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Published on January 4, 2008

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Slide1:    22nd Indian Paint Conference, Mumbai Jan 16, 2005 Simple Ideas and The Joy of Inventing   Pushpito K. Ghosh   Acknowledgement I thank all my colleagues who have contributed towards the work described. Central Salt & Marine Chemicals Research Institute (CSMCRI), G. B. Marg, Bhavnagar 364002, Gujarat, India www.csmcri.org Slide2:  INVENTION HAPPENS BECAUSE: OF NEED (NECESSITY IS THE MOTHER OF INVENTION) INVENTORS ARE NATURALLY CURIOUS AND DERIVE GREAT JOY FROM INVENTING INVENTIONS CAN BE BIG OR SMALL. BEST INVENTIONS LEAD TO ASYMMETRIC GAINS One must not mix up sophistication and complexity with inventiveness It may be useful to look outside one’s area of work to seek inspiration for inventions…and also to ask silly questions. (Margaret Backhouse – blackening of walls) An outsider’s perspective of potentially useful Ideas relevant to Paints:  An outsider’s perspective of potentially useful Ideas relevant to Paints Do away with scraping of walls while re-painting indoors Take greater advantage of interference effects to impart color Eco-label for paint? More emphasis on role of paints in safety, health and environment Work with companies that generate waste and develop technologies to convert into inexpensive but good raw materials for paints De-link durability and aesthetics to evolve more appropriate “poor man’s paints” Multi-utility walls through appropriate paints Develop high level of expertise in the fundamental physics, chemistry and material science of paints Diversification into areas that require similar core competencies – membranes for one! Slide4:  Schematic Depiction of the activities of Central Salt & Marine Chemicals Research Institute with seawater as the central theme CSMCRI Slide5:  Source: Ullmann’s Encyclopaedia, 2002 Slide6:  Salt quality and yield is controlled by the density of brine at the time of charging and discharging of the crystalliser. But how do you monitor density in the vastness of a Salt Works? Slide7:  A novel device for estimation of brine density in solar salt works from afar. US Patent Application No. 10/393405 (Notice of Allowance by USPTO). A Simple Device for Brine density measurement from afar: The Principle of Buoyancy in Action Slide8:  Impurities in Solar Salt after Heap Washing US Patent No: 6,776,972 dated 17 August 2004 The invention was the recognition that sulphate ion in brine is the key culprit that leads to impurities in salt. If we can remove the sulphate then a purer salt should result One can invent even in seemingly mature areas! Slide9:  Brine composition is not the only factor that controls purity of salt. Crystal morphology can profoundly alter the purity of solar salt too. Patent Filing No. NF 0403/04 Slide10:  Can salt be made more free flowing? NaCl cubic Additive 15% NaCl Octadecahedron Additive 25% NaCl Rhombic dodecahedron Requirement of additive is quite high Additive is soluble only in water However, additive can be made soluble in the conc. range of 25% in saturated NaCl solution. Additive was recycled by washing the harvested modified crystals with fresh batch of saturated solution of NaCl. The additive present in the modified crystals of NaCl is less than 1% analyzed by using FT-IR calibration plot. The whole process can be applied to sub-soil brine system as well US Patent Application No: 10/ 745,758 The invention is about producing spherical salt in a practical manner. Slide11:  Vegetable Salt Salicornia oil through CO2 supercritual fluid extraction And now vegetable salt! SciDev.Net: http://www.scidev.net/ Indian scientists extract salt from plants K S Jayaraman 15 May 2003 Slide12:  The picture depicts the innovation of encrustation of gypsum crystallites on a template. This innovation has its origin in the solar salt production process. Slide13:  Identification of a Novel Brominating Agent   Source of Inspiration: QC Test for monitoring KIO3 content of iodized salt.           KIO3 + 5KI + 6HX 3 I2 + 3H2O + 6KX “Green” Bromine U.S. Patent 6,740,253 Slide14:  Bromide/Bromate as a Versatile Brominating Agent Gets rid of nasty liquid Bromine!  