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Information about DPP Tradewinds Does and Dont's / RULES

Published on March 2, 2014

Author: TaneshAjaay

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ACTS AN'D REGULATI.ONS (REStDENT|AL COLLEGE RULES AN.D REGULATIONS) GENERAL DISG:IPLIN.E Dange,rous drugs, l,iquor and poisons No siudent shall have in his posse,ssio,n or under his / her O,ny l,iq,Llor, da,ngot'ouS d,rug or poison. ,No student shal,l co:rlsuffre orally or s:rnoke or inhale, or introduce i,nto his body by inject,ion or in a,ny other manner what soever any da,nEero,us drugs or poison. custody/ csntrol smoking within SrnokinE the university's compound proh ib,ited. A student sh,all not do Clean l,iness with i,n un,iver.sity anyrth,i,n.g olea,nl.inesS 8,[td neatness is stricfly that may be ppejtrdicial to the of a stud:en,t',s iivirltg fcoot"n,fi1d,a,tion within the u,n,iversity or of any other build,i'ng or struetrJre or any other pEl,r't with,in the university. Nu'isance, an,noy.ing or disturbi'ng noise A student shall n.ot make any sotlnd or noise, or cause any soLrnd or noise to be prod,u,eed, by any ffi,oan or in ani 11',13,11fl€f, Whe;re such noise of soLr:nd Gause of is likely to Ga:use an,fioyain,ce o,r d,isturba,nce to any person withi,n the un lm,mora:i interaction individu,a,Js iver,sity. close p,roxim;ity betwee,n unmar-ri:ed eouples, or ind,ivicjua,ls (not bei,ng a ma,hraffi) or being in physbai pr.oxirnity be,tween op,posiite ge,nders or of the sime gl,nder iFr E,ny ius:pioi,ou, situation (s) or in any eond,ition (s) susp,icieCIs B$ the rea'l motive o;r t'he aot or devia,nt b,e,havi,ou,l's are n,ot ailowed Student sih:al,l.not ehang:s room with o ut priorr pe rrrn iss ion whiich may rrir" (s) a,ndl or all kinds where the university aillots a students a room for him/ her residence hel s.he s:hs{1 r.* ehange his residence to a,n,y other roorn with:olitt the rvriting prtiOr permission in wr.iting give,n by or on be:h,alf of the prrincipal. Student shall not re,nt room allotted to hirn/ her where the university al,lots a student a room for his/ her res,idence, he/ she shall not rent the roorn to any other student or person. Obstr,u ctive pa r:kih g No student shall park any ve,hiele at any place or,in any Ill&hoe[ so as to cause danger, o,bstruction or inconvenience to any other person or -ve,hiele e.g: cor,ridor, u.i"nor, cou,rtyard/ any part of any building Driving or parking vehicles on corridor or etc The university shall cause to be rnaintai,ned a register of a, rnotor vehicles kept, possessed sr swned by the itudents in the university in such form as the university may deern fit. 4-- An offence under this r.ule is a compoundable offence. s' The Disciptinary Aqtlrority, Executive Personnel or officer may cortrpound any offence under these Rtrles which is prescribed to be a compoundable offencd, uy a"cepting'fro* the student of having comrnitted such offence a sum ,ot (or an ;il; reviewed by the disip|inany Authority and amendeu trom-tifre'-Ioffi*:uvii,Ji.iri"t "nn*uoing _RIVI ,oq.gp "*"r"i'tii"i

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