose technology to use Get pictures of all three posters Refer back to case study on how media products are similar Using social networks to promote the video for example YouTube and Blogger Point out what most real media products consists of and if I have used that in my own media product What have you learned from your audience feedback? I have learned a lot about my film from my audience feedback. During the film making I had to do a number of pitches to my audience to get regular feedback and constructive feedback about my film. My first focus group was to pitch the starting point of my film and the initial ideas I had to create it. I had to show them the case studies that inspired with ideas for my film. Then the other pitches were about the development of my print products and the mock ups and case studies that I had to present to them to show them what type of house style, texts, pictures and theme that I will use for it. I had to make a few changes to certain parts of my print product which is stated on my blogger, I took these changes into consideration and made sure I met my audiences requirements. I had both negative and positive feedback for all of my focus group pitches. I went onto discussing how I will be making the changes in my blog post also. I also had comment from family and friends on how my short film has turned out and the type of spoken word that I have chosen to use for it. Divide focus groups into headings Choose technology to use Get all the videos of my focus pitches Screen shots of the feedback Comments/evidence on how I changed certain ideas for my audience Screen shots of parts of my case studies, mock ups and prezis How did you use media technologies in the construction, and research, planning and evaluation stage? Since last year I have improved across all fields. I have developed on certain skills and become more efficient with using different types of technologies.

Funke Sanusi Research and planning The search engine I mostly used to get research and ideas about print products and case studies was google. So talk about how easy it was to access information and what difficulties I faced with them. Where I got my case studies from. What types of technologies I used to present my research. Getting everything organised and doing things such as the recess, risk evaluations, call sheets. YouTube as one of my main sources to get case studies also Facebook. Linking everything back to my case studies and how it influenced my work Construction I used a lot of new things this year that I haven’t used before for example new DSLR camera. If I had a lighting issues, zooming and focusing, using tripods and using new software like final cut pro. Whether I had any issues with colour correction, transitions used and types of effects I used for my film. Focus on the issues that I had with the new software and equipment that I used. Talk about the editing and exactly what you have to do to put it on the timeline and the process until finish. Talk about all three software that I used which was the InDesign pro and also Photoshop, how my skills have developed over the last year. The screen shots I took as I was making my print products. For this I will present this last question making a video on YouTube and using pictures and a voice over to explain what I done for all three fields. Going back upstairs to take screen shots of final cut pro and remind myself with its functions. DSLR Tripod Voice recorder Screen shots Photoshop InDesign

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