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Published on March 13, 2014

Author: kiera1995

Source: slideshare.net

B Y K I E R A G A R R I S O N Draft Layouts For Poster

Draft #1  This is the basic layout that I created by being inspired by the poster ‘GRACE’. Here I have created my own tagline in which I think is very relevant to the genre of my film trailer. The meaning of this is that our main character of a young girl is going to be in a white dress in which she would look like she is innocent but in fact that is the complete opposite.  The film title ‘ANGEL’, I think is a good name as it is actually the girls name but it also has a totally different meaning as when you think of an angel you think of goodness and purity but this isn't the case in this film trailer.

Draft #2  Here I have kept that same basic outline as the previous draft as I feel that the more simple it is the better. The photo I used here is off the film poster ‘The Ring Two’. I wanted to see what this looked like as I think that the way they show this young character is very interesting.  From having a basic outline, it makes the image look more eerie because there is nothing in it’s way so it looks like it is the most dominant thing on the page.

Draft #3  I have still kept with the original layout of film poster, I don’t think it will change drastically through the rest of my draft to get to my final one. I have took this image off the ‘Insidious’ poster because I think that the emotion that the boy is giving off is very daunting and it is what I want my character to be showing.  I also think that the way the house is in the background is also effective because as a viewer we would wonder what significance it has to the film. The boy also looks bigger than the house which I think looks very creepy as normally a house would look much more powerful that a young boy so it could suggest that this boy has a very strong impact on the house as a whole which is something that I may want to show in my poster.

Draft #4  Here I have added one of my own photos. I think that this image is very effective because it looks very eerie which is the effect I want to give off. I have also made the billing block smaller because I think that it was too big and I don’t want it to be the main focus.  I have also changed the text at the top which is something to what I have saw when I have researched other horror film posters, I think something like this is very effective on a poster because it makes people more spooked by the film and the audience of this genre would be intrigued to see the film.  I have also changed another part of the text that was at the top on the previous draft. I have placed this under the title of the film and changed the colour to red because I think that it needed to link a bit more with the film title. I am not to sure whether this arrangement is a good one but I think that the image I have put on this looks very effective.

Draft #5  I have changed the image to experiment with the other images I have taken. I am not too sure about this image because it is very blurry (I chose it to be blurry) but it is not clear. It still gives off an eerie vibe but I don’t think that it is as effective as the previous image.  I have changed the layout of the text to see what looks better. I have completely changed the text at the top which I also saw when researching other horror film posters. I like this text because for the people who have seen these other films, they would get a instant feeling of that this one may be about.  I have put the text at the bottom to the right but I am not too sure which layout I prefer yet so I think I may have to work more into the effects on the text and the image.  I have finally moved part of the text that was previously under the film title but now it is above it. I don’t think that this is better because to my it looks out of place.

Draft #7  I have changed the image to see how a brighter one works. I am not too sure whether it creates the best vibe compared to the previous one. This is why I have come to the conclusion of using one of my darker photos.  The only other thing that I have changed from my previous draft if the name of the film. I have moved it back into the middle but put it at an angle so that it is in line with the way the hill is going. The idea behind this is good but I don’t think that it works for my poster.

Draft #8  This poster is just like my fifth draft but I have only changed the image. I have done this because I wanted to see which other photos of mine work as a poster.  I think that this one is interesting and could work but I prefer the other dark photos to this one which is why I am not going to uses this method.

Draft #9  Here I have gone back to the photo that I think works the best. I have also went back to the original layout of the text at the bottom, by having it in the middle.  I have changed the text that is at the top to similar words that I saw on real magazines. These are two attractions are things that I have noticed which will attract the audience.  I think that is the arrangement that I want and the image is my final one.

Final Draft  This is my final poster.  From my previous draft I have changed a few things. I have changed the font of my film title name ‘ANGEL’ because I felt that it was too plain and didn’t fit in with the genre horror but now I think that this is a font that suites.  I have also changed my billing block, making it look more professional. I did this by looking at real ones and creating it in a similar way which I think is a good way to make things look more realistic, as the previous one didn’t at all.  I think this poster now looks professional and work well with the genre horror.

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