Dr. Ryan Polselli: Breast Imaging through MammoLink®

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Information about Dr. Ryan Polselli: Breast Imaging through MammoLink®

Published on March 13, 2018

Author: ryanpolselli

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Dr. Ryan Polselli: Breast Imaging through MammoLink®: Dr. Ryan Polselli : Breast Imaging through MammoLink ® Slide2: Dr. Ryan Polselli is a Breast Imaging Diagnostic Radiologist who’s known to colleagues as the Founder and CEO of MammoLink ®. He’s also the Head of Breast Imaging for Global Imaging Specialists, and he’s devoted his life to improving the breast imaging industry. Dr. Ryan Polselli Slide3: Since launch, Dr. Ryan Polselli’s MammoLink ® has received attention from the media on multiple occasions. Below, for example, is an excerpt from a press release from January 20th, 2017: Dr. Ryan Polselli Slide4: “ MammoLink ℠ hopes to make screenings more available by placing machines in the direct paths of patients,” it begins. “[Dr. Polselli ] explains, ‘Everything is free for them to get started. MammoLink ℠ has organized the entire process. Our services typically amount to a small percentage of revenue generated.’ Dr. Ryan Polselli Slide5: For primary care and OB-gyn offices, the only requirements include a practice that writes a small number of screening mammogram scripts a day, a room to place the machine, and a commitment to provide patients with better mammographic care.  Dr. Ryan Polselli Slide6: “‘It’s really a no-brainer for any primary office that writes scripts for screening mammograms. Not only do we make it more convenient and efficient for patients and referring physicians, but there is a secondary benefit that a significant revenue stream is returned to primary care and OB-gyn physicians, many of whom have been recently squeezed financially by the healthcare system. For many practices, MammoLink ℠ provides significant financial relief,’ [said Dr. Polselli .]  Dr. Ryan Polselli Slide7: “ Polselli calls the relationship a ‘win-win-win’ for patients, physicians, and MammoLink ℠” Dr. Ryan Polselli Slide8: For those who would like to learn more about Dr. Ryan Polselli , you can keep reading at his personal website, www.ryanpolselli.com , or at the MammoLink ® website, www.mammolink.com . Dr. Ryan Polselli Slide9: Get in touch with Dr . Ryan Polselli on social media: https://www.facebook.com/DrRyanPolselli https://twitter.com/rpolsel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOOX7at8m_9JSjT1X1GiOqQ https://www.linkedin.com/in/ryanpolselli https://www.mammolink.com http://www.ryanpolselli.com Dr. Ryan Polselli

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