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Published on April 3, 2014

Author: meganfellowes


Double Page Spread Article: Double Page Spread Article Megan Fellowes PowerPoint Presentation: THS' Megan Fellowes' talks with Ieaun , Shaun, Jay and Danny as they are part of the latest local band 'Danny and the Plans' about everything their fans are dying to know, Are they touring? Are they doing a festival? Are they single? Ieaun Shaun and Danny had met each other through high school and had similar tastes in music so they became closer as they had more in common even though they had different separate talents. Noiseless Jay joined the force after going to a few gigs and parties with the same friendship group. Despite the fact Ieuan , Shaun and Jay were already part of another band and played a different genre of music that they all had in common. After hearing Danny’s tremendous voice they knew they needed to jam together so rather than doing little practises at each other’s house for fun they decided they needed to take it more serious and started playing in local pubs on jam night, after getting excellent reactions it was official! THE BAND MUST BE CREATED! Danny and the Plans, a bit of an odd name but this is why these guys are so unique. Danny as the main singer always seemed to ask every what the plans where before him and his friends went out anywhere as he doesn’t like organising himself. So this caught on quickly and is known as his catch phrase, Ieuan claimed it was his ‘PJ’ (personal joke apparently) but now the secret is out. The band stated they love performing everywhere we go, each pub.. Each house as they love doing what they do, HOWEVER, their dying wish is to perform at a festival like Glastonbury or Leeds Festival.. ‘YES WE WOULD SMASH A FESTIVAL’. Wherever popular band Mumford and Sons go, big fans the boys are. DANNY AND THE PLANS PowerPoint Presentation: To choose a favourite song to sing as a band is hard, but with Danny and the Plans it’s even more difficult, yet after a big discussion they concluded that they love performing Mr.Brightside by the Killers as it livens up the crowd and the song has a lot of good memories with each other. BUT, throwing in Use Somebody by Kings of Leon as well because no one can have a favourite really, and this song gives an amazing atmosphere in the environment when they are playing it and Shaun seems to think they play that the best. CAN’T SAY I DON’T AGREE! Also... Any Mumford and Sons song, big fans.. Did I say that? They did every single second I was with them. A year these ’ banterous ’ lads have been together near enough every day with each other, ‘and going strong’ Danny romantically whispers. Down to Earth is one way to describe these lads, as I asked them what their dream is as a band they reply that they don’t really have any big dreams they’re just people doing what they love to do, even though they would love to be successful in music and get recognised by someone but for now they are just making their locals Friday nights a more exciting. Bruce Springsteen is agreed to be Danny and the Plans dream artist to perform a song with, as he is a very talented man and had a big effect on all of them and their music interests, as well as having an amazing stage presence he does fantastic shows. But obviously Mumford and Sons was brought up to be a ‘smashing’ performance with as Danny especially emphasises his obsession with them. PowerPoint Presentation: To be as good as they are Danny and the Plans practise several times a week for a few hours so 9 hours a week in total, however if they have big events coming up they’ll drop everything to practise and ensure their performance is ‘top notch’ with 15-20 hours practise a week! A WEEK! Commitment, but ‘we love it’ they say. Moreover, Ieaun claims that they do local gigs near enough all the time but for some special events they may travel further than usual but they would love to do a tour or support a band on their tour, maybe Mumford and Sons by any chance boys? Jay the little peacemaker has to quiet the band down when they have heated discussions or disagreements which isn’t a regular occurrence but they do happen but are resolved before anything gets serious or escalates as Jay comes and calms everyone down Danny and the Plans shout at the same time the answer to a question all the girl fans are dying to know, who get’s all the girls? Danny claims it is him who all the girls scream for but no it is.. Shaun! As he grins when Ieuan , Danny and Jay shout his name. Also on this topic yes, yes girls all the boys are single... With the memories Danny and the Plans have had together, it was difficult for them to choose their best gig or most memorable moments that they’ve had as a band but the charity gigs are always a favourite or the local Primrose pub is a cracker because the crowd are constantly supportive towards them as they sing and clap along. PowerPoint Presentation: Bruce Springsteen is a massive idol for the boys as he has made the most out of his career and is still continuing to do so, as well as being a genuine artist, alike Danny and the Plans. Yet there is a local cover band called JC and the Two Steps who have inspired the band to do well in this part of the industry and so they give them more encouragement. Danny and the Plans hope they can follow their footsteps! Oh, obviously, without a doubt, Mumford and Sons are a huge part of their lives as they state their music is so relatable for everyone which is why everyone loves them. Danny and the Plans are thrilled at how far they have come and never ever though in the past they’d be enjoying themselves as much as they are. And Jay especially never thought he’d have the confidence to perform on a weekly basis but he’s happy that the band has formed and he hopes they stay together. Adorable Jay isn’t he. The most relieving part of it all is coming away from the everyday normality of school and work and just doing what they love to do with their friends. The boys laugh as they claim chatty Danny is the most annoying in the group as he never shuts up, talking and singing and humming and even dancing but the band spend a lot of time carrying around heavy gear for the stages they perform on and loading it in and out the car, but if they’re lucky Danny will carry some leads or maybe just maybe a mic stand. He doesn’t want to ‘damage his voice’, in other words he is lazy and not strong. He thinks different... Sadly THS’ talk with Danny and the Plans comes to an end but we were thankful for them letting us get to know them all, and we’re sure their fans are as well. They thanked THS in return and hoped we enjoyed their gig and indeed I did. I can tell you all now these will not be just a ‘local band’ for long, as they were absolutely phenomenal and livened up the crowd remarkably.

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