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Published on January 29, 2008

Author: Raimondo

Source: authorstream.com

Internationally Qualified & Trained Psychotherapist Offering the latest Holistic Therapies for Body, Mind & Soul. :  Internationally Qualified & Trained Psychotherapist Offering the latest Holistic Therapies for Body, Mind & Soul. Diploma: Transformational Arts College, Toronto, Canada Certified: Human Resources, Canada Diploma: California Hypnosis Institute Professional Member: The American Hypnosis Association Indian Board of Alternative Medicine E-Mail : rohitjuneja@gmail.com Mobile: +(91) 99-100-44-528 Personal Therapy: Gurgaon, Sector 56 & THE CLINIC, GK-1, New Delhi Online Therapy: Worldwide Website: www.rohitjuneja.com Spiritual Psychotherapy:  The Path of Emotional Healing: Release emotional wounds, traumas, fears, phobias & addictions. Develop Self Esteem Get your needs met Express feelings Reclaim Personal Power Take charge of your life Spiritual Psychotherapy Spiritual Psychotherapy:  The Path of the Modern Mystic: Clarity: see the "bigger picture” in your life story Transcend Ego: thru surrender, trust, Divine guidance Go beyond the mind & duality Enter into the "mystery" of life. Enhance Personal Growth, Relationships & Spiritual Evolution Live life to the fullest: with happiness, peace & fulfillment Learn from your life lessons Find your Soul Purpose. Spiritual Psychotherapy Spiritual Psychotherapy:  The Path of the Modern Mystic: Mastery: Experience Choicefulness, Intuition, Wisdom, Clarity, Fearlessness, Humility, Equanimity, Inner Peace & Surrender. Abundance: Experience Inner Fulfillment & Completeness, Enjoy whatever you desire - without guilt, attachment, pride or fear. Soulfulness: Connect with your Soul & God. Live Soulfully. Fill your life with miracles. Love: Learn the art of Soul Love. Be a source of infinite, free & abundant love. Spiritual Psychotherapy Slide5:  Emotional Therapy: Deep cathartic Emotional Release work Core Issues & Emotional Patterns Focusing Voice Dialoging with Inner Child, Inner Selves, Sub-Personalities & Inner Critic Managing Defenses & Coping Mechanisms Spiritual Psychotherapy: Therapies Slide6:  Experiential Psychotherapy: An intense, dynamic, interactive process for resolving emotional wounds. Spiritual Psychotherapy: Therapies Slide7:  Relationship Therapy: Resolve Conflict Improve Communication skills Transform Unconscious Relationships to Conscious Soul Love, Soul Mates Spiritual Psychotherapy: Therapies Slide8:  Body Psychotherapy: Tapping into the deep emotions & profound wisdom held within the Body. Spiritual Psychotherapy: Therapies Slide9:  Energetic Therapy: Chakra Psychotherapy: Balancing Chakras, Emotional Release, Chakra Cording Medical Intuition Hands on Healing Spiritual Psychotherapy: Therapies Slide10:  Transformational & Transpersonal Psychotherapy: Discovering the Spiritual significance behind painful experiences Exploring Psycho-Spiritual issues/blocks Dreams, Synchronicity, Symbols, Archetypes, personal Mythology Intuition, Guidance, Journaling Visualization & Meditation in Therapy Spiritual Psychotherapy: Therapies Slide11:  Group Therapy Sound Therapy Lifestyle changes Spiritual Psychotherapy: Therapies Slide12:  Shame, Fear, Guilt, Denial, Trust, Anxiety, Stress, Grief, Anger Woundology (emotional wounds become our identity) Perfectionism & Victimhood Personal Boundaries People Pleasing, Criticism Passive / Aggressive Failure / Overachiever, Caretaker, "Crisis Junkie" etc. Recovery & managing of Addictions / Codependency Eating disorders (Anorexia, Bulimia etc.) Abuse: Physical, Emotional, Sexual Spiritual Psychotherapy: Issues Slide13:  I will support you in: Self Actualizing: Walk your beliefs, integrate what you know into your daily life Spiritual Wounding: get free from distortions & wounds caused by fear based, judgmental faiths. Connection: have a direct connection with Higher Self / God, Spirit Guides, Angels Power: Reclaim your Inner power & greatness. Holographic Universal Interconnectedness Spiritual Direction Slide14:  I will help you in: Creating a customized Spiritual path Your Spiritual Empowerment Listening to & following your Inner Voice Spiritual Emergency Dark Night of the Soul Celebrating & enjoying life without judgment, fear, guilt or shame. Developing Spiritual Values / Qualities Observing the signs of Divine order, Higher purpose & Synchronicity Manifesting Abundance & Miracles Spiritual Direction Slide15:  Hypnotherapy Works - Simply, quickly & powerfully!! It accesses the most powerful part of your Mind - the Subconscious. Release all that is troubling you Reprogram the mind to bring about powerful, lasting change Create a new enhanced personality that is confident, secure & all you want to be. Clinical Hypnotherapy Slide16:  Hypnosis can help: Stop smoking, lose excess Weight, reduce Stress. Overcome Fears / Phobias / Guilt Insomnia / Stage Fright / Nervousness Anxiety / Depression / Shyness Procrastination Nail biting / Bed wetting Habits & Addictions. Improve Self Confidence / Self Image Assertiveness / Concentration School or Exam results Stage & Sports performance Motivation Goal & Success achievement Memory enhancement Health / Vitality & much more. Slide17:  Our present life challenges have their roots in unresolved traumas from past lives. This gives rise to fears, limitations, emotional traumas & illnesses PLR can help you: Permanently neutralize, resolve & release the effects the past is having on your present life. Shed light on your strengths, talents, dormant skills, preferences & aversions. Past Life Regression Life Between Lives

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