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Published on September 21, 2017

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Slide 1: Association of Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist CAMS Exam Dumps Vendor Name : ACAMS Exam Name : CAMS Association of Certified Anti Money Launderying Slide 2: What is Acams? The Association for the Prevention of Money Laundering Certificate (ACAMS) is an organization that provides training and certification, runs conferences and disseminates information on the detection and prevention of money laundering. Slide 3: The CAMS Examination Study Guide The CAMS study guide is your main resource for preparing for the examination. The study guide walks you through: Money laundering risks and methods, such as Black Market Peso Exchange and import and export price manipulation The Financial Action Task Force (FATF) Recommendations, the Basel Committee’s Report on Customer Due Diligence and the Wolfsberg Group Principles Important elements of an Anti-Money Laundering (AML) program How to conduct and support a money laundering investigation Slide 4: AML Certification Acams offers Anti Money Laundering Certification  You have to pass CAMS exam to become AML certified Slide 5: Benefits Of ACAMS Increase your business value with a better understanding of techniques for detecting and preventing financial crime 2. Protect your organization against money laundering threats and minimize the risk of crime 3. AML meet training requirements mandated by the preparation and study 4. Their experiences prove AML examiners and regulators Slide 6: DEMO QUESTIONS Question 1: The Board of Directors for a small private bank has asked the management to no longer apply the identity requirements for high net worth individuals to protect their privacy. Which of the following Financial Action Task Force 40 Recommendations should cause an anti-money laundering specialist the most concern? Options A . Financial institutions should not warn their customers when information relating to them is being reported to the competent authorities. B. Financial institutions should not keep anonymous accounts. C. Financial institutions should maintain all necessary suspicious transaction report records on transactions, both domestic are international, for at least 5 years. D. If financial institutions suspect that funds stem from criminal activity, they should be required to close the account. Answer: B Slide 7: DEMO QUESTIONS Question 2: Under requirements for correspondent accounts in the USA PATRIOT Act, the word "certification" refers to a written representation by a: Options A . federal receiver" certifying that he is not the beneficial owner of the correspondent account. B . respondent bank, certifying that they do not do business with politically exposed persons. C . correspondent bank, certifying that they do not open correspondent accounts for alternative remittance companies. D . respondent bank, certifying that they do not do business with shell banks. Answer: C Slide 8: Association of Certified Anti-Money Launderying Specialist CAMS Exam Dumps Get Full Exam Dumps PDF From Slide 9: Why Choose Us Get Full Exam Dumps PDF From Thousands of satisfied customers. Good grades are 100% guaranteed. 100 % verified by Experts panel. Up to date exam data. Dumps4download data is 100% trustworthy. Passing ratio more than 99% 100 % money back guarantee.

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