Downsize Fitness. I don't think I can afford my membership.

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Published on March 17, 2014

Author: GroverDaly


{ Can I afford this? Can I afford not to?

This presentation was developed to help show you how to painlessly, quickly and easily fund your Downsize Fitness membership.. I guarantee you will be surprised…

Why listen to me?

Why am I here? Simply put, I am here to help you find the money to put YOU first! That is it! This is easy, simple and EVERYONE can do it.

What are the most important things in your life? Car? House? Vacation? Job? Kids? Status? Family? YOUR HEALTH

I have been in your shoes. 5 years ago at 331 pounds I finally decided to lose weight and win my life back; once I finally found a trainer that was willing to work with me though. I later found out that many trainers don’t want to bother with really overweight people because we usually will not stick with it – it just isn’t worth their time.

I wish I had had a Downsize Fitness to join when I first began my weight loss journey! My trainer would only take me if I committed to 3 times a week for at least 3 months. His rate was $60/per session! That is $180 A WEEK…That’s $720 A MONTH!.

This is what it cost me to get my life back…$720.

Once I got home I HAD to take stock of where my money was going! I needed to come up with $720 a month I THOUGHT I didn’t have. After looking at my credit card statements, ATM withdrawals, receipts in my wallet and truck I was in shock!

How much do you spend at: Restaurants? Drinks? Fast food? Pizza? Takeout? Tiny “just habit” purchases? On your health?

29 days ago I decided to test my theory on “just habit” purchases. I asked my wife what is something that I always get and probably do not realize it. She had no problem coming up with- diet cokes. I know I usually buy 2 a day everyday. I will pick one up coming from the gym, from getting gas, at the grocery store etc…It is just a habit. Some days (weekends) I might even have 3 or 4! The cost is only $1.86/each for the 20oz – that’s pocket change.

$107.88 just in diet cokes!! What is your diet coke? We all have them. We all probably have more than one.

So by stopping only ONE little thing in my spending I not only saved $107.88 that I can put towards my health but…. I eliminated drinking 1,160oz of chemicals …OR

GALLONS of Diet Coke!!! 9

What does a membership at Downsize Fitness really cost?? Let me put it this way – not that much! In fact, for about the cost of a fast-food combo meal OR a pizza OR a pack of cigarettes a day, you can become a member and begin your journey to START LIVING AGAIN!.

Do you know what the average cost of a combo meal at a fast food restaurant is (including tax)?

True story: I have been trying to get him to commit to increasing his training sessions but he is adamant the he cannot afford it. He is living pay check to pay check – his words.

I wanted to show him as well as YOU that you have to learn how to rethink your money. Just because you do not have extra money in the bank doesn’t mean you do not have any money available to “RE- ALLOCATE” for something important. In fact, for the MOST important thing....

So how much $$ did he THINK he didn’t have to spend on his health? Let’s do the math!!

$6.13 cigs $16.23 pizza $7.99 wine $4.78 coffee $4.03 Redbull

That is $49.33 for the week or $200 for a month!

Homework time!!! Booooo… Tonight I want each of you to grab your most recent credit card statement and find out where you have paid for any fast food, breakfasts, lunches, dinners, booze, coffee etc…Circle them and then add them up.

I have attached one of my wife’s recent CC statements. I want to first say that we NO- LONGER eat fast food (we most certainly did at one time) but we do still eat out. I usually pay for meals when we go out. Needless to say I was still amazed at the amount that SHE had paid for. This is important because it is a process that you ALWAYS need to be doing. If you do not know where your money is going then you will never have any…

$16.53 $52.13 $84.46 $5.94 $29.03 $188.09

I know everyone doesn’t eat fast food and everyone doesn’t smoke or drink…that actually is not what I am trying to convey. Everyone however, does have something LESS important than their HEALTH that they are spending money on. You are the only one that knows truly where it is going and YOU are the only one that can stop it.

Change is hard, change is not easy, change can be scary….but you know what you can do with change? Find enough change, and it will PAY for your health!

Hopefully I have at least opened your eyes to the fact that you DO have options, you DO have the means to get healthy and you DON’T have to wait any longer! But….there is one thing that you MUST do to begin your journey to finally taking back your life!

Pay for your HEALTH FIRST>>

Join Downsize Fitness Today!! No more excuses….

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