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Published on March 21, 2014

Author: nmanleyy1


Double page spread research Basic layout: The colour scheme remains plain and simple, sticking to three dominant colours of white, black and red. The image uses up nearly all available space, showing the importance of the celebrity linking to the following article. Font type and size: The size of the font is quite small, using a smart font type gives the magazine a sophisticated edge. Some letters are bold and larger as they show a beginning of a new paragraph or column. Colum and width positioning: Only one of the pages contain writing and this article is separated into 3 clear columns all of the same width. The columns are long and lengthy which stretch down to the bottom of the page. Use of space: The image of Lady Gaga takes up one whole page leaving the article with only the other page. This layout is effective as the reader can clearly see who the double page spread is about. There is no title to this double page spread, only a full A4 photo of Gaga. Q magazine may have used this layout to entice the reader to find out what the article is about. The amount for however looks off putting to me and too much for a magazine and I will probably not write as much for mine. The enlarged red ‘L’ which is vibrantly featured behind the text links not only to Lady Gaga’s alias but also to the colour scheme of Q Magazine. The large L links in with the title of the magazine as it is also another large letter. Lady Gaga is featured wearing an just chains and poses in a way to entice the readers which find the female form attractive. The editors of the magazine have ensures that the article has some arousing and sexual content as it sells well.

The use of space is used well as the image takes up all of one page and some of the next. This is effective as the reader clearly can see who the double page spread is focusing on. The headline takes up the rest of the room on the remaining page and is a quote from the band. The colours are very mixed but tend to stay on a reoccurring theme of plain colours. Linkin Park dress in casual clothes of dull greys, blacks and cameo and stand against a white wall which makes them jump off the page more. The actual article sits above the band legs in white writing so it is easy to read. The article is not as long and the previous example which is better as it gives the necessary information needed but does not bore the reader. Underneath the headline a red strip fading into orange is placed, this includes white writing which gives you a brief insight into what will be included in the magazine. This stands out from the other writing because of the drastic change in colour. Double page spread research

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