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Published on March 13, 2014

Author: kritika06



Project ..Mississauga

Downtown 21 Mississauga , Lot #11

District : Square One Kritika arora 2

Street Frontage Kritika arora 3

Name of the Building – “ Arc Building” • The apparent (readily seen) arc described, above or below the horizon, by the sun or other celestial body. Kritika arora 4

Architecture -Existence Architecture is the study of arts and science of design created from a perspective of reasoning for the comfort of living things in the environment. - ALBERT DATROKOEMI LIGHT Lao Tzu, Wright used to point out that the essence of architecture is the three-dimensional space(s) created for human habitation. For me = durability + utility +beauty Kritika arora 5

Leeds :5 min walk to Transit Kritika arora 7

First view to the Arc design Kritika arora 10

Concept: • Urban + affordable + sustainable + organic = comfort friendly environment • Being sustainable is to be aware + environmentally conscious Arc Building :- This building is a effort towards a good healthy environment with a better sustainable Technology. Mix age group = serving people living in building is priority. Idea behind this buildings existence is to provide jobs, a safer place . Kritika arora 14

Ideas : • Crown – colourful ,bright , colour influence • Mandala – colour influence , radial balance, symbolic geometric design • Light bulb – energy • Sun – main source of energy • Lamps- reflection Mosaic Kritika arora 15

Influenced ! Paris building Osaka Facade St. Petersburg Canary Wharf - London Yamaha Ginza BuildingKritika arora 16

Ginza Tokyo :- Courtsey - The front curtain wall, with its special lattices and gold-leaf-laminated glass Kritika arora 17

Problem Faced 4 way entry and slope

Arc – 5 storey Building 18m high

About the Building and Exits • Divided in two parts – brings to two addresses • 4 emergency exits Kritika arora 23

Entrance and Access : Not everyone gets access to the garden area/ atrium Kritika arora 24

Retail floor plan Duke of York Blvd. B street Facing Kritika arora 25

Garden Area Duke of York Facing B street facingKritika arora 26

Retail Stores: Corner Café Shoppers Drug mart Ice cream Parlour Bookstore Private Gallery Fitness Centre Megamind Toy Store Day Care Petsmart +hotel H&M Time Hortons Kritika arora 27

Office Floor Plan Office floor 1 Office floor 2 Will have same floor plan Kritika arora 28


Elevations B street facing Kritika arora 30

Elevations (Cont.) Kritika arora 31

Building Front Facade RESTORATION AND RESTRUCTURING OF COVERED MARKET Milan Italy Kritika arora 32

Colour Brown and green :- Kritika arora 33 Brown - How the color brown affects us physically and mentally * Feeling of wholesomeness * Stability * Connection with the earth * Offers a sense orderliness Green is considered the color of peace and ecology. How the color green affects us physically and mentally * Soothing * Relaxing mentally as well as physically * Helps alleviate depression, nervousness and anxiety * Offers a sense of renewal, self-control and harmony

Symbolizing with Sustainability This concept means that there is a symbiotic relationship (mutually beneficial) between the developmental process and environment protection.

The 3 p’s – Planet , People and Profits Kritika arora 35

How Building would work and what would it work with technology Kritika arora 36 Solar Harvesting -To save energy, lights throughout the building are equipped with sensors that detect when a room is empty or when sunlight is sufficient, in which case the sensors would trigger the lights to shut off. green roof with sedums and other plants allows a reduction in runoff. The addition features recycled content and locally sourced materials, along with CO2 sensors that trigger a ventilation system to maximize energy savings when spaces are Unoccupied. The interior is fitted with CO2, VOC and humidity sensors; the heating and cooling are provided by seawater heat pumps powered by hydroelectricity. A compact structured plumbing system with low-flow fixtures and an on-demand hot-water circulator pump reduces water consumption ultimate goal of a superior indoor environment for the health and well-being of its employees

Why Sustainability to increase awareness about the concept of sustainable development.

Sustainability: Tiles Sustainability Characteristics Inherent in Ceramic Tile: Manufactured in various levels of slip resistance for improved safety on exterior or interior surfaces. Made from 100% plentiful and natural raw materials. When removed from site, is not harmful to landfills. Remains in service up to four times longer than other flooring products Easily repaired by replacing individual tiles rather than entire installations. Does not require toxic products such as detergents, waxes, solvents and shampoos to maintain, only neutral cleansers and water. Reduce allergies and improve indoor air quality. Does not absorb odors like smoke, paint fumes or other contaminants. Chemically inert and inhibits the growth of mold, mildew, fungus and other organisms Other sustainability points Kept in Mind:- • Public transportation Access reducing Pollution : 5 min reach • Bicycle storage /Changing rooms • Storm water Management :Treatment system • Solar Panels • Water use reduction • Measurement and Verification : Energy and water consumptions Sustainable materials - bowral brick , fibonacci stone Kritika arora 38

Doors and Windows Wooden door – Wooden door used for Residential entrance – above Images are from Paris architecture. Materials used : Fiberglass wood steel Kritika arora 39

Windows – Sustainability Kritika arora 40

Atrium : walls are glassed Kritika arora 41

Retail (Natural Light) 1:30 pm (Mississauga Time) Kritika arora 42

Overall outlook of the building in 3ds max Kritika arora 43

Site view along with residence entrance Kritika arora 44

Lot #11 with neighbours Kritika arora 45

Study : Kritika arora 46

Student apartment Kritika arora 47

Waiting Area for Offices/Retail On Ground Floor Kritika arora 48

Day Care Attached along the garden area Kritika arora 49

Interior View Kritika arora 50

One of the interiors Kritika arora 51

Resources : Architectural Record Magazine the-worlds-weirdest-buildings/ studies/pdf/TGP_Building115_caseStudy_r2.pdf Kritika arora 52

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