U. S. Patent 6,365,786 Slide15:  PILOT PLANT (10Kg/Hour) FOR CONVERSION OF WASTE LIME FROM GNFC FERTILIZER PLANT TO VALUE ADDED CALCIUM CARBONATE FOR RUBBER, PAINT AND POLYMER INDUSTRIES. CSMCRI Finished products made with upgraded CaCO3 Slide16:  aDepends critically on the board as well; bDepends also on board and duster Writing on blackboard – There is much to learn from Surface Coatings Slide17:  SCANNING ELECTRON MICROGRAPH OF CHALK (TRANSFERRED FROM BLACKBOARD TO ADHESIVE TAPE) Inventions for a superior chalk and duster Slide18:  Excellent whiteness, strength and visibility An average length of 6 cm Bulk density of 1.75 grams/cc Estimated price of 0.30 Rs/ piece A greater fill factor compared to the available chalk sticks. Solid mass transfer capacity of 12.76 mg/meter of line. Water repellent and Glossy surface Slide19:  A Self Cleaning Tile The invention exploits the known ability of anatase to act as a strong oxidizing agent under UV illumination Patent Filing No. NF No:0306/2004 Slide20:  POLYAMIDE THIN LAYER (0.2µm) POLYSULFONE (40 µm) FABRIC (100 µm) Receiving Roller INDIGENOUS POLYAMIDE TFC MEMBRANE TECHNOLOGY Membrane is just a surface coating! Why are paint companies not in it? Slide21:  Although our endeavor till about five years back was on raising the rejection efficiency of the TFC membranes, societal missions led us to accord priority to membrane flux and fouling to develop appropriate, robust and cost-effective technologies for desalination of brackish water. Providing water to Kutch Earthquake victims in Lodai Providing water to villagers affected by the supercyclone in Naigaon, Orissa Slide22:  Dependence of product flux with PA thin layer thickness in high flux TFC membrane J. Membr. Sci., 211, 2003, pp. 13-24 Film thickness measured by ATR-FTIR Targeting the Polyamide barrier layer CSMCRI RO Plant in Action Post Tsunami at Akkarapettai, Nagapattinam. Improved Membrane Flux has helped us make a bigger impact.:  CSMCRI RO Plant in Action Post Tsunami at Akkarapettai, Nagapattinam. Improved Membrane Flux has helped us make a bigger impact. Plant mounted in the bus has 2500 LPH capacity and is presently producing 25,000 liters over 10 hours. Plant is treating open well water having 5635 ppm total dissolved solids and is producing water (with 382 ppm TDS) complying well with WHO standard for potable water. Slide24:  Membrane-based concentrator for aqueous herbal extracts Result of an experiment with the Herbal Concentrator at CSMCRI: Feed : Dark amber coloured aqueous extract of seaweed containing polysaccharides/carbohydrates; 2 L volume; Permeate: colorless, with no detectable carbohydrate as tested by phenol-sulfuric acid method; 1.7 L (separation time of 40 min), Feedback from Director CIMAP Lucknow: “The two units of water extractor/concentrator apparatus kindly provided by CSMCRI to CIMAP are functioning very well. The units have been really useful in increasing output of water extracts being made at CIMAP.” Slide25:  Unit installed at Maach Ranga Deep ; Raw water from Debi rasanya High School, Simulia (54) Mouza, Hasnabad, North 24 Parganas; Analysis courtesy PHED. Camel powered RO unit, Nagraja village, Jaisalmer, Rajasthan Animal powered device for generating up to 300 psi pressure for brackish water RO desalination (500-700 LPH capacity) Pat. Appl. No.PCT/IB02/056060 New Scientist,10 May, 2003; “Oxen power desalinates water”, Appropriate Technology, Vol 30, No. 3, September 2003 ; Bullock power for pure water, New Agriculturist (On-Line News Brief); Our Planet (UNEP) Q1, 2004, Books And Products Section; “Oxen power”, Down To Earth,15 July,2003 (CSE Publication, New Delhi) Slide26:  Approaches to Reducing Water Usage During Agar Extraction from Seaweed Possible Solution: Lower viscosity of solution during the extraction process Int. J. Biol. Macromol. (in press) We are also exploring the use of surfactants to lower sol-gel transition temperature to produce non-animal gelatin films that are easier to process. Slide27:  Biodegradable heat sealed film pouches Film pouch containing hexane Film pouch containing dichloromethane (patent filed) Slide28:  View of Jatropha curcas plantation on Revenue Land, Chorvadla Biodiesel from wasteland Road Test in India: E220 CDI with JME:  Road Test in India: E220 CDI with JME - Starting date April 5, 2004 - End date May 7, 2004 - Vehicle C220 CDI Manual Transmission (DC-India) - Fuel JME from wild Jatropha nuts (CSMCRI) Vehicle Test Results: Fossil versus Neat Bio Diesel:  Vehicle Test Results: Fossil versus Neat Bio Diesel Test successfully completed with no problems at all even at very high temperatures HC and particulate emissions are dramatically reduced with BioDiesel Lower perceivable engine noise Comfortable characteristic vegetable oil exhaust smell Data courtesy DaimlerChrysler/ARAI, Pune International Patent Applications filed Slide31:  Biodiesel Breakthrough in India By Seema Singh Renewable fuel source made from inedible shrub “… a federal Indian laboratory (CSMCRI) has now shown that biodiesel can be made relatively cheaply from the nonedible seeds of a tropical plant, with the quality matching stringent biodiesel standards of Europe…” IEEE Spectrum Online Oct 27, 2004 http://www.spectrum.ieee.org/WEBONLY/wonews/sep04/0904nbio.html Any implication of biodiesel on paint industry?

